Horse Riding & Hiking in a Geothermal Valley | Day Tour

Horse Riding & Hiking in a Geothermal Valley | Day Tour
'Tölt' is a special gait, unique to the Icelandic horse.
On this tour, you'll ride the Icelandic horse through the charming countryside.
On this tour, you'll get to hike through the stunning Icelandic nature.
On this tour, you can bathe in a geothermal river.
Get to know the Icelandic horse on this tour.
The Icelandic horse is both gentle and friendly so this tour is suited for both beginners and experts riders.
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Get in touch with nature with this immersive day tour. Ride around the stunning countryside on the gentle Icelandic horse before hiking from the foot of a volcano to a geothermal area where you can relax in a naturally heated river. This tour is perfect for those wanting to capture the true spirit and beauty of the Icelandic nature.

After being picked up in the morning, you’ll be taken to the stables in southwestern Iceland where your adventure begins. You’ll be paired with a horse suited to your riding abilities, as this tour is for both beginning and expert riders alike. 

You’ll spend about 1.5 to 2 hours on the horse, riding through the charming countryside. Following that, you’ll head out to the local hotel for a light lunch before you board a vehicle that will take you to the foot of the volcano Hengill.

In the green hills of the volcano, you’ll start your hike to the magnificent geothermal valley of Reykjadalur. On your way, you will pass the beautiful Djúpagilsfoss waterfalls as well as numerous hot springs. 

Bring your bathing suit because you will get the unique opportunity to bathe in the warm rivers of the valley and let the geothermal water soothe any aching muscles you might have after the ride.

As you head back, you’ll get a spectacular panoramic view over mountains, volcanoes, the village Hveragerði, and the stunning coastline. On a clear day, you might see all the way to the Westman Islands. 

Before you board a bus heading back to Reykjavík, you’ll get to enjoy some light refreshments at the stables. You’ll return to the city in the late afternoon, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the city’s sights before the day ends.

Don’t miss out on this unique introduction to Icelandic nature. Book now and secure your place on this spectacular day tour. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Jul. - Apr.
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Activities: Hiking, Horse Riding, Hot Spring Bathing
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 8 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Hengill, Reykjadalur
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:00.

Please be at your pickup location in time for your departure. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.
  • 1.5-2 hours on horseback

  • Lunch

  • Helmet

  • Rain gear or warm overalls

  • Guided hiking tour

  • Pickup and drop off in Reykjavík

What to bring:
  • Sturdy shoes

  • Gloves

  • Swimsuit and towel

Good to know:

This tour is suited both for beginners and experienced riders, horses are selected according to riding experience. The tour is offered all year round but subject to weather conditions.

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Brilliant! Cannot recommend highly enough. My friends and I are experienced riders with over 100 years experience between us (that makes me feel very old!) and we were matched with suitable horses. Mine was the one that everyone imagines when you think of Icelandic horses, short, stocky, white, fluffy & cheeky, and very forward going. The whole group was of mixed experience, one lady was terrified and the guides were great with her but it did hamper our tour a bit as we couldn’t really go athe faster pace we wanted to. Luckily we had a second guide with us, it was her first day so she was learning the routes, so those that wanted to could Tölt off and then let the others catch up. Back at the yard there is a great indoor school where we got to see locals training their horseswhilst we ate cake. It was a ridiculously cold day in January, icy cold winds did freeze finger tips and noses but we were given all in one padded jump suits to wear which cane in very handy. After a lovely lunch we walked up the glacier with the same guides, two lovely girls from Norway & Germany. Spikes were provided to walk across the snow. The walk was longer than I had anticipated, and harder but I’m stupidly unfit & a smoker so all my own fault. The scenery was out of this world, so clear, bright, sunny with fresh snow on the ground. The hot river at the top is magical and well worth the walk. Changing facilities are limited at best but there is some shelter. Collection and drop off worked like a dream and we’ve all come home wanting to go again, stay in their hotel and ride their fabulous horses for days at a time
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This was a phenomenal excursion! I have a longtime experience riding (25+ years) and my husband had never been on a horse. We did this excursion in mid-Sept. 2018. The pick up and arrival was smooth. We were blessed with good weather, so our attire and shoes were acceptable - but they had rubber boots, rain coats and (very warm) overalls you could borrow. There were restrooms at the barn & lockers to keep your things safe. You can bring your cell phone on the ride if you have a secure coat pocket for it. They will take your picture for you during the ride. Everyone got a helmet. They did a small demonstration & then provided you a horse based on your experience. My husband's stirrups were too long (even after adjustment), so that made his ride uncomfortable, unfortunately. If you have never ridden before - be aware that tighter-fitting pants are recommended. Looser jeans will rub. We rode for 90-100 minutes as a group with three guides and all the riders of mixed experience. The more experienced riders (me and a few others) had a chance to take an extra circuit with a guide where we could trot & canter. That was great! Then after a 10-15 minutes, we rejoined with the main group. The guides told us about the volcanoes and glaciers we could see around the area. This was absolutely a perfect time for me. (My husband was sore/rubbed a bit from the ride). After the riding, you dismount, go to the restroom (wash your hands!), and then get instructions to to go the hotel for the luncheon. It is buffet-style with soups, sandwiches, cheeses, etc. The soup was great! There's water and coffee available, too. We had about 75 minutes for lunch, which was leisurely. Then to hiking! One of our riding guides was also the hiking guide. There were 4 of us hiking to the hot springs. I did not have a backpack on this vacation - only a shoulder bag. Next time, I will bring a back pack! The drive to the hike is very short. Go to the bathroom at the hotel/stables or at the base of the hike (in the parking area). There's no bathroom anywhere else. This hike is a challenge. If you are not fit or used to hiking, be prepared. Go slow if you need to (I did, and I let the group go ahead of me). Our guide had some cookies and water bottles for us. I also brought water (which I needed!). Most of the hike is UPHILL on the way there - very steep in some places. I would be scared to do it in the snow - but that is just me. It is a GORGEOUS hike. Some of my best memories and photographs were on this volcano - even though I was out of breath and tired! I wish our guide had known the names of the mountains and waterfalls we could see. There's plenty of room and time to snap photos. The hike to the spring took me just over an hour (I am slow). Once we got there, you can change into your suit. There's no real privacy, so my husband & I took turns holding a towel for each other. The spring was warm and magical - I really enjoyed it. If I go back, I will bring WATER SHOES. The rocks in the spring are not comfortable to step on! We had about 45 minutes to lay in the hot spring. It felt really good. Then we changed back into clothes & hiked down. Going back was much easier - almost all downhill. Phew! Once back at the hotel/barn, you can have some water/coffee and cookies and wait for the bus to return everyone. This went smoothly as well. We enjoyed chatting with the other couple (from Spain) that did the hike with us. This was my favorite excursion in Iceland. I had to push myself for the hike, but it was worth it. A person who hikes more may find it easy. If I had it to do again, I would bring water shoes, a backpack (not shoulder bag). I highly recommend you bring a waterproof bag/coat to protect your "normal" clothes while you swim. It did sprinkle a little while we were in the spring, but our clothes stayed dry under our waterproof jackets. You should consider a plastic bag for your suit, too, before you tuck it in your bag for the walk back.
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Had a great time riding the Icelandic horses. Both my horse and I wanted to take off across the fields in a roaring gallop, screaming Viking war chants as we rode to our glorious destiny! But, alas, this was not allowed. Something about safety. So we maintained a steady walk/tölt pace that was quite enjoyable. Afterwards, a pleasant lunch was provided and five of us journeyed up a mountain to a wonderful geothermal stream that felt great after our lengthy hike. I felt a bit like a hobbit. Our guide was excellent with many interesting tales to tell. I highly recommend.
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This was an awesome excursion. I’ve been riding horses my entire life and they paired me with a horse that was suitable to my riding level. They provided a light lunch which was nice to have before the hike. There were only 3 of us on the hike plus the guide which made it really personal and fun. I really enjoyed my time here.
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This tour was amazing! All the guides were so helpful and informative!
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This was an amazing tour of Iceland. The horses were beautiful and easy to ride and the guides were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The guided hiking had such spectacular views that ended with an amazing swim in a geothermal river. I highly recommend.
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Fun and memorable experience for me as it’s my first time riding a horse. Due to heavy snow. Our guide advised us against the hike as it’s v difficult to hike up the mountain in deep snow and told us to soak in the pool instead. However, since we did not bring our bathing suits with us, soaking in the pool was not a option. In the end, it’s just us and the guide who went for the hike as everyone else in our group chosed to soak in the pools. I’m glad I went for the hike although we did not even make it halfway up the mountain. The view along the hike was amazing and it was v challenging hiking up the mountain in snow. Our guide was v friendly and accommodating to us. Overall, it had been a great experience for us and we enjoyed the tour a lot.
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I don't usually join tours, but I joined this one and it was a great experience. It was my first time horse riding, hiking in such a place and going to a geothermal river, therefore, I can give you an overview of what it felt like for me as a novice. For the riding, I didn't know what to expect. The horse was going quite slow so I constantly had to usher it by squeezing my thighs around it and tapping the heels of my hiking shoes against the horse. Once it got going, it was really bumpy so just hold on tight and try to steady yourself into your seat so you don't hurt your bottom too much. The hiking was really beautiful and relaxing. The hills looked a bit intimidating at first glance but they were actually really manageable. Nobody else joined our hike, so I got a private tour from the tour guide. I loved seeing the steamy water and hearing the relaxing waterfalls. I felt like I was walking into a photo. The geothermal river was one of the highlights, of course. The water was a really comfortable temperature, just warm enough to not be cold at all. On our hike back, we were walking towards the sea so it made for another beautiful view. All in all, it was a great tour. I would highly recommend it even for first-timers. Also, the hotel pick-up and drop-off made it really convenient.
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