Northern Lights Deluxe | Minibus Tour from Reykjavik

Northern Lights Deluxe | Minibus Tour from Reykjavik
Northern Lights are often complimented by a blanket of starlight.
Northern Lights will dance in the night sky, floating around as though it were alive.
There are a number of locations in Iceland known for their lack of light pollution, and thus, their likelihood for Northern Lights.
The Northern Lights illuminate the night sky as though it were straight from science-fiction.
Capturing the Northern Lights is the dream of many photographers around the world.
Make sure to ask your guide inquisitive questions about the light's origins.
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Step aboard a minibus and join a magical night of Northern Lights hunting. This tour should not be missed by winter travellers seeking one of the world's most spectacular natural phenomena.

On this tour, you will be picked up from Reykjavík, and driven far into the wilderness. As you travel, your expert guide will point out features in the surrounding landscape, and tell you all about the Northern Lights.

Not only is your guide knowledgeable about the auroras themselves, they know exactly how to find them. They are aware of hidden corners in nature, where there is no light pollution, open skies, and no other crowds, and will be following the cloud cover and aurora forecast for your best shot at finding them.

Due to the fact you are in a minibus, your group size will be small, allowing you to ask any questions you may have about Iceland or the lights.

When you pull up to start admiring the auroras, you will be left in awe. Descending in vivid greens - and occasionally purples, pinks, blues and reds - they will swirl and dance like some otherworldly force. You will be left knowing why some ancient societies believed these were messages from the Gods or the spirits of the dead.

Of course, not all Northern Lights hunts are successful; if it is too cloudy, your tour will not depart, and even if it does, they still may not appear. However, if either of these events occurs, you will be able to join another tour for free, and if that tour is not successful, you will have an open ticket for the next three years.

Since this might be a long night, your guide will bring along some traditional Icelandic pastry and hot beverages to keep you warm, as well as a complimentary blanket.

Don't miss your once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the spectacular aurora borealis. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Sep. - Apr.
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Northern lights hunting
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Reykjavík, Northern Lights
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 21:00.

Please be at your pickup location in time for your departure. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.

  • Tour in comfortable minibus

  • Professional guiding in English

  • Hot chocolate

  • Icelandic doughnuts (Kleinur)

  • Blankets

What to bring:
  • Warm Clothes!

Good to know:

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We saw the Northern lights! Thanks to our guide Konrad! He was very knowledgeable by providing us with a lot of information on the formation and scientific explanation of the aurora. He was able to get up to date information from his sources to find the ultimate location for us to see the lights under less windy condition! My friend and I were not experts on handling our camera. Konrad was also very helpful as well. He even took pictures for all of us with his own camera and emailed all the pictures to us as he promised! The experience was spectacular!
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We saw the northern lights very faintly for about 5 mins. Our tour guide klause was very optimistic and friendly and so was his assistant guide. He gave many tips on how to photograph the northern lights. Good thing he did because that was the only way you could see them clear and bright. To the naked eye it just looked like a hazy slightly green sky. Our tour was not considered a success so we did have the opportunity to rebook but we didnt because we were only there for the weekend and did not want to spend another night sitting in the cold for four hours hahaha. Maybe on our next trip we'll try again !!
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There were multiple highlights in this tour. 1. Northern Lights - although not as bright as I had hoped, we came, we saw and we conquered this part of our bucket list. The lights stayed on for a longer time than usual (based on what we were told). 2. Milky Way - The night was very clear and the milky way was also very visible to us. 3. Shooting stars! 4. Fred aka The Peace Thief (the English meaning of his Icelandic name) - Definitely a highlight. Apart from his knowledge of the northern lights and the quick session about learning to speak Icelandic, he was very entertaining. Such a cool guy! 5. The original date we booked for this tour was cancelled due to bad weather system and their team informed us on time and also quickly re-organized another date we requested for. Great service!
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The tour would have been great had we seen some lights and it had not been so cold and windy. But that's not the tour's fault! Otherwise, the tour guide was friendly, and the other guests were as well. The tip about the iPhone app for Northern Lights Photos was great, but I use Android, so I was out of luck. Nothing to photograph anyway. Oh well. Next time!
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I booked this tour in the hope that my family and myself would be able to catch the northern lights. The tour guide is super friendly and knowledgable in where to have higher possibility to catch the lights. Throughout the wait, we chatted and played around with the snow. The tour guide even offered us hot chocolate and Icelandic donuts which we happily accepted as it was so cold! Though we did not manage to catch the lights due to the cloudy weather, but we had great fun out with the group and tour guide.
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If I had just one night in Iceland, I would spend it on this tour. My guide was amazing, hilarious and so upbeat despite some miserable tourists being on the bus. Let me say now, their misery was due to them not being prepared. They had not dressed well, and so were cold, some had not brought cameras and I think they just expected to turn up and the lights be there immediately after getting out of the van. But who would want that anyway? It was so exciting. We stopped at one place and practised picture taking. Our guide assisted us to get our settings right. We then relocated and after a quick hot drink and nibble, they began. It was perfect. The lights went on for ages and we snapped away, getting excited together. We only left once everyone was happy. We were told stories of trolls, and I insisted that we hear of the Icelandic Unicorn. I was super cosy all night. I wore base layers, hoodie, fleece leggings, jeans and a long thick coat. I was snug and happily was outside for the duration. I also had fingerless gloves and a wooly hat. This was November and I was fine. Don't let under prep ruin your night. I took the best pictures of my life on this tour and honestly wonder if I will ever outdo myself. I cannot wait to go on tour with this guide again.
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We booked the tour hoping to see the lights but also well prepared that we may not. There were only 10 of us on the tour which was a nice number. Our guide and driver on the journey was great. Very knowledgeable and informative. He informed us how the lights were made and how they are predicted for seeing them as well viewing conditions. He was very knowledgeable about camera settings explaining to us how to get our cameras to get best photo. One that note photo's best on a proper camera rather than a mobile phone camera. We realised quite quickly into the trip seeing the lights would be difficult as it was cloudy. But credit to our guide he kept going out into the country trying to chase gaps of clear sky. Eventually we pulled off the main road and went down a track. We got out the minibus and then the cold really hit. It was -7 but with the wind chill -13. Never have u experienced such cold. If you are going in Winter I suggest 2 pairs of thermal gloves and socks. I had one pair. Luckily I had base clothing under regular warm clothing but even then you could feel the cold. Anyway, we got out to a place that sounded like there was a waterfall but it was so dark we couldn't see much. Our guide led us down a ramp to a platform where cameras we're set up. We looked up and had a great view of the stars and two strips of lighter sky that we were told we're where the northern lights Would be. Obviously a light display wasn't garenteed but we hoped. We stood looking up and then the guide gave us hot chocolate and a pastry. Both most welcome. We saw a shooting star and the moon looking fantastic but sadly no lights. Eventually we all got back into the bus, frozen but happy. The guide gave each of us a warm fleece blanket. That was most welcome as we needed to thaw out. We got safely back to our hotel a little after 1am. An interesting 4 hours spent.
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