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Unforgettable 2-Day Private Tour of the South Coast with Glacier Lagoon and Glacier Hiking

Electric-blue icebergs break apart from Vatnajokull glacier and float down into the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon.
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Tour starts
Reykjavík, Iceland
2 days
All year
Minimum age
8 years old


Embark on an epic adventure across the Icelandic South Coast, then go on a boat ride through an iceberg-filled lagoon and a hike atop a mighty glacier. Travelers looking for an outstanding Icelandic nature experience should book this two-day private tour as soon as possible.

You'll begin your journey in Reykjavik, where your professional guide will pick you up in a comfortable private transport that you'll be using throughout the trip. You'll be traveling to plenty of different locations, so this tour prioritizes your comfort and privacy.

On the first day, you'll visit some of the most famous and iconic destinations of the South Coast. Your guide can tell you all about the sites you'll be seeing along the way.

First on the itinerary is the mighty Skogafoss waterfall. This gigantic cascade flows down from the Skoga river at 200 feet (60 meters) and sprays a powerful mist that treats you to a beautiful display of rainbows on sunny days.

Seljalandsfoss is the next waterfall along the route and, while not as powerful as Skogafoss, also falls from 200 feet (60 meters) high. This feature is unique because you can walk around and see the falls from behind via a cavern underneath the cliff from where the waters descend.

Further south is the Dyrholaey Peninsula, a stretch of cliffs with the gigantic Dyrholaey arch jutting out into the ocean and giving you a fantastic seaside view. In the summer, you can also find Atlantic Puffins on these cliffs, and their relative comfort in the presence of humans lets you get close enough to take pictures with them.

Finally, you'll arrive at Reynisfjara beach, where volcanic rocks worn down by the violent waves create the shore's black sand coast. You'll also find strange basalt cliffs and pillars out in the waters, giving the place an otherworldly charm and beauty.

After basking in the lovely natural marvels of the South Coast, it's time to retire for the night in the tour's chosen accommodation. You'll have time to get plenty of rest for the big adventures still ahead.

Once you wake up to the brisk Icelandic morning breeze, you'll be going on a drive to the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, which is lovingly named the 'Crown Jewel of Iceland.' This one-of-a-kind lagoon houses the meltwater and icebergs of Breidamerkurjokull, a glacial tongue of the colossal Vatnajokull glacier.

You'll be taking a boat ride across the lagoon, seeing the massive electric-blue icebergs as they float and turn in the ice-cold waters. Some icebergs break into shards of ice that wash up on Diamond Beach, giving its name as the pieces of ice shimmer in the sun like jewels scattered on the shore.

The epic finale of your grand adventure lies at the Solheimajokull glacier, where a professional hiking guide will join you as you make an exhilarating ascent to the top of the ice cap. The summit will reward you with a stunning view of the South Coast, unlike anywhere else in Iceland.

After descending the glacier, you're ready to head back to Reykjavik. Your private transport will deliver you to your drop-off and leave you with plenty of memories from your incredible expedition.

You shouldn't miss the chance to see Iceland at its best, as with its unique waterfalls, alien beaches, and impressive glaciers, you'll be in for the trip of your life. Check availability now by choosing a date.

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Private transportation
Private guide
One night of accommodation in a South Iceland hotel with breakfast included


Glacier Hiking
Boat Trip

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Iceland's South Coast has gorgeous black sand beaches.

Day 1 - South Coast Tour

After setting off from Reykjavik, you’ll ride along the Ring Road to the South Coast en route to some of its best natural marvels. You’ll be riding in the comfort of a private vehicle with an expert tour guide to accompany you on the journey.

Your first destination will be the towering Skogafoss waterfall which falls 200 feet (60 meters) from the Skoga river. This magnificent cascade is famous for its impressive size and the rainbows that adorn it on sunny days due to its powerful spray.

The next waterfall you’ll see is the Seljalandsfoss waterfall and, while not as big or powerful as Skogafoss, drops down from an equally impressive height. Underneath the waterfall is a cavern where you can walk behind the falls and see the landscape below.

Next, you’ll arrive at the Dyrholaey Peninsula, where you can see the magnificent Dyrholaey stone arch curving towards the Atlantic ocean. You can also see and take pictures of the migratory Atlantic Puffins on the cliffs during the summer months.

Lastly, you’ll explore the otherworldly landscape of Reynisfjara's black sand beach, where basalt cliffs and columns decorate the coast. The basalt formations that get worn down over time by the violent waves are washed ashore and give the beach its distinct jet-black color.

It’s important to note that the waves that crash on the beach are particularly violent and can fatally pull an unsuspecting person into the open ocean. Visitors must stay at least 100 feet (30 meters) away from the coast for their safety.

After exploring the many beautiful sights of the south, you’ll retire for the night at the tour’s selected accommodation to rest and recharge. This is the best time to get plenty of beauty to help you prepare for the adventures still to come the next day.

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Day 2
Glacier lagoons are amongst Iceland's most famous attractions.

Day 2 - Glacier Lagoon and Glacier Hiking

At the start of the second day, you'll drive to the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, affectionately called the 'crown jewel of Iceland's nature.' This lagoon is home to countless floating icebergs that break off from one of the glacial tongues of the Vatnajokull glacier.

Once at Jokulsarlon, you'll be taking a boat ride along the glacial waters to see the many different icebergs that sail the surface. Some icebergs can reach towering heights, and their colors range from icy white to deep electric blue, with streaks of black from the ash of volcanic eruptions in the past.

Jokulsarlon is also the deepest lake in Iceland, going as deep as 814 feet (248 meters). It's also constantly expanding as the glacier that feeds the lagoon is shrinking dramatically.

This process will eventually turn Jokulsarlon into a large, deep fjord.

After the boat ride, you'll then travel to the Solheimajokull glacier, easily accessible via the Ring Road. This glacier is one of the most popular in Iceland for glacier hiking and is a perfect way to cap off the exciting adventure you've had so far.

An expert guide will be with you at all times throughout the climb as you ascend to the top, giving you a closer look at the glacier and its beauty. The icy landscape you'll be treading is a mix of whites, blues, and blacks, with the occasional ice cave if you're lucky to find one.

The surface can be slippery, and there are crevices in the ice you have to watch out for, so stick to your professional guide to ensure your safety. At the top of the glacier, you'll be treated to a stunning view of the South Coast, an excellent reward for an incredible journey.

Once you descend from the glacier, your transport will drop you off back at Reykjavik with plenty of memories and stories to share from your epic trip across the Icelandic south.

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What to bring

Overnight bag
Waterproof jacket
Good hiking boots/shoes
Snacks and beverages

Good to know

Customers traveling on their own will receive a single room. Reservations for two people will be allocated a double room. For bookings of three or more, triple rooms will automatically be allocated. If these arrangements do not meet your requirements, please contact the provider. The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and therefore cannot be guaranteed, but this itinerary is designed to maximize your chances to see them if the weather allows. Please be advised that there is no specific Northern Lights hunt on this tour, but your guide will notify you if the conditions are favorable and advise you on how to best spot them. In the case of extreme weather, the tour operator may cancel an activity. In these instances, your guide will assist you with rearranging or booking other activities when possible. The tour operator will refund any potential price difference to you. Starting this tour on your arrival day in Iceland is not recommended due to the driving time from the Keflavik aiport. Arrival time back to Reykjavík at the end of your tour can vary depending on weather and traffic. It is highly recommended that you do not book your flight home the same night as bad weather or delays could affect your journey. For your convenience, it is recommended that you pack lightly for this tour, in a small bag or backpack. If you have large luggage with you, please check with your accommodation if they offer luggage storage for your time on this tour. Note that Icelandic roads and pavements can be slippery in the wintertime. Please bring shoes with slip-resistant soles or ice-grip shoe covers. You can purchase the covers in most supermarkets and gas stations around the country.

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