Golden Circle Minibus Tour | Full Day Excursion

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Hop on board a minibus for the essential Iceland experience: a tour of The Golden Circle. This journey will take you on a ride to Iceland’s most famous attractions, without the rush and hassle of the big buses.

This tour is for those who wants to immerse themselves in Icelandic culture; you will not only see main sights, you will also get to know Icelandic music and cuisine.

The tour starts in the morning when you are picked up by a small but comfortable minibus. You’ll then be driven to the south of Iceland to a little, hidden treasure called Faxi waterfall. Nestled in a quiet spot, not visible from the main road, Faxi is a low but wide waterfall, named after the mane of the Icelandic horse.

From the little Faxi, you’ll head towards the enormous and mighty Gullfoss. The glacial river Hvítá takes a dramatic 32-metre plunge into a canyon, creating this stunning and beautiful waterfall, one of Iceland’s most iconic attractions.

Next, you will visit the Geysir geothermal area. Located in Haukadalur valley, the ‘Great Geysir’ is a hot spring that’s been active for approximately 10,000 years.

Although Geysir is now mostly dormant, nearby is another geyser called Strokkur, which spouts water 10-15 metres up in the air every 10 minutes or so, giving you plenty of opportunities to capture the perfect photo.

The last part of the Golden Circle is the Þingvellir national park, a place of great historical and geographical significance. Þingvellir is where Iceland’s parliament, the Alþingi, was founded in the year 930, making it the oldest running parliament in the world. It is also a place where two tectonic plates are drifting apart, which can be seen in the cracks and rock fractions which traverse the region.

Along the way, your tour guide will not only tell you everything about the places you'll be visiting, he will also introduce you to Icelandic culture through music and give you samples of traditional Icelandic food and beverages.

You’ll listen to some of Iceland’s best musicians while travelling the Golden Circle. If you like the music, you’ll be able to find it right away on Spotify with the free wifi on board the minibus. This way you can relive the experience when you get back home.

Don’t miss out on a unique and first-hand introduction to Iceland through this fascinating day tour! Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Golden Circle, Geysir, Gullfoss, Þingvellir, Faxi
Pickup information:
  • Starting time : 08:00

Pick up starts at 08:00 am but you might have to wait 15-20 minutes, but be ready outside at 08:00. Please be at your pickup location in time for your departure. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.
  • 8 hour English guided tour

  • Sample of Icelandic music

  • Free WiFi on board

  • Taste of traditional Icelandic food

  • A lot of fun

  • Lunch

What to bring:
  • Warm clothes

  • Good shoes

Good to know:

Lunch is not provided but there will be a lunch break. You'll be able to buy lunch in restaurants in the area if you haven't brought your own.


Amazing tour, everything was great , I recommend it

Your Day Tours is amazing. And our guide Ævar was great. My girlfriend and i got to see the sites at the Golden Cirlce tour without feeling rushed. We enjoyed every minute of it, when we weren't taking photos and looking at beautiful places and landscapes, we were laughing a lot with Ævar's jokes. He made our trip unforgettable. What else can i say, if your going to Iceland and you're looking for the best Golden Circle tour, this is the one.

Great tour! Great tour guide! Didn't feel rushed at all. Very knowledgeable.

Amazing! Siggi was absolutely the best- hit all of the high spots in a brief amount but yet just enough time - answered our questions added some humor and gave us a great experience- I strongly recommend this tour

Amazing! Ingo was extremely knowledgeable about the glacier and the cave! The whole day ran very smoothly, proper equipment was provided, the truck ride up to the cave was exciting, and the cave itself was a great adventure. Amazing for pictures!

Very good tour! And "Addi", our guide was the best guide ever! She was very clear (easy to understand), told us a lot of interesting stuff, and she had a wonderful humor! Very informative and interesting tour, I Can recomand this tour for everyone, Heidi

I booked this tour thinking it went to the crater, so was initially disappointed (it was my mistake)- however, the small bus & informative / entertaining guide made it well worth it. It was also neat to have music playing on the bus and I appreciated the taste of traditional icelandic food & drink (although I had accidentally bought a bunch of smoked lamb two weeks prior, so that was no new taste... still good). I would definitely recommend this company for tours.

Just wonderful. Informative and with humor. The sites are magnificent and having Gusto show us around and tell us about life in Iceland and its interesting history was a treat. This is a must do tour! Also liked the smaller bus.

Good tour. Our tour guide was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Gullfoss and Geysir/Strokkur. It started raining by the time we went to Thingvellir, but otherwise the tour overall was quite memorable. Some of the other tours we went for were more exciting, I must say, such as Snaefellsness, South Coast and Jokulsarlon. Nonetheless, Golden Circle is a good way to start seeing Iceland. Certainly worth the price paid, especially with such a great tour guide.

The tour is very enjoyable. Whether you are in Iceland for only a few days or a week or more, it is a must-do, perhaps the first tour you should do after the Reykjavik city walk. It gives you a good feel for the Icelandic landscape. While Geysir and Gullfoss will be highlights for many, Thingpellir state park was also fascinating for its historical roots and symbolism, as well as being a place to observe the separation of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Our guide (sorry I cannot remember her name) was very knowledgeable and kept us informed throughout, but also had the good judgement not to overload us too much!

The tour guide is very nice. Know a lot about Iceland from her presentation. The tour covers major tourism spots. Highly recommend.

This tour with Your Day Tours was wonderful! Got to see all the major sites and we weren't rushed. The guide was funny, accommodating and knowledgeable about both Icelandic culture and the sites we were seeing. Would highly recommend for those looking for a great time in Iceland!

It was enjoyable tour , but our guide was very strict about time so i got some pressure but the journey itself was amazing

We did the Golden Circle your with the company, Your Day Tour. The trip was great and our guide, Gusti, was knowledgeable, informative, and great to have. Would recommend it to everyone.

Good tour and our guide was awesome. And he even got us some Irish snacks and drinks!

This was a fantastic way to see the Golden Circle in 1 day. Taking the minibus makes it so much more manageable and personal. This made it easy to gather everyone at certain times so we can timely get to our next destination. We got a great tour by Isor who was knowledgeable and quite funny. He took us to two waterfalls, a Geyser, where the tectonic plates of Eurasia and North America meet and beautiful Icelandic horses. Great day.

Despite being quite well-travelled it was my first proper tour ever and I only took it because I don't drive and public transportation would not really work with these locations so I had to succumb. I'm really glad that I chose this tour though because the minivan really makes a difference, despite all the beautiful places we went to it would not have felt half as nice had it been a big bus full of tourists, this felt more personal. Our driver/tour guide was a cool chap related to a bunch of royals including the Queen (!) who cracked some nice jokes, made the van roar with laughter at his American impressions and told us quite a bit about iceland and played some nice icelandic tunes. We got to drink some non alcoholic icelandic drink which was quite nice and there was also some infamous lamb to be eaten as well. Had a lot of fun, thank you, your majesty!

Marvellous way to get a taste of the beauty of Iceland, its waterfalls, hot springs and fascinating geology. Our guide kept us entertained and well informed throughout, and also gave us some insight into the character and lifestyle of the Icelandic people. Highlight for me would be the incredible Pingvellir national park, the geographical and historical significance of which is awe-inspiring.

The must-see tour when in Iceland and Your Day Tours is certainly the best company to choose for it. Your Day Tours is a young, family-owned company which makes the tour more special and intimate. Our guide (one of the founders) was very entertaining and knowledgeable, we learned so much about Iceland and its people during that day. We also made some additional stops on the way, and overall just a stunning landscape - definitely recommend.

This was an amazing way to see some of the great natural beauties of Iceland! Our tour guide was very informative and funny, this tour is a great value for the price. I would recommend this to anyone visiting!

This tour had a very personal feel - our guide, "Kevin" (I don't remember his Icelandic name) provided a nice overview of information about Iceland, but also personal details about his family and Icelandic culture - which were quite fascinating! I'm so glad we were on a small tour vs. a large coach - made the experience enjoyable. We had plenty of time to explore, never felt rushed or like we were part of a herd... lol

Really great tour! We went on a few different tours on our trip and this was our favourite. Nice balance between fun and informative and no rush at each stop. Siggi the guide was fab!

Great tour. Picked us up at our guesthouse without a problem. Guide/Owner was amazing. I thought maybe my 18 year old daughter would not be as thrilled as I was about the tour but she loved it. I would highly recommend this tour.

Excellent! A great way to see some of the fabulous highlights of Reykjavik! Garpor was an amazing guide and provided lots of great information and funny stories. I would highly recommend this tour

We had a great time on our Golden Circle Tour with Garpur/Kevin, and they handled a slight hiccup with the van with great aplomb, getting us onto a replacement bus asap and hardly any time lost. We had just enough time at each stop, not too long and not too short, and were well entertained and informed along the way. We were very glad to be in a minivan, which was so much nicer in all ways compared to a big bus.

This was an amazing tour. YourDayTours is a family run business of father and three sons. Bothe (sic) was an excellent tour guide who was very passionate and knowledgable about Iceland. He taught us a lot about what we were seeing but also very interesting facts about Iceland, Icelandic people and life in Iceland. We were a small group on a small, comfortable bus that had Wifi and even USB ports to charge your phone (we were on the newest bus they own). We listened to beautiful, relaxing Icelandic music and were even given a sample taste of an Icelandic drink and snack of smoked lamb Icelandic butter and bread that his father made for us that morning. The views from the bus and the sites we visited were breathtaking. . Keep in mind that you are on a tight schedule so there is limited time at each stop. Our tour guide was kind enough to add a stop so that we could pet Icelandic horses for five minutes. Even though we had a car I couldn't imagine trying to figure out where all those places were but esp not having a someone to give us such rich, helpful and interesting information. I would strongly recommend this tour.

Wonderful tour! I our guide was hilarious and had so much good information about the country. The bus was clean and comfortable enough. Very nice that it was a small one as well.

Amazing tour, highly recommend this tour. Nice small bus which I think makes the experience better. Picked up on time and loads of time in each stop, great day out and learnt loads of interesting information about Iceland.

I did this tour with the Your Day Tour Company. The driver was awesome, dont remember his name, i just know that he's from a island in the south. Its a must do tour in the iceland. I think we spent 6 hours and totally worth it.

I looked at other websites, tour companies and booking companies and decided on Your Day Tours for the Golden Circle. Our driver, August, who had just started with the company, was wonderful. He explained the areas we drove through, Icelandic history, Icelandic heritage and was entertaining. From the Owners to August, they made sure that we were taken care of from start to finish. Being a family run company, we like to support small business and they did a great job. We didn't have time to book other excursions, but when we return to Iceland, we will book with Your Day Tours again. Thank you for a memorable 14 year Anniversary trip!!

Ævar provided a full day of entertainment with lots of jokes, fun history, and brought some really good Iceland food samples. We rented a car and did everything else on our own but we heard this tour was worth it and it had such high reviews we decided to try it out. It was nice being able to sit back and enjoy the ride. Each location has the perfect amount of time to relax, take in the beauty, snap a few pics and explore. The onboard wifi was really nice to have as well. Book this tour!!!

We used this travel agency for Golden Circle tour. An amazing experience. Thank you for the wonderful day. Thank you to our tour guide Bára for having us called and picked up elsewhere in the city due to our delay in transfer from Keflavik to Reykjavik, Center Plaza Hotel. So we did not miss the tour. We appreciate your sympathy! Maria Vitoria Silva. Portugal.

The tour was amazing. Excellent guide, plenty of time, and pick up is just Perfect start. Will recommend this trip to anyone visiting Iceland :-)

The tour was great! Highly recommend for this small group minibus tour. Adequate time for each spot. The minibus was comfortable. The only thing was the lunch break was too short. The tour guide (I forgot his name, he said he's a film-maker) was very nice, though his English was not very good, and not very familiar with the places, at least he's nice and trying to help everyone of us, and leading to this wonderful tour.

This trip is so wonderful!! Highly recommend!! Our guide bára (I think) is very humorous and knowledgeable. She shared lots of interesting things about Iceland with us. Our group is very punctual, so she gave us two extra stops to see horses and cows. If you plan to visit golden circle, this tour definitely is the best.

Great introduction to Iceland and all it has to offer!

This tour was wonderful, very knowledgeable guide, gave so much good information during the tour. Loved all the stops, and was able to make an extra one to see Icelandic horses. The guides positive upbeat and greetings with a smile were contagious. Highly recommend!

We loved this tour. Addy was a great guide who's knowledge of her country and passion for her it really came through making this trip delightful. She prepared us well for each place we visited and gave us good advice on do's and don'ts. Her enthusiasm was contagious, I am so happy that we signed up for this.

Brilliant tour. Addy was a lovely guide; she had a wide knowledge base and answered stuff about everything! Her perpetual smile and handy tips on the best things to see made it super enjoyable. Would definitely recommend!

I had a great time on this tour with guide Peter- he was informative and the whole tour was both fun and relaxing! The small bus and the way the tour is constructed are both a big plus. Would definitely reccomend!!!

Very nice vehicle, great guide, informative and timely. Highly recommend this company. Our guide Lasma.

A great tour led by Bara on 22/2/17, friendly and knowledgeable without bombarding us with information. Picked up from the hotel on time. A mini-bus of tourists, rather than a huge bus made it much more friendly. The drive away from Reykjavik over the mountains as the sun rose was spectacular. Faxi waterfall was followed by Gullfoss - wow. Geysir was next which included time for lunch. We had soup from the vegetarian soup café which was really nice. Loved watching the Strokkur geysir erupt regular as clockwork. Our walk through the national park on the mid-atlantic ridge in a snowstorm was brilliant .

It was amazing!! We had just to wait a little more than expected (30 minutes instead of 20 minutes) but it was still great.

Professional guide, awesome trip!

I really enjoy this small group tour. This was fantastic! Our guide Poára was nice and helpful. She recommended us to join the Aurora tour after this tour because the weather was good that day and have higher chance to see it. We saw the Aurora eventually and it was absolutely amazing. Big thank you to Poára :) and I love the Icelandic music and snack and drink. Really had a good time in this trip. Highly recommended!

From start to finish this tour covered everything they said they would. On schedule to every stop to allow us to have a good amount of time to take in the breathtaking views. 'Kevin' (Icelandic name I can't remember, but told us his name was Kevin in English lol) our tour guide for the day made it very enjoyable and had a great sense of knowledge of the areas we visited and a very good personality to make us feel welcome onto the minibus. Made it very personal being in a smaller group excursion to interact with us all and made sure we were ahead of all the big tour buses and that we were comfortable. He was on time with picking everyone up and getting us back safely and even had a few extra stops due to us being on time back to the minibus which meant we could stop at 2 farms, 1 with live cattle to pet and feed (sheep and horses) also another farm to taste some Icelandic ice cream with a greet and meet from the farm dogs who were not scared to jump onto the bus and say hello! All round great trip and will leave a smile on your face at the end of the day. Wifi on the bus and a beverage/flatbread to try out to! Worth every krona! Highly recommended!

I was in Iceland two years ago and took a Golden Circle tour with a big tour company. With the big tour companies, the tour was good but it seemed very impersonal. That is not the case with Your Day Tours. The tour guides were personable and with the smaller bus and smaller group, there were many places we were able to stop that the big bus tours couldn't go. The tour bus allows you a good vantage point from any spot in the bus. The tour guides were approachable and very helpful. I would highly recommend Your Day Tours to anyone going to Iceland and looking for an informative and thoughtful tour.

Our guide was great and we got to see some beautiful waterfalls! It's a long day but definitely worth it!

What an amazing trip we had! Logi was our very entertaining tour guide/driver with a good playlist. My husband and I really enjoyed this tour, our minibus was completely full, we were sitting way in the back, it did feel a little cramped at times. There's free wifi on the bus, and plenty of bathroom breaks -- I'm 6 months pregnant and had no issues. I would defiantly recommend this tour to all. Although my husband and I packed sandwiches for lunch, there are plenty of options for lunch -- a soup place, nicer sit-down restaurant and a fast food (burgers & fries) option. All of the sights were beyond beautiful, despite the crazy weather! We were able to take some really great photos, that we'll always have to remember our trip by.

I really enjoyed this trip! Our guide Bothi (not sure if you write it like that) talked about his country with pride and passion and I learned very interesting things about it. Loved the music, I even follow their playlist in sopotify now and the places we visited were breathtaking, I fell in love with Gulfoss waterfall, I really recommend this tour, I had a great time! Thanks Yourdaytours!

Very much enjoyed this tour! BaÞe our guide was incredibly nice and is very passionate about Iceland! Gulfloss was one of the highlights of my trip to Iceland, highly recommend :)

Amazing trip! Our tour guide was very friendly and well informed. During the trip I learnt a lot about the iceland and its people. I love the fact that this is a family run business with an individual approach. Highly recommend it! Thank you very much for very enjoyable day!

Our guide Magnus was very knowlegable and funny, The weather was nice the whole day (a rarity in Iceland) and we had lots of time at the stops. I liked the minibus compared to the giant buses. It was slippery by the geyser so wear proper footwear.

This tour was fantastic! Our guide Bàra was wonderful, very personable and knowledgeable. The weather was pretty bad but she really helped us make the best of it and made sure we could navigate all the areas safely in the weather. The bus was very comfortable and with the tour being so small there was no waiting around for people to load/unload or come back to the bus so we could move on. We saw everything listed and then some. Would do this again in a heartbeat! Not to be missed!

We had an excellent experience with our tour guide, Bodi! He was so informative and personable, and the minibus was quite comfortable. A highlight, in addition to the beautiful sights, were the traditional Icelandic bites and drink he provided us. The music he played during the drive was also a welcomed touch.

Did the tour on Friday 13th January, was an amazing tour, it felt very personal as it was on a minibus and not a big coach like other tours. Our Guide, Bodi, was brilliant, he gave a very personable talk throughout the day, brought samplesof his dad's smoked lamb and played some of his favourite tunes in the minibus. It was an early start but meant we beat the big groups to the spots and we got plenty of time to explore. Would recommend this tour above any other - I did a big coach tour with a rival which wasn't good - felt like cattle being herded around - and another minibus operator tour - which lacked the personal touch that you get with Your Tours. Don't hesitate, just book this tour!!!

This is an amazing tour!

amazing tour. unfortunately the weather wasnt the best but our tour guide Garpur made sure we saw all the sights. he was very knowledgeable and told us alot about iceland and its history. quite funny too. cant fault the trip. would definitely rebook with Your Day Tours again!

A very good tour indeed! We went on the 12th December to check out what the golden circle had to offer! Turns out there was a lot to see and watch! Garpur was highly knowledgeable, very friendly and kind to all the travellers! He didn't even mind when we were a few mins late at a meeting point to move on to the next part of the tour! I could not fault anything with the tour, it went very smoothly indeed!

Awesome tour! The bus was prompt at picking me up at my hotel and the guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. She explained what the day would entail and what she would be discussing. The weather was absolutely perfect! It was my last full day in Iceland and it couldn't have been a better way to conclude my trip. Absolutely breathtaking! I was able to capture the Geysir erupting a few times! Everything was just perfect from the waterfalls to the Geysirs and the landscape that accompanied our journey. Wonderful tour company; personal, intimate, knowledgeable and skilled. Cannot recommend them and the tour enough! I intend to go back in the Spring or Summer at some point and will definitely be using Your Day Tours

Awesome tour! The bus was prompt at picking me up at my hotel and the guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. She explained what the day would entail and what she would be discussing. The weather was absolutely perfect! It was my last full day in Iceland and it couldn't have been a better way to conclude my trip. Absolutely breathtaking! I was able to capture the Geysir erupting a few times! Everything was just perfect from the waterfalls to the Geysirs and the landscape that accompanied our journey. Wonderful tour company; personal, intimate, knowledgeable and skilled. Cannot recommend them and the tour enough! I intend to go back in the Spring or Summer at some point and will definitely be using Your Day Tours

A great tour with all the famous views of the golden circle, will definitely recommend this trip and the company.

A great tour with all the popular sights, but much better due travelling on a mini bus. Would have just preferred a little more time at the Þingvellir National Park, up be able to walk all the way to the church. Our guide was informative and drove very carefully in the horrid weather conditions!

Very good

My husband and I had An amazing time on this tour! Our tour guide Bára was great. I would highly recommend this tour as you get a full understanding of the sites that you go to and a good history about them as well from your tour guide.

Absolutely amazing. Small group makes all trip so much more pleasant and intimately. Fantastic guide Laksma made this trip so much enjoyable. She told a lot about Iceland and gave us to try some trafitional food and drink. We were lucky with weather and could enjoy breathtaking sunset at National Park. Will definitely recommend this company to all my friend and book another trip during my next visit.

It was really nice! My guide "Sola(I have no idea I wrote it down right)" was very professional and considerate! Although the first time it rained a lot, but later, it was getting better. I think I could not see many beautiful and amazing spot in one day if I did not participate in this group tour. It was 16-person-sized-group, so it was adequate for solo traveler like me. Highly recommended! Thank you for a wonderful time!!

My tour was so fun! My guide was Garpur aka "Kevin" for us with a hard time with Icelandic names and he was fantastic! Loved his stories and the history as much as seeing the sights. Would totally recommend this guide. I was a solo traveler and felt it was the perfect size group to travel around with. Pick up/drop off, everything was seamless. Can't wait to go back to Iceland in the warmer months and take him up on some recommendations for other things to do! Thank you for a great time!

Had a fantastic time! Tour guide, "Kevin," was super and not only gave us the sightseeing information, but personal stories. I highly recommend this tour!

Great tour! Very knowledgeable guide (Raknar - not sure of the spelling) was great. The tour was a good value!

The smaller group provided a more individual experience. The taste of Iceland provided was also a nice touch. Our driver/guide Lasma was a wealth of information and yet we never felt like we were being lectured to. If we had one suggestion it woud be to eliminate the Faxi waterfall stop (underwelming and overcrowed) and increase the amount of time allowed in the Pingvellir National Park.

Great tour - being in a mini tour bus is definitely a better experience than being in a crowded 60 people bus.

Fantastic Day all around. Ævar was our Tour guide and he was super kind, knowledgeable and funny. I would recommend this trip to anyone. Time and money well spent.

Loved it! Our tour guide(can't remember his name though he made a joke of us calling him Kevin) was full of information and great stories including some of his own experience which was a special touch. The traditional Icelandic food and drink was also fantastic, every spot we stopped was more beautiful than the last. 10/10 recommend not only this tour but this company. We can tell they care a lot about their guides and who chooses to book a tour.

I highly recommend this tour to everyone.It was well organised an entertaining giving lot of information abour culture and sights.I was picked up from the hotel on time and we also had some stop during our trip just to have a coffee or anything else.We also got some icelandic snack and alcohol free malt drink and listened icelandic music too.Our guide was very friendly and helpful.We have got enought time every time when we reached on of our destination to have a look around.I was very happy attending on this tour.

Great day out and would highly recommend this package. Logi our driver was knowledgeable and funny, and looked after us brilliantly. The timings were all good and the Icelandic snack and drink was a thoughtful touch. We took sandwiches but ended up buying soup at the stopover - absolutely delicious! Nothing negative to report - seats a bit tighter than a larger bus but still comfortable and there was an overhead shelf for bags/coats. Wish Your Day Tours continued success.

Nothing to complain! Highly recommend!

Great driver and guide who kept us entertained and some insight into Icelanic culture.

It's an economic choice with little budget and the excursion has covered the main sightseeing in Golden Circle. The minibus is very small and the guide is very nice and friendly but speaked in a low voice…

Out tour guide was absolutely exceptional and brought the Icelandic experience and culture to life. The sights were awe inspiring and fun!

Nice trip in this tour. Like the local food, drink, and music. =D The guide is really nice and friendly. Really recommend of this tour!

Fantastic tour and guide. The local music in the bus was great entertainment. Highly recommend it if you love nature. It's like driving on the moon :)

The Golden Triangle tour was excellent! The sites were amazing and our guide Aevar was wonderful. His stories, insight to Icelandic folklore/traditions and music choices really made the trip special. And what a wonderful surprise when he shared the local specialty of smoked lamb on flatbread and a non-alcoholic malt drink with us. I love the fact that this tour has a max of 19 passengers, but I agree with other reviews that the seats and aisle are a bit "tight". We had a couple of empty seats in the back which was nice - it would have felt crowded had all seats been filled. But then again most small vans/buses are this way. Keep up the good work! I will definitely be recommending this tour to my clients visiting Iceland.

This tour was excellent! Aevar (the viking!!) had very good humor and it was so much fun to listen to his stories about Iceland and even personal anecdotes. He was very knowledgable and easy going. He served meat on flatbread and a local drink as well, and his music selection from Iceland was great! There was enough time at each stop since the minibus takes less time to get everyone back on the bus again. The only drawback was that the seats are narrow and not a lot of room for your bag. Other than that it was all positive, despite some rain. Beautiful nature on a great day tour!

The tour itself was nice. Our guide was lovely, and I think we had adequate time at most of the stops ( could have used a liiiittle more at pingvillir, it's quite large and you need about an hour and twenty min to really see it I think. It was the only stop I felt a bit rushed at). The bus was also a little crowded. Every seat was filled, including four people across the back row. Maximum capacity with bags is not the most comfortable thing. Overall, still good value for money.

It was a quite nice tour. Besides the professional guide and drive, we tasted local drink, food and music. In addition, the guide Magnus is very helpful and patient!

A great tour that our group really enjoyed. Being on a smaller bus meant we didn't have to wait for lots of people to get on and off the bus so had more time at stops for photography and making memories. Our guide, Lasma, was knowledgable and friendly, giving historical and geological information but some personal takes on Icelandic life and culture that made the tour that extra bit special. Highly recommend this tour.

One of the cheaper golden circle tour in the site, but worth the money. You will get more then enough time for each stopping point, the tour guide is very informative and interesting, you won't get bored between the stopping point. You will also be travelling by a small tour bus! Highly recommended!

This is really a relax and comfortable day trip! The guide took us to some worthy to see spots, such as Geysir, which is amazing. Also, our Guide B'ara gave a well-round introduce of Iceland, making us learning it well. We tried some homemade food and traditional drinking, which is so great!

Excellent day tour of the Golden Circle from Reykjavik! AEvar was extremely informative and very entertaining as a tour guide. We also loved his Icelandic music recommendations!

The tour is great except the rainy weather. I like Iceland!

A quite fun trip - I enjoyed the music and the more down-to-earth, local knowledge that the driver shared - I felt I was able to learn a lot about the culture. The only thing I wish we had was a bit more information about the geology/natural surroundings (but that is just a personal interest).

The tour was great with lots of fun!! Ivar did really a great job!! Nice music and fun stories really helped me to better learn about the culture of Iceland.

The tour was excellent. Comfortable bus. Small sized group. Enough time at each location. Very enjoyable commentary. Nice to have Icelandic food and music samples. Lasma did a great job.

Iceland is amazing!!! This tour is very good!!

So we had Peter as our tour guide that day. He is really nice and provided a lot of info on the way to all the spots although sometimes he seemed a little bit tired...He has a good temper too, since we started to go back from the national park one girl was late but he welcomed her as well, much better experience from the driver than another tour I took. The Icelandic bear was unexpectedly sweet but teated good;D Smoked lamb was also tasty. I love the part when we came back, Peter played some Icelandic music. Just fell in love with the scenery much more with the accompany of the music. I will definitely start to listen to more Icelandic music from now on. If u are finding some tours that u can avoid grumpy driver and a huge group of people, this one would definitely be the choice!

The tour guide is very knowledgeable and made the tour fun. I learnt a lot about Iceland from him. They gave us a try on some traditional Icelandic snack and drink which were very nice. I and my friend loved the drink so much! The tour allowed enough time for us to take a lot of photos although the lunchtime was a bit short for us. I would like a little bit more time at each stop. The tour allows some toilet breaks, so don't worry. The tour guide was so nice, he stopped us at a small waterfall which was not in the plan, and it was pretty good. The wifi on the bus was very unstable though. Overall, it is one of the best tours I have ever had, and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

a fabulous trip! Weather is good. Our guide is friendly. She introduced a lot about iceland and shared traditional Icelandic food and drink. I love the beer!!!!! The only problem is that I wish we had more time at each stop. And wifi is important to young people. Make sure it works every time.

Had a wonderful time on this tour! Our guide was very friendly and charismatic. He told us a lot of great stories about Iceland and played some great Icelandic music. He also made everyone smoked lamb on pita bread. I don't eat meat, but my husband said it was delicious. The tour itself was really nice and we visited a lot of really spectacular sites. They were simply beautiful. I highly recommend this tour!

Great tour and the best introduction to the amazing sights of Iceland. Do this and you will want to go back and do it all again - Faxi is great, Gulfoss is amazing, Strokkur is breathtaking and Þingvellir is a truly humbling place - my only criticism would be that there wasn't enough time to spend at each stop. Thanks to Maggi for a great tour

The bus tour hosted by Maggi was great! He was on time, shared a lot of facts about the island as well as Icelandic folklore. The sights on the tour are stunning and I urge anyone who is looking to see these things to book with Your Day Tours! The weather fell of towards the end of the day, got a little rainy, but that's how island weather is in general, not much you can do!

Great experience and the guide Magnus was really great and has excellent taste in music. Highly recommended, though it's a little pricey but everything was worth it.

Loved this tour! Everything ran really smoothly and we never felt rushed. Sif was our guide and was very articulate and thorough in telling us about landmarks we visited. There was wifi on the minibus which was a plus! This was my favorite tour during my trip... highly recommend!

Funny and knowledgeable guide. The views are amazing!

The local tour guide is fabulous! The best trip during the journey.

Had a great time. Aevur was a fun driver, educating the guests about everything Icelandic and, no lunch wasn't provided, but he gave us some samples of food and drink. Totally worth the time and price!

The service is good, and view is amazing!

We had a great time on our Golden Circle Tour! Ivar was our guide and he was great- super funny and informative. The sights were beautiful. I would highly recommend this tour!

I highly recommend booking a bus tour with Your Day Tours! We did the 8-hour Golden Circle tour; Bođi was our guide. He was funny and very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the special touches he added (like playing music from Icelandic artists). We were given just enough time at each location to enjoy the scenery and explore. This was one of my favorite parts of my trip to Iceland!

We went on The Golden Circle Tour with "Bođi" (closest spelling I can get) and it was great. He was funny, informative and approachable. We all would highly recommend going on this tour. We wish them all the best for the future.

We spent our day with Bára! She was very nice! We had really bad weather the day we went but it was still amazing! On the drive, Bára told us some really awesome facts about Iceland. We had a tasty treat! Highly recommend, hopefully you'll have better weather than we did :)

We spent our day with Bára. Bára was an excellent guide. She knew a lot about everywhere we went, and answered all our questions. The weather started out very poorly, but by the time we got to the end of the day the sun was out, and we walked to North America. The views in Iceland cannot be described. Thank goodness that film is not required for photos, or I'd be penniless. The minibus was brand new, and a very comfortable ride. The wifi was not yet installed, but I didn't really notice. It's a busy, and wonderful day. I'd do it again in a minute. Highly recommended.

fantastic view with delicious snacks, and nice and interesting local guide! Great experience!

Nice tour with funny guide, lovely traditional food and detail introduction. Will recommend it

Amazing tour... Nice guide and very friendly.... Never a dull moment! Spectacular scenery! On board wi-fi makes it so handy to send pics to friends.... Fully recommend it!

Generally this tour was quite good , the female guide from Your Day Tours is very responsible and friendly, she kept telling us stories and information about iceland, and sometimes she plays icelandic music so you will not feel bored on the bus. We went to see two falls, the Geysir, and the national park. We were given precise instructions about time. There were two surprises during the trip --- a taste of traditional icelandic drink and lamb, and a short stop to see the lovely icelandic horses. Really a good beginning for my stay in iceland, the only regret is that the time we came back to Rekjavik seems to be too early! Just can't get enough of it.

Loved the tour- very friendly guide who shared some cool facts not only about the places we visited but also about Icelandic people and culture. Would recommend this to everyone considering a Golden Circle Tour.

Really good, such an enthusiastic guide who clearly loves her country and her enthusiasm was so infectious, thoroughly recommend. It is a long time on a coach but it is worth it for the places you go.

the guide is so cute! and gie us many informations and stories about the nature ! it was a fog day but the view is also beautiful!!

nice tour bus with WIFI and , good introduction and viewpoint from guide about Iceland.

Very informative I liked the drivers stories and insight into family life in Iceland the tour was excellent and being a mini bus tour made it more personnel

This tour is amazing! I really enjoyed taking a mini-bus (19 person capacity max) instead of one of the big tour buses. It has a much more personal feel and we were able to beat a lot of the big crowds. The company is run by 3 brothers and they have one employee, who was our tour guide, and he was awesome! He told us lots of information about Iceland while we were driving and cracked some jokes along the way. The scenery was breathtaking. We stopped at Faxi and Gulfoss waterfalls, Geysir, and Þingvellir National Park. All incredible. We also made a brief stop to see/pet some Icelandic Horses. I cannot say enough good things about this tour. I highly recommend it.

Bob was extremely nice and funny throughout the whole tour. we had great time with him and will definitely recommend him to my friends !

This is a very nice smaller company that is less than one year old and, as of February 2016, only has one small tour bus. Driver (owner) and guide very very friendly and knowledgeable. However, the smaller of the two waterfalls we visited is VERY small and I personally wondered why it was included on the tour. The larger of the two falls (Gullfoss) was very nice, especially during the winter with the ice and snow. The final stop was the Geysir where you could stand and wait for several minutes until it erupted and shot water into the air. The company is great but the itinerary wasn't very good and seemed like a waste of time.

It is really a cool trip. I like it very much. The waterfalls are beautiful. Tour guide is nice and funny.

Janet and I had a wonderful trip to Iceland we booked a trip down town for 1000am on Wednesday morning that failed to arrive. Our rep Allister and that Grand Hotel receptionist with many phone calls arranged another trip for us. A Matthias who works freelance for the travel industry gave up his day off collected us and took us to some wonderful places that other tourist do not see and even shared his picnic with us. We cannot thank these people enough and our stay in the Grand Hotel was excellent

Nice experience with Bob from Day tour. Friendly and approachable.

Fantastic tour and was the best thing we did in Reykjavik. Tour guide was awesome, funny and tells you everything you need to know about Iceland. There were no crowds when we saw the sights as we were at each destination before the big coaches arrived. These guys are a small family company and are a must when wanting to see the Golden Circle!

Very good tour, it was a better experience in a shuttle bus rather than a Large bus. We were able to park closer & it felt that it was more personal experience with the guide.

Very good. Like our guide. Very funny

We booked several trips on Guide to Iceland, this one was our day 1 trip and after we finish all the trips in Iceland. Comparing to others, I must say this one is the best ever!!! Guys if Your Day Tours have more trips I would like to book all the trips in it! The company is excellent! The guide, the youngest man in their company, he is so funny. He speaks clearly, telling stories and we are all interested and fasinated by his stories. There was Icelandic music on the bus,and when we finish our trip in the afternoon he gave each of us MOLT the Icelandic traditional drink on Christmas and small piece of lamb. One important I must say is that this is the only tour that I booked which provides Free wifi. I could feel the quality of their service they want to provide. I would recommend all of you come to join this tour! They won't let you down! What a day! Really love the guide, the storis,the music and food! All the best for Your Day Tours.

Very nice tour with music on the road!

It’s a relax tour, young tour guide, tried to make us happy during the trip. The view was good, especially the Þingvellir National Park was so peaceful when winter covered by snow. The Gullfoss Falls, as I saw friends’ photo, I think the winter view is better. We all like the Geysir as well. We took a lot of great photos during the trip.

I really recommend this tour as it includes three of the well-known landscape and the it has a reasonable rate. I like the Þingvellir national park so much, and I feel so happy to see the double-rainbow at the Gullfoss.

Out of all of the tours, this was my least favourite. The tour is through a small family company and they were very pleasant and answered all of our questions. The service was amazing so the low rating isn't for them. I wish I had rented a car and done it on my own time as there is too much time sitting in the car waiting for everyone else to come back at their own time. On the last stop we waited 45 minutes for one guy who lost track of time and we arrived back into the city so late that I missed my flight home costing me an exorbitant amount of money. The Golden Circle is a must-see when visiting Iceland but honestly, you should just rent a car so you don't waste half of your time waiting for other tourists.

The family running this company are absolutely lovely, and the woman who was our tourguide for the day was really funny. We got to learn about Icelandic culture as well as interesting facts about things we were seeing, and the whole tour felt a lot more personal than some of the bigger companies. I strongly reccomend this to anyone who wants a less touristy experience!

I had a fun time on the tour. It was nice having a mini bus instead of one of the larger passenger buses. Despite limited daylight (late November), we were still able to see all of the attractions and never felt rushed going from one site to the next. Our tour guide was hilarious (whether intentional or not) and we enjoyed his presence. Spoiler alert: the traditional music in the bus is Björk, but I was happy when other Icelandic artists were also played (sorry, Björk). I would definitely take another trip with Your Day Tours!

The tour was amazingly remarkable. I like the humor of the tour guide and the way he introduced the Icelandic culture to us through myths, stories and music. Good job!

This was an excellent tour! The guide was great, very friendly, informative and entertaining. The describing of the tour was 100% accurate to the experience. I would highly recommend this tour to any one visiting Iceland. Thank you for a great experience!

The best day of our amazing trip to Iceland. This tour keeps a relaxing pace but covers the highlights outside of Reykjavik that we really didn't want to miss in one day. Not only are all of the destinations beautiful (especially the waterfalls) but in between stops you get to enjoy a scenic drive and really see the landscape. Our tour guide was informative, funny, and an all around wonderful host. I would definitely take this tour again.

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