Family-Friendly 2.5-Hour Private Folklore & Food Walking Tour in Reykjavik

An expert guide will lead this Private Folklore and Food Walking tour in Reykjavik.
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Enter the magical world of Icelandic monsters and spirits in this family-friendly folklore and food walking tour in Reykjavik. This two-and-a-half-hour private tour lets you explore the history and wonders of the Icelandic Sagas and other tales before feasting on traditional Icelandic food for lunch.

The enchanting adventure begins when an expert guide meets with you and the rest of your small group. The assembly will be at Ingolfur Square, in the heart of Reykjavik. From there, the friendly guide will lead you through Iceland's beautiful capital.

Iceland is often called the land of the sagas because of its rich history of storytelling, and many tales involve mythical creatures. The tour will introduce you to the elves of Iceland or the “hidden people.” Icelandic folklore says these elves are much like ordinary people, though slightly taller, thinner, and more beautiful.

Moreover, elves are believed to get angry when harmed. On the flip side, they’ll gladly reward anyone who helps them when they’re in need. The guide will also take the experience to the next level by bringing you to an elf home in downtown Reykjavik. 

Aside from elves, you’ll also learn about trolls. Like elves, trolls are fixtures in Icelandic folklore, often depicted as big, greedy, and stupid. In turn, they’re less appealing than the elves, though they can also cast magical spells and enchantments to punish or reward people.

The guide will also share legendary ghost stories passed down from many generations. You’ll hear about Djakninn a Myrka or the Deacon of Dark River, a ghost story that took place in Horgardalur valley.

You'll also learn the tale of the 13 Yule Lads. The story is about 13 brothers who replace Santa in Iceland's Christmas folklore and their mother, Gryla, who steals and eats disobedient children.

Furthermore, the guide will discuss the influence of the Icelandic Sagas and Norse mythology on “The Lord of the Rings” author J.R.R. Tolkien. You’ll learn about Tolkien‘s inspirations from Icelandic literature and interesting elements in his stories similar to the real world.

After immersing in Icelandic folklore, you’ll cap the walking tour with a hearty lunch in a restaurant. Expect local dishes that will wow your taste buds, prepared with local ingredients by expert chefs.

Let the operator know your dietary requirements in advance! As this is a private tour, all guests can be catered for and tailored to.

Learn about Icelandic folklore while enjoying the cuisine of Iceland by booking this family-friendly walking tour in Reykjavik. Check availability now by choosing a date.

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The tour is wheelchair-friendly and stroller-friendly.

Since this is a private tour, you can decide on the tour’s start and finish times.

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