The Golden Circle & Kerid Volcanic Crater | Sightseeing Day Tour

The geysers of Haukadalur geothermal valley in Iceland have been a popular tourist attraction since the 18th Century.
The waterfall Gullfoss on the Golden Circle route can be enjoyed from different viewing platforms.
Seeing people to scale with the erupting Strokkur gives you a sense of the power of the great geysers in Iceland.
Gullfoss waterfall plunges down two tiers, making for an impressive site of the Golden Circle route in Iceland.
If you go on this tour during the winter, Gullfoss becomes a whole other waterfall.
You'll see the beautiful Þingvellir National Park, where Iceland's parliament was founded, on a Golden Circle tour.
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Join this classic sightseeing adventure around the three world-famous sites of the Golden Circle, as well as the lesser-known volcanic crater-lake Kerið. This is an essential tour with a unique twist and is sure to delight anyone coming to Iceland to see the sights.

Furthermore, there is a maximum of nineteen passengers per minibus, ensuring your trip is both personalized and comfortable. You will be picked up from your hotel or guesthouse in Reykjavík in the morning, then head to the first location on this incredible trail: Þingvellir National Park.

Þingvellir is a fascinating place for its geology and beauty, as it is located directly between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. This rift valley, which runs all the way through Iceland, is more visible here than in any other part of the country. The tension created by how the plates are pulling apart means the area has many ravines filled with crystal clear water and beautiful stretches of moss-coated lava rock.

Þingvellir is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Icelandic mainland, although this has nothing to do with the park’s geology. The reason for this is its history; in 930 AD, early settlers formed a representative-style parliament here that still continues to this day, making Þingvellir the original site of the world's longest-running continuous parliament. As you walk through this area, you will find many information signs discussing its long and fascinating history.

Following Þingvellir, you will head to the Haukadalur Valley, a geothermal area renowned for its geysers. The greatest of these, which gave all others their name, Geysir itself, is inactive at the moment, but it’s nearby neighbour, Strokkur, erupts every ten minutes, blasting water up to 40 metres high. You will have a chance to see it go off several times, as you wander around the area’s many hot-springs and steaming vents.

The final stop on the traditional Golden Circle is Iceland’s most famous and distinguishable waterfall, Gullfoss. Otherwise known as ‘the Golden Falls’, this magnificent feature drops in two tiers into an ancient valley with enormous power. In fair weather, it is possible to walk to a platform right where the water is falling for the best views, and there are also viewing platforms opposite and above it.

While most Golden Circle tours would leave back to Reykjavík at this point, you get an additional stop; you will head to the volcanic crater lake Kerið. This is a stunning natural feature, 270 metres wide and over 55 metres deep. The rocks surrounding the water are stained fiery reds and oranges, which contrast beautifully with the azure lake which sits in the crater year round. 

Experience the Golden Circle in an essential sightseeing minibus tour, and the chance to visit Kerið is a great bonus. Do not miss your opportunity to jump aboard this budget-friendly tour. Check availability by choosing a date. 

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Mar. - Dec.
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Highlights: Golden Circle, Geysir, Gullfoss, Þingvellir, Kerið
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:30

Pickup takes place between 08:30 - 09:00 - so please be ready from 8:30 at your pick up location. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.

  • Round trip minibus excursion

  • Professional Guide

  • Free wifi

  • Meals

What to bring:
  • Warm clothes

  • Hiking Shoes

  • Camera

Good to know:

This tour takes up to 8 hours. Meals are not provided but there will be a break for lunch.


It was such a good Day with our Driver/Guide David from Nice Travel . We even stopped for two of the group at a Gasstation to get glue for the shoes. The Tour Stops are most very Crowded because it’s a very popular tour but we had enough time for every stop. It was windy and snowy but he is a good driver we felt save the hole time!! Everyone has to see Iceland in Winter just special with the Ice everywhere!!

Thank you so much, this tour was the highlight of our trip. the mini bus was comfortable and our lovely driver was kind and informative.

Despite the bad weather we had a lot of fun doing this tour. Our guide David did an amazing job and shared with us many side stories of the attracions. I recommend this tour.

Highly recommend this tour. We booked through guide to Iceland and was set up with nicetravel. Our driver Thor was a fountain of knowledge and always happy to assist with any questions and gave one to One experiences with each member of the tour. Thor went beyond the tour that was set out for us and stopped of to pet some Icelandic horses. Thanks guys!

Absolutely amazing tour! The guide Michael was really great with lots of great facts about the places we were visiting and Iceland in general. He also made lots of additional stops so we got to see the waterfall Faxi, greenhouses, and pet some Icelandic horses because we were making great time on the roads. He even pulled over in a couple places so we could take some amazing pictures. I did not feel rushed what so ever. I also really enjoyed that the tour was done on a smaller van instead of a large tour bus.

I LOVED this tour-- it was the highlight of my trip to Iceland! Our guide Mickeal (sorry if that's spelled incorrectly!) was really friendly and had a great playlist. He made some additional stops throughout the day that weren't on the tour description, which I really appreciated. The bus was comfortable and clean and had WiFi and USB charging ports which was great. I would absolutely recommend this tour and would even take it again myself!

Awesome tour! :) Our guide Mickael was very friendly and funny. Pick-up was very easy and our bus was very comfortable + provide good WiFi access! We stopped and played with some of the horses we saw - it was amazing. Thank you.

Tour was really good. Our driver was a few minutes late picking us up but that didn't really affect our time. We made an extra stop to see horses which was really cool! I wish we had a bit more time to spend at the crater, but overall the day was amazing and well organized.

Very nice one-day trip organisation. The driver is professional, friendly, on-time and treated guests with patience. The car is clean and comfortable. We had a great time visiting the GOLDEN CIRCLE in Iceland!

Great tour. Pick-up was very easy, comfortable bus, and the guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Only thing we wish we knew was the first stop, Þingvellir National Park, there was SO much to explore. We didn't realize and missed out on a lot of exploring opportunity in the hour time frame. Could use a bit more time there and less at the Geysir. Other than that, highly recommend this tour! Also a great value.

The scenery was great. The journey was a little bit rushing given that the tour ends 2 hours earlier than we had expected. It could be better if the tour guide could inform us how much time we could spend at each spot and let us explore freely rather than leading us.

Had a great day at the Golden Circle and Kerid Volcanic Crater. First booked for another day it was no problem to switch. Takk fyrir. It was always interesting to listen to what our pleasant guide Einar had to tell about the main attractions and the things off-road. It was a perfect tour.

Our tour guide Mickael was lovely. We were given a good amount of time each site, and because we were a smaller group, he stopped to see the horses. Would recommend!

Make sure you are on time for your pick-up. The mini van is comfortable and provide good WiFi access. The driver/tour guide is knowledgeable and tells us clearly what time we should be back to the van. We are given enough time to enjoy the sites. The driver is also the tour guide. He told us direction to the site but would not come with us. This is not really a problem as the sites are easy to find from the parking area. This is a must see tour here in Iceland. Nice short walks to sites. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend.

Great tour with our driver and guide! Learned quite a few facts about Iceland on the way, since we were informed about the sites we were about to see. .Each stop we had about an hour to see the site, take pictures. We didn't feel rushed or bored, so the timing was perfect. Driver and the tourists all were very punctual so we didn't have any delays or waiting around for anyone. Since we were always on time for each pick up, our guide showed as an extra site - another waterfall, that we were all grateful for. I would definitely suggest this tour to anyone! Great scenery, pick up at the hotel and thoughtful service!

A very nice tour around the Golden Circle. Never felt rushed and there was plenty of time at each location. We were even in the possibility to make extra stops on the way. I would everybody recommend to take the tour with the minibus since it is much more personal.

This tour was amazing. There was plenty of time at each stop and I never felt rushed. The tour guide was very nice and knowledgeable. The sites were absolutely breathtaking. The only negative was that the minibus was VERY tight. My husband and I are both relatively tall (6' and 5' 9") and our legs wouldn't fit in the space provided so we were forced to sit apart so that we could both have aisles seats so we could sit sideways. After such a long day in the bus, both of our backs were sore from the awkward position. But the tour was amazing and I was very happy we got to have the additional stop at the crater lake.

Excellent tour,highly recommend! We enjoyed the first trip in Iceland so much. Our guide David was super nice, knowledgeable and gave us so many interesting and important details about every spot of the tour. The route was perfectly planned. We had enough time to enjoyed and kept our schedule. I travelled with my parents and sister. Everyone was highly satisfied.

The tour was super amazing. So worth it to go in a mini bus. The bus driver was on time, courteous and answered all your questions. The sites were so amazing , and we were amazed at the Geysers, there were so many! Yes the tomato soup was really good, but expensive! It really hit the spot. Definitely take this tour, you will love it!

Great tour! Would recommend if you're in Iceland. The tour was well-organized, on time and very courteous. My family and I enjoyed all the stops on this tour. Like other reviewers, we brought our own sandwiches and water. If not, this tour has a great stop at the Geysir with many restaurants option.

The sites were beautiful and I loved the small tour size. It was well-organized and the pacing was especially perfect, always leaving a comfortable amount of time at each stop. The tour bus pick up has many convenient locations and is so easy to find - the bus says "Nice Travels" on the side and the guide has a list of everyone's names so you can be confident you are in the right place. If you are traveling on a budget, it's easy to bring your own lunch and I'd recommend bringing a waterbottle for the long day. However, if you're going to buy lunch, the tomato basil soup at the lunch stop (though expensive) was honestly the best soup I've ever had. And it was nice to have something warm at lunch since it was such a cold day when we went (even in August!). Definitely wear warm clothes and bring waterproof, windproof gear as Icelandic weather is unpredictable and often rainy and windy - well worth the rental fee if you don't have this stuff already. You don't necessarily need hiking boots, though practical sturdy footwear is a must. Overall this was a great tour of the Golden Circle!

I had only one day for a tour and this was perfect choice. All sights were worth visiting. Our guide Cosimo was very good as well, told us many interesting details about İceland. Thank you Cosimo!

Wonderful! We took the Golden Circle + Kerid Crater tour with Atti on July 29, and it was stunning. Atti was a very good guide who shared lots of interesting information about the sites we visited, and he also gave us additional information as we continued our tour around Iceland. I would strongly recommend this trip - and thanks again, Atti!

A very nice blend of Iceland's physical geography. The guide was very informative --- with a nice touch of humour!!!

The tour was good! Our guide was knowledgeable though after getting back to my hostel I realized he didn't add anything extra than what was on all the posted signs at the sights. One of my room mates filled me on details from his tour and I felt I had missed out a little bit. The places themselves were phenomenal and I am so glad I saw them all. I loved the stop at the crater though I wish we had spent more time there. A lot of time was spent at the Geysir and I felt rushed at both Gullfoss falls and the crater.

Great tour! We had a wonderful time. We were on the tour in May with few peoples that definitely added to the great experience. The guide Ulfur was so knowledgeable and funny. We made an interesting stop at one of the farm, on the way to the National Park, which had a café in the cowshed and sell an amazing ice cream! We saw some stunning views. Highly recommended!

We really enjoyed our tour around the Golden Circle. Our tour guide Michael was wonderful and gave us enough space to wander, but offered as much information as we wanted. The additional stops were spectacular and probably my favorite part! Definitely recommend this tour.

This was a very great tour. Having a smaller crowd definitely added to a great experience as we were given undivided attention. Lucia was a great tour guide, very knowledgeable and really easy to get along with. Their rates were lower than the rest as well as they had more to offer. Valdi, who drove us was also awesome, he noticed we were all freezing (two sissy Cali girls) so he had offered extra sweaters. They went above and beyond to make sure we had a great experience, with stopping at other places that was not included in the tour. Thank you Lucia and Valdi for an awesome experience

Great experience. Tour guide Robert was great! Gave really interesting information about all places visited and extra information about Iceland and its people. Organized and on time. Clear instructions and great suggestions to get the best views, pictures, and take advantage of time on each site. The tour is a must for anyone visiting Iceland for the first time. I highly recommend this tour. Thanks Robert for an amazing tour!

This tour gave me a wonderful experience with Wolf as our tour guide and David as our driver. The sites were thoroughly well-explained. We got to pat some Icelandic horses as well (lovely). Kerid crater was an exeptional addition to this tour. All locations were undeniably amazing and my camera won't do it any justice. Iceland is not a cheap country but the views do not cost a penny and will stay with you forever. Highly recommended tour. Thank you, Wolf and David, I had a great time understanding your country.

This was one of the highlights of our trip. The amazing landscapes were what we came to Iceland to see and we were not disappointed. Our guide Ulfur (Wolf) was so great, low key, good humor, a constant font of cool information about where we were going and Iceland in general. Adding in the Kerio crater was a great call, another great site and breaks up the last stretch of the ride. Wolf walked with us though all sites with good commentary all the way, happy to add bathroom breaks as needed, stopped us to pat some Icelandic horses (NOT ponies), the day just flew. Great tour, highly recommended. Wolf - Chris says hi! :-)

We visited all places that was listed, plus two additional that wasn't in the list, had enough time in all places to take photos and enjoy view. The guide was really helpful and professional, told as about iceland history and the places that we were visiting. That was the best trip i had in iceland.

Great Experience and Highly Recommend for everyone. Our amazing guide was Lu. The scenery was breathtaking, and the additional spot to the volcanic center worth the time. Lu spent the whole journey with us, walking with us on the spot, giving out information about every single destinations.

Great experience. Our tour guide Robert gave us interesting information along the tour about what we were seeing as well as clear instruction on how much time we had at each stop. The golden circle tour is a must for anyone visiting Iceland for the first time with so many great sights to see. I highly recommend this tour.

Great Golden Circle Tour with the nice addition of the Kerid Crater. Also the smaller group with minibus could be a plus for some. Our guide Anika was very kind and told a lot of interesting facts with passion. Very recommended tour.

Our Golden Circle tour could literally not have been better! The scenery was breathtaking, and the stops were unbelievably beautiful. Plus there was a little Icelandic history we learned along the way! The best part of it all was our amazing tour guide, Lucia! She was engaging and genuinely interested in our experience. She ensured each of us made it safely to and from each stop which was a bit more challenging in some areas due to some recent record-breaking snow fall. The tour ended with a hug from Lucia, who again made the tour all the more fantastic! Would definitely take the tour again or any tour with Nice Travel after this experience!

I spend my first full day in Iceland doing this tour and it was everything! if you want to join a tour for doing the Golden Circle, choose a minibus, it's so much more relaxed than the big busses and with a bit of luck you get an awesome driver like we had who will make the tour even more fun and memorable. I can only recommend this tour, you get more than enough time at each stop to take pictures and explore the area while you don't have to worry about where to go next and how to get there. Wifi on the bus is obviously a big plus for instantly sharing your adventures with friends and family. Thank you for making my first day in Iceland so very special.

We had a great time on the golden circle tour! Our guide was Tomasz, and he was amazing- very knowledgeable and funny! The driver was also great, we felt very safe the entire time. They picked us up from our hostel which was convenient. There were also only about 10-12 travellers in total which made the experience even better because it's a smaller group. Kerid was a nice and unique extra stop on the tour. If you're looking to do the golden circle tour, book with these guys!!

Irish is our guide. She is a part time guide and her full-time profession is teacher. She is very nice and knowledgeable about the tour. Even though the weather was not good in my trip but you could always have different experience in different weather. Recommended.

Me and my boyfriend had a lovely time during this tour... it's absolutely worth it! Fortunately the weather was cold but quite good so we could enjoyed it very much. The Geyser is incredibly awesome and the crater is something unique. Our guide was Anika and she was super kind and helpful during all the tour.

We went on this tour on Friday 20th Feb. Our tour guide David was great and kept everyone enthusiastic despite the miserable weather. He was very knowledgeable about the different locations we visited. I would definitely recommend this tour (gullfoss falls was particularly good).

We went on this tour on Friday 20th Feb. Our tour guide David was great and kept everyone enthusiastic despite the miserable weather. He was very knowledgeable about the different locations we visited. I would definitely recommend this tour (gullfoss falls was particularly good).

This is a must tour as you are going to see some very famous and beautiful sites sean Reykjavik. Our guide was awsome!!! He really explained to us everything and none of it was boring but really interesting and he was enjoying while doing so. Plus he was also funny andnvery friendly. I loved that it was a mini bus so you have more time to see each places plus it was way more confortable. I highly reccomend this tour.

The trip was informative and fun. The tour guide was excellent and looked after the group well escorting us all along the way and providing interesting historic and current information. Answered all questions. I left a pair of gloves on the tour bus and when I emailed the office they kindly dropped them off at my apartment the next day. thank you to David, Elisa and Wolflan from Nice travel. I would recommend this tour to all my family and friends.

An absolutely amazing experience! Our guide was brilliant and she really knew her stuff, the number of people in the tour was perfect and the scenery was enough to blow your minds! A superb day out!

Very great! Our guide was so kind and erudite. He introduced every place we went in detail. However, you will spend much time on car and it is a bit small.

Nice trip and experience. Although the wether is bad, the scene is beautiful.

Amazing tour! Really nice guide with to the point information, no extra bla-bla. Pick-up was on time at the hotel door. We even had an extra stop on the tour because we had extra time, which makes it even more interesting!

We made a wonderful experience for this trip! The guide is Jaka and the driver is Tomasz. They are very nice and gave us quite a lot of details for the Iceland and views. I strongly recommend if u just want to have a day trip, choose this one. The time arrangement is good and we have plenty of time for each views. I heard the views in Iceland are quite different in summer and in winter. If having time, summer and winter are recommended. Just came u won't regret!

The tour is certainly a nice one. The tour guide is nice to explaining all the stuffs to us and he is friendly. The bus is quite comfortable and the wifi in the bus is quick. Everything is as expected as the description.

Excellent tour guide and a pleasant, easy going tour. We had a great time!

This was a mad day out. Our guide was unique, very to the point and ensured we learnt many things and saw everything at each stop. I was always last back on the bus but think this might have been due to the rain, which I am used to. I experienced so much weather and raw nature on this day, which gave me a real and literal taste of Iceland. It was truly special. At the end of my day a lovely man drove me back to the hostel as I was not doing the extended day. He helped me with my Icelandic and taught me lots about the people. It was really lovely. I highly recommend the smaller group tours. They make such a huge difference. Thank you for making my journey in Iceland more amazing.

Despite the excessive rain we greatly enjoyed this tour! Our guide Antonio remained upbeat and made the Golden Circle exciting despite the weather . This was our 2nd day with Antonio and we were glad to have him. Once again Antonio was willing to take pictures for the group. The tours with Antonio were the highlight of our trip!

I had the tour Michael and we had a blast! There were only 3 of us that day so we went at our own pace. Michael even stopped and let us play with some of the horses we saw! Amazing sights!

Really worthwhile trip and good to see the fourth sight (which isn't so busy with insane amounts of tour buses!). I liked the small group size. Improvements could be a reminder a couple of days before and also a note to say the pick up time is an estimation (I was a bit panicky when they were 20 mins after the pick up time but they hadn't forgotten, they were just on their way to get others).

It was awesome! The trip is designed pretty good with reasonable schedule and fabulous sightseeing places. I enjoyed it a lot especially for the national park walk, it was so quiet and peaceful. My tour guide Robert he is super! I should say it was him made the fantastic day trip, he showed us the best route and introduced the places in every details and also was very thoughtful to each guest asking us if we are ok for this if ok for that...he's very nice person and professional tour guide!

Excellent tour. There's a lot to cover in the 5 stops (Faxi Waterfall was a much-welcomed impromptu addition), but there was no feeling of being rushed. Guide was knowledgable, friendly and was able to strike a good balance between allowing enough time to appreciate the sites and keeping to a general schedule. Highly recommended

Great experience - the driver and tour guide (Johannes) were very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We even got a bonus stop to visit another foss along the way.

We enjoyed the tour very much. It was a great way to visit the Golden Circle in one day and get very interesting bits of information on the way.

I strongly recommend this tour, I really enjoyed it. There is enough time at every sight, our guide Johannes was great and the group wasn't too big.

It was a great experience although it was raining on that day. There were only 6 people in our group and we were flexible and had enough time for the sightseeing. The guide is a new one who changed his profession only 3 days before! He is not talkative but very nice and patient. :)

There are many tour companies that offer a tour of the Golden Circle. We chose Guide to Iceland because there's a maximum of 12 people in the bus and because they also added the Kerið Crater which is well worth it. What made the tour but tickly worthwhile for us was the tour guide John. He was glad to answer questions, was enthusiastic and engaging, and had a great sense of humor. Highly recommended.

Excellent tour! Picked up and dropped off at our hotel door. Our guide Steinar was fun and friendly and brought the trip to time, and left us plenty of time to peruse the different sights. The volcanic crater was a good addition to the circle

Really enjoyable trip. Golden circle plus volcanic crater. Picked up and dropped off at Reykjavik cruise terminal. Great going in mini bus rather than a large coach. Guide was knowledgeable but also left us to go off on our own so no having to go around in a huge group. Some confusion on meeting point at one stage as bus picked up at a different carpark. Guide quickly went and rounded up absentees . Excellent value for money.

This tour is amazing. The views are simply incredible! The pictures you see online simply don't do them justice. You have to see them with your own eyes. Our guide was very knowledgeable, friendly, and was great about getting us back on schedule (we had a bit of a delay due to a few people in our group always being late). Definitely bring good hiking shoes and warm/water resistant clothes. I'd also recommend taking some snacks for the road; although you will find food at most stops, Iceland is pretty expensive.

We absolutely enjoyed our Golden Ring tour! Small group, amazing views, superb nature, helpful and relaxed guide, wifi on all your way. Totally recommended!!! Best guided tour I've ever had, though don't like them very much :)

We got to see all the best spots around Reykjavik all in one day. The journey was comfortable with a great guide and wifi access. We would definitely recommend it to someone who is pressed for time.

Nice trip! Highly recommend!

Our trip to the Golden Circle was amazing. Our tour guide was Johanas. He was very knowledgable when we asked him questions. The benefit to this tour is that the bus was small, and there were not a lot of people on the tour, so we could hear everything, and had the opportunity not to miss out on anything!

It's a interesting and pleasant trip and Giuseppe is a professional and humorous guide.

It was really a great experience. The tour guide was great because he let us roam around and explore but still kept the tour organized. He was also very knowledgable and told us many interesting facts, in addition to answering all of the questions we had. The volcanic crater was an amazing touch to the normal Golden Circle Tour. I would high recommend doing this.

This tour was excellent! Our guide was great at explaining, letting us venture on our own, and spoke very good English. Well worth it for a great price! We got to see four incredible sights and didn't feel rushed at all. The day was the perfect length. The group was a small size (13) so you were rarely waiting around for people to get on and off the bus. I would recommend this to anyone!!!

I had a very nice Trip there!!! A cool Italien guy was my guide and I got a good explaining to every Station where i was. I recommend this Company.

It was a great experience. I had taken the same tour with a different company and it was completely different, as the group was very big and interaction with the tour guide was difficult. This time, the group was small, with good internet connection and an excellent guide (Antonio). I recommended 100%

This was a great experience. The group was small so we got enough time to enjoy the sights without being hurdled like cattle. This is apparently the most popular travel route in Iceland so do expect some crowds by the attractions. Other companies were showing up on big busses and we were very happy that we chose this tour instead. The guide was friendly, knowledgeable and funny. The attractions on the Golden circle and spectacular. I can give this tour 5 stars with a good conscience. But remember to bring with you warm clothes, the weather in Iceland changes pretty quickly. The weather in the morning was sunny and warm, but in the afternoon it felt like winter. If it´s windy, do not stand in the wind direction while waiting for the geysir to erupt. Luckily our guide pointed that out to us. But we saw other people get soaked... enjoy!

Nice trip, small group with about 10 people. The guide is nice and we feel quite relax during the trip. What a pity is that during the Christmas time, the Solheima Ecovillage was closed.

Our guide had a great positive attitude, was a good driver, and got us around to all of the sites safely and on time. We appreciated having around an hour to see each of the places as that gave us time to do a bit of walking around and to visit the gift shops. We also really liked the addition of the Kerid volcanic crater lake and its beautiful colors. The 3-star rating is because our tour guide Cosimo, while a great guy, did not have strong enough English and did not seem to know much about the sites (or maybe it was just the language barrier). He probably needs more practice before leading English-language tour groups. In addition, the tape that he played relating facts about Iceland was not very understandable because the speaker spoke heavily accented English and the audio quality was poor. If Cosimo continues to do English-speaking tours, it would be helpful if he relied more heavily on a tape to provide the information about Iceland rather than trying to read from a fact sheet (he probably shouldn't be reading and driving at the same time anyway) and if the tape was recorded by a more fluent English speaker.

Overall, the organisation of this tour was OK. The scenery was beautiful. But we didn't get to see the crystal blue kerio crater; instead, just a bunch of snow covering on the crater. That really wowed everyone in a disappointing way... I gave minus 2 stars for its narrowed, uncomfortable seats and for the guide service. I just wish our guide could have paid a little more attention to the people sitting in the back seats area. We didn't hear clearly the introduction or some meeting points information.

To be honest I was looking forward this trip. But unfortunately there were lots of issues. Firstly it took more than one hour to pick up all the tourists. And I was not in the picking up list before. Then the driver checked with his boss then he said I was okay to go on. Very confusing. The driver is from Slovakia and he told me he was also the guide. When we arrived at the first spot, he just told us where and when to meet up. There was an American family complaining about this unprofessional behavior. I was alone and only had few days in Iceland so I didn't get a chance to complain. Then he said we would have a guide and also we waited for 20 minutes for the guide but the guide didn't show up. The nature is splendid but the service to be honest isn't professional at all. I strongly recommend tourists to go for a better and more professional one.

Poorly organized tour. The guide was not announcing the available time at the tourist spots and picking up places. As a result, many in the group, or even the guide (!), were late or not showing up by the bus when we were leaving for the next spot. No guiding was provided at the spots. Pick-up was late and the return back to Reykjavik was more than one hour late.

- Pick up was late. - It is confusing that you are picked up by a bus with nicetravel logo while I booked the trip at "guide to iceland". - When we left Reykjavik we suddenly turned around and then went back to the city to pick some passengers that were extra added somehow. The total time on gathering and leaving Reykjavik was more than 1 hour. - the guide was not very exact and convincing with announcing the available time at the tourist spots and picking up places. As a result many people are late or not even showing up on where they were supposed to be met. - "strange extra" passengers were needed to be dropped of for blue lagoon, when that is completely not the part of golden circle tour. basically you squeezed in inapropriate tourists and stole the time of the original golden circle excursion. Instead of dropping of passengers in Reykjavik we were driving back and forth trying pass those blue lagoon passengers to another transport, waiting for some extra car in a gas station and then ultimately going back to Reykjavik. The pure tour time was about 4 hours. all the rest - just driving around Reykjavik. - the whole idea of picking up tourists at every hotel is idiotic. Extremely poor organization. As the guide explained - "Guide to iceland" is just selling tickets. "Nicetravell" is just doing the transportation. So basically no one actually cares about the customer experience. And of course You are never contacted to be informed about the exact time of pick up , delays , changes etc.

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The Golden Circle & Kerid Volcanic Crater | Sightseeing Day Tour

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