Glacier Snowmobiling & Ice Cave Exploration from Gullfoss

Snowmobiling is one of the most adrenaline-fueled activities available in Iceland.
Ice Cave Exploration is only possible during the wintertime.
Those who do not have a full international driver's license can hop on a snowmobile as a passenger.
Ice Caves provide an authentic insight into the glacier's formation.
Glacier Snowmobiling manages to fit all of the best of Iceland into one activity; adrenaline, adventure, beauty and something new!
The great wild expanse, perfect for the average snowmobiler.
Based on 8 traveller reviews

Come along for the glacier adventure of a lifetime, combining snowmobiling on the Langjökull ice cap with an exploration of a natural ice cave. This tour should not be missed by anyone eager to explore the natural phenomena of Iceland.

Your day begins by meeting your guides at Gullfoss cafe, found by the great ‘Golden Waterfall’, a renown highlight of the Golden Circle. Here, you and your group will hop into a super-truck specially designed for driving highland roads and glacier tracks, and you will be whisked to Langjökull glacier. 

At the snowmobiling base camp, you will be introduced to your guides and all the equipment needed, namely overalls and a helmet. Following a brief discussion about safety and how to operate your vehicle, you will hop aboard and start your exhilarating exploration of the surface of an ice cap.

It should be noted that you will be two to a snowmobile unless you elect to have one to yourself while booking, which will cost an additional 6,000 ISK. You must have a valid driver’s license to take control, but children as young as eight can join the ride as a passenger.

The ancient world atop a glacier is mind-blowingly beautiful; you can expect endless stretches of snow, dramatic formations in the ice, and breathtaking views of the highlands. There are few better ways to see such incredible nature than when simultaneously experiencing the rushing thrill that can only be enjoyed on a snowmobile.

After a half-hour of riding, you will reach a naturally formed ice cave, leading into the depths of Langjökull. Being able to explore here is a unique opportunity, as the vast majority of ice caving tours only run beneath Vatnajökull, on the far side of the country; there are no other caves so easy to reach at this time of year from Reykjavík.

After fifteen minutes or so, once you have managed to take some spectacular photos and marvel over this unique feature, you will return to your snowmobile, and spend a further half hour snowmobiling; it is possible to switch drivers at this time, so both you and your companion can experience being in control. 

Finally, you will return to the snowmobiling base camp, and be whisked back to Gullfoss cafe, marking the end of this exciting tour.

Experience the world atop and within an ice cap by booking this adventure now. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Nov. - May.
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Activities: Snowmobile, Ice Caving
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 8 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Golden Circle, Gullfoss, Langjökull
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 09:45 14:45,

You meet us at the departure location.
Gullfoss Cafe
  • Driver-guide

  • Pick up from Gullfoss Cafe

  • 1 hour snowmobile ride with two persons sharing a snowmobile

  • 15 minutes in an ice cave

  • All safety equipment

  • Pick up from Reykjavík

What to bring:
  • Warm outdoor clothing

  • Sturdy shoes

  • Sunglasses

  • Drivers License

  • Headwear

  • Gloves

Good to know:

-Only valid drivers can operate a snowmobile. The information on the driver's licence must be written in the Latin/Roman alphabet.

-We reserve the right to alter the itinerary according to weather, road and glacier conditions. Your safety comes first.

-Odd number bookings are not allowed on shared riders, then you must book a solo snowmobile.


Average rating 3.9 / Number of reviews 8

Surpassed our expectations! I was a little nervous after reading some negative reviews (and when the driver was a bit late with no obvious meeting point unlike the bigger/other snowmobile tour group) but as soon as we were underway, I knew we'd made the right choice. Enjoyed the local insights and information. Be prepared for a longer than expected jeep ride. Thought we'd enjoy it but half our group was very sick afterwards. Best part by far was the snowmobiling and getting to ride back to base camp under a full moon. Great sleds and guides!

It was a very positive experience! Me and my girlfriend loved the super jeep trip and the ice caves and all the staff, but the very best part was the snowmobile, so much fun!! We had a beautiful time in Iceland and we think this trip wouldnt be complete without this ice cave exploration

The driver and the truck itself was pretty cool, he was funny and took good care of us, had to stop few times to check the tyres but it was a good drive. Make sure you lean against the wind on the snowmobile as it is VERY windy and if you are the passenger going behind the driver you might get the feeling of falling down. It also gets really cold because of the wind so make sure you move your toes and fingers during the ride. The cave itself is quite small, you cant even stand up, just sit down or lay down and take a few pictures and then go out. It is nothing compared to those crystal blue caves you see on other pictures and you barely spend 10 or 15 minutes inside the cave, but I guess if you really can be arsed to spend a whole day driving/snowmobiling and then few minutes of icecaving its not that bad. I give it 4 stars because the snowmobiling was cool and you can see the landscape and mountains and the snow fields on the glacier, but the cave experience was pretty meh. It would be awesome if they gave us helmets with gopros or cameras on them so we could record the ride and take a nice souvenir home from it, its disappointing that we cant even take pictures during the ride.

Warning before you book with this company...our tour was also cancelled with no warning. We did the option to meet at the cafe, and when we got there was told it was cancelled, because of weather. Never got an email or anything. I walked over to the Mountaineers of Iceland bus and asked if they were cancelling and he looked at me weird and said no why would we. So I asked if they had availability and he radioed out and was told they did but not until a tour 2 hours later so we waited. The computer inside the cafe to book was down so he told me to just get on the bus and pay when out there and we did. On the bus we met another couple that was cancelled with no warning and no reason on the later tour, and by this time the weather was probably as good as it gets in winter there so doubt it was weather. Tour was great with Mountaineers but they don't do ice caves, while that would've been neat I'd say the risk of a bus ride for nothing probably outweighs that. We drove by th Arctic Adventure base camp on our way out and it was barren, meanwhile Mountaineers probably ran 3 buses in and out while we were there. By the way, was also told I'd get an automatic refund and that didn't happen, still waiting for it.

We had an amazing time on this tour. The super jeep driver / guide was fantastic telling us all about the glacier & the jeep. Snowmobiling was exciting if a little bouncy when you're the passenger ! The ice cave was a unique place and gave us a taste to go back and do more ice cave tours in the future. All very well organised and we even got a hot drink at the end. Recommend you get the goggles as the helmet with visor can frost up real quick affecting your visibility. Also make sure your helmet is snug & you have a buff on as your face gets really cold! The overalls & gloves keep you really cosy though. Would recommend this highly especially as you are near Gulfoss & Golden Circle very easy to slot into half a day. Thanks Arctic Adventures & Guide to Iceland. Fab!!! X

Heartbreaking. I booked this tour as a surprise for my wife as the first leg of our honeymoon. She’s always wanted to go snowmobiling to the ice caves in Iceland. We called an hour before arriving on location at Gulfoss cafe and they assured us to continue on our 3hr drive as it would be going ahead without a doubt. WE CALLED THEM 20mins after we were supposed to be picked up by the supertruck and they told us it was called off due to weather. I understand safety comes first, but when we called 2 other companies who had just left in their super trucks full of people, they said they were still going ahead! Our driver then turned up an hour later (after we stayed and looked at the waterfalls), and said he got stuck and couldn’t make it on time as the weather was too bad! Get a better driver, a better truck, or leave on time when the other operators leave! Don’t destroy a travellers dream! The fact that it was a 6hr round trip, and we cancelled the blue lagoon to get there didn’t really add to the situation. So thank you for bursting our honeymoon bubble before we’ve even started Arctic Adventures

My tour with Arctic Adventures has been by far the WORST one I had for the week I spend in Iceland in early December. Forecast shows heavy rain for the day I booked. One day before the tour I e-mailed Arctic Adventures inquiring about whether the tour will continue as planned. Their Customer Service Team replied “Everything is confirmed and going as scheduled for tomorrow so we are all good” We arrived along with 8 others that signed up for the same tour. Waited until 15 minutes pasted pickup time, called Arctic Adventures – they were unable to reach the driver but GPS tracker shows he is on his way. Rep noted pickup is behind scheduled due to weather and road condition. On the phone, I informed the rep condition in the area is harsh and maybe unsafe to continue the tour. The representative stated the tour is to be continued. The pickup finally arrived ONE HOUR LATE !!! With tire pressure issue on their Super Sprinter Jeep (van), it took SEVENTY SIX minutes to reach base from Gullfoss. We were then told the tour will be cancelled and was driven back to Gullfoss. WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! WHY DIDN’T THEY CHECK THE FORECAST, WHY CONTINUE TO DRIVE IN WASTING VISITORS PRECIOUS TIME ON THEIR VACATION, WHY NOT NOTIFY US BY PHONE EMAIL OR TEXT? With three e-mails sent, they are just taking my complaint as a feedback and did not process a refund! That is 25,990 ISK per person, approx. $250 USD each! The Glacier Snowmobiling & Ice Cave Exploration from Gullfoss with Arctic Adventures is the only tour I found at that includes snowmobiles and ice cave at Langjökull. Arctic Adventure made no attempts to contact any of its clients via phone, text or e-mail for the delay. I had to contact them myself inquiring where their jeep is.

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Glacier Snowmobiling & Ice Cave Exploration from Gullfoss

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