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Flightseeing Tour Over the Golden Circle and Glymur Waterfall
This Flightseeing Tour Over the Golden Circle and Glymur Waterfall gives you aerial views over Iceland.

Flightseeing Tour Over the Golden Circle and Glymur Waterfall

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See Iceland’s most famous tourist route in a completely unique way, with this flightseeing tour of the Golden Circle. If you want to witness as much of Iceland’s nature as possible from an unconventional perspective, then this is the tour for you.

Your adventure begins at Reykjavík Domestic Airport, where you will meet your pilot for the day. They will brief you on your route before you hop on the little plane awaiting you. Take-off promises to be a little nerve-wracking, but as soon as you are in the sky, any fear will be overwhelmed with awe.

The city of Reykjavík is even more beautiful from above, with the colourful tin roofs, forests, seascapes and impressive landmarks, such as the Harpa Concert Hall and Hallgrímskirkja Church.

After a few circles over the capital, you will set out on the Golden Circle, soaring past the tour buses trundling below. Your first destination is Þingvellir National Park, a valley of forests, lava fields and ravines filled with spring water. To its south is the vast lake of Þingvallavatn.

Þingvellir is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Icelandic mainland, as it was here that early settlers convened to form their first parliament, in 930 AD; this parliament continued ever since, now based in Reykjavík. To make the site even more impressive, it is also located directly between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, and both will be clearly visible from the sky.

After enjoying this incredible place between the continents, you will soar across to the Geysir Geothermal Area. As its name suggests, this area is home to the geysers, which sit in a colourful valley full of hot springs and fumaroles.

Though Geysir itself is currently in a period of inactivity, Strokkur erupts every five to ten minutes, to heights of thirty metres. You will see it go off at least once before heading to the third and final destination of the Golden Circle, Gullfoss.

This waterfall has become a symbol of Iceland; its scale, raw power and beauty are hard to beat. In two tiers, it cascades into an ancient valley, which carves through the countryside. In clear weather from here, you can see the glacier Langjökull, the meltwater of which feeds Gullfoss.

With the Golden Circle complete, you will return to Reykjavík, but not the way you came. Instead, you will fly across the Botnssúlur Mountain range, to see one more of Iceland’s classic sites; Glymur, the second-tallest waterfall in the country. Finally, you will land back in the capital, no doubt still exhilarated from your trip.

Enjoy Iceland’s most famous sites in style with this flightseeing tour. Check availability by choosing a date.


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