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Grotta Aurora Lights Apartments and Rooms is in an amazing location right beside Grotta Island Lighthouse (and Grotta nature reserve) on the Seltjarnarnes peninsula in the Greater Reykjavik Area. Few other locations in Iceland can give you the city and a truly natural area in the same place.

Location & Nearby

Located on Seltjarnarness peninsula, Grotta Aurora Lights Apartments sounds far away but it's actually only three miles (five kilometers) from downtown Reykjavik. The peninsula is part of the Greater Reykjavik Area, meaning you can go to the city or stay near the Grotta nature reserve with very little travel in between. This area is excellent for viewing the northern lights. Grotta Island Lighthouse and nature reserve is also an easy walk from Grotta Aurora Lights Apartments on the Shoreline Sculpture Walk. It’s 1.2 miles (two kilometers) or even shorter on the Grotta, Nordurstrond walking path. One of the features of the nature reserve is the big waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the black sand beach. You can also visit the gorgeous and historic Grotta Lighthouse. Many birds and seals are common along the beach. The nature reserve is connected to the mainland by a small strip of land that is underwater at high tide. It's 2.3 miles (3.8 kilometers) to Reykjavik's main square (Austurvollur) from Grotta Aurora Lights Apartments. Buses are available nearby. One of your first stops should be the 245-foot (74-meter) tall Lutheran church, Hallgrimskirkja, one of the tallest buildings in Iceland. The striking step and steeple design of the church is said to resemble Iceland's mountains and glaciers. Inside the church, there is a pipe organ with more than 5,000 pipes. The Reykjavik Art Museum is just 550 yards (500 meters) from Hallgrimskirkja, a natural next stop. If you’re trying to decide among the many pubs and restaurants in Reykjavik close to Grotta Aurora Lights Apartments, you may want to try Magic Ice Bar & Gallery 700 yards (650 meters) from Hallgrimskirkja. Believed to be the only ice bar in Reykjavik, this magical place includes ice sculptures along with iced alcoholic beverages. However, this ice-cold bar is suitable for all ages. Gloves and parkas are provided for comfort. The Culture House Museum and the Icelandic Punk Museum are in the same area as the Magic Ice Bar & Gallery. So these places could easlily be added to your Reykjavik walking itinerary. There are several bus stops in this area, too.

Facilities & Amenities

Grotta Aurora Lights Apartments & Rooms is made up of two separate buildingss 165 yards (150 meters) apart. The triple rooms and the quadruple rooms offer budget accommodation and shared bathrooms. A queen-size bed, Netflix-equipped TV, and a continental breakfast are included. There is also a family room at Grotta Aurora Lights Apartments & Rooms that includes a king-size bed and sofa bed. This room has a private bathroom and a shared kitchen. It's very popular with northern lights hunters as it has a private terrace and a view of the lighthouse on Grotta Island (Netflix-equipped TV and a continental breakfast are included here, too). Grotta Aurora Lights Apartments & Rooms also has a three-bedroom apartment available with two private bathrooms. This apartment can sleep nine to 12 people on twin beds, a king-size bed, and a sofa bed. There is also a private dining area and a terrace to view the seaside and northern lights. Netflix-equipped TV and a cereal breakfast are included.

Why Choose Grotta Aurora Lights Apartments & Rooms?

Grotta Aurora Lights Apartments & Rooms has an unusual combination of the big city right beside a nature reserve and the wide-open Atlantic Ocean. With all of these things only 3.1 miles (five kilometers) away from each other, this is a very smart choice. Call the hosts for available dates, especially if you are a larger group seeking out the three-bedroom apartment.

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