Gorgeous Northern Lights Bus Tour

Northern Lights can be seen in cities and towns, but the display is much stronger away from the lights of human settlements.
The northern lights appearing in the sky while the sun descends beyond the horizon.
The Northern Lights appearing over the statue of Leifur Eiríksson, the first European to discover America.
The Gorgeous Northern Lights Bus Tour is designed to allow you to see the Northern Lights in the best possible environment.
The Gorgeous Northern Lights Bus Tour takes you to the best locations for seeing the Northern Lights.
The Northern Lights can appear in the sky, even though it is not yet fully dark.
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Take advantage of this opportunity to see the marvellous Northern Lights! This is one of the must-see phenomena in the dark of Iceland’s winter months. In fact, it has become so popular that people have begun to book their tours more than a year in advance!

You’ll be picked up at your accommodation and taken to the countryside outside of Reykjavik for the best possible viewing on a clear night, far from the lights of the city. You’ll stand in the cosy embrace of the darkness and cast your eyes above in order to see these magical lights in the sky. Be sure to dress warmly and bring your camera. Though catching the Northern Lights on film can be tricky, your guides are happy to help you capture the moment.

The Northern Lights are caused by particles from solar winds disturbing the Earth’s magnetosphere. They are centred on the earth’s magnetic poles, and so are generally visible only in countries in the far north or south. Even some areas in Scandinavia, such as Denmark, do not often get to experience the wonderful glow of the Aurora.

This is why everyone, locals and visitors alike, feel that the Northern Lights are very special. When you see them, it is easy to feel connected to all those who have ever looked up at the night sky and gazed in awe at the strange colours shimmering there.

The guides on this tour have much experience in predicting weather conditions and will do their best to provide you with the Northern Lights experience you are hoping for; however, if the Northern Lights decide not to appear, you are more than welcome to try again on another night for free!

Don’t miss your chance to see the famous Northern Lights with your own eyes! Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Feb. - Dec.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Activities: Northern lights hunting
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Reykjavík, Northern Lights
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 20:30

Please be at your pickup location in time for your departure. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.

  • Pick-up

  • Drop-off

  • English-speaking guides

What to bring:
  • Sturdy shoes for walking/hiking

  • Warm clothing and outerwear suited to rainy or chilly weather

Good to know:

Sightings are not guaranteed, and the trip is subject to favorable weather conditions. The weather conditions are checked at 6 PM every day; if cancelled, you will receive an e-mail or you will be notified at the front desk at your hotel. If you don‘t see any Northern Lights on your tour, you can come back later for free!


Average rating 4.7 / Number of reviews 14

The tour was absolutely fantastic. On the first day we did not see any lights but we had the chance to go to a second tour the next day free of charge. The management was really nice and prompt. The tourguide Haukur was really great, he was funny, easygoing and very knowledgeable. On the first spot we only saw a faint light but thanks to him we managed to see them on the second spot pretty clearly. He also made sure that the waiting wasnt boring. He was looking out for everyone, making sure everything was okay. We also got very tasty gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate which was really handy in the cold. All in all, everything was great and I would highly recommend this tour to anyone. Its really worth it.

Fantastic tour, the guide name himself 100% man because he said so far the tour that he guides are able to see northern light in 100%, indeed, I saw a great one on that night, the guide is nice n he shares a lot about Iceland when he is driving, the amazing thng is.....that's so warm that hot chocolate is served while everyone starts a bit freezing after standing in an open area for sometimes. That's really appreciated n sweet

This was the most amazing tour I've been on in Iceland (I've done quite a few), and possibly the best tour I've ever been on in my life. Our guide was funny and kept the mood light, even with a small group. It was great to have such a small group, because he made us feel like we were helping make decisions as to where to go on the tour, etc. We had hot drinks and snacks, and at first the lights were not that bright, but then it was the most gorgeous show I've ever seen. Our guide said one of the other major tour companies cancelled for that night because of weather and it was only a 3/9 on the forecast for seeing them, but we did and they were so bright and beautiful, flaring up and waning. We also saw a massive meteor come into Earth's atmosphere quite close to us, and it was just incredible. I would go on this tour every day if I could!! :)

Actually the northern light on the day we went was not that obvious, however, the trip was nice and worth going. Seeing the sky full of stars is amzing enough. The guide was friendly, and they offered some hot drinks and snacks.

It's really amazing trip. We saw the northern light when we drove back the hotel. It's manifique. The tour arrangement is cool and full of the schedule. I promise that you won't say boring or empty among all the attractive points and what you should worry is that you have no enough time to appreciate all the view. The agent Tony and guide to Iceland members are very helpful when we met some thing unexpected and solved the problem on time, which we are so thankful about those issue. I strongly recommended to use Guide to Iceland to feel the amazing Iceland during your tour.

Went on the tour but unfortunately did not get to see the aurora. Went again the next day but tour was cancelled. Tried again on the third night but still no aurora. Just our luck.

Went on twice and caught the best aurora in the life time. Knowledgeable, funny and friendly guide Harkon/ Haron was also excited about the rarely seen aurora above Reykjavik. Saw the light danced and that was the best trip ever

Nice, friendly and welcoming guide

I felt like they were very disorganized. They picked us up from the hotel late and took us to another hotel to the big bus. Not toe mention we had to wait for the Big bus as well. We didn’t get on the road until 10:30. The bus we were in was not clean, there was trash all over. Our tour guide was female and honestly didn’t know what she was doing. I was not very pleased with the whole experience

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Gorgeous Northern Lights Bus Tour

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