2 Day South Coast Adventure | Ice cave, Skaftafell & Jokulsarlon

Iceland's ice caves often appear like vistas from an entirely different planet.
Skógafoss, located on the South Coast, is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country.
From Jökulsárlón Lagoon, ice bergs drift toward the Atlantic Ocean, finally gathering at the Diamond Beach.
The Northern Lights make night time driving in Iceland an absolute pleasure.
The distinctive rock stacks protruding from the ocean at the black sand beach, Reynisfjara, found on the South Coast of Iceland.
You'll be dazzled by the beautiful shades of blue inside Iceland's ice caves.
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Don't hesitate to join this fantastic two-day tour discovering and exploring the very best winter scenery that the South Coast of Iceland to offer. This is the perfect opportunity for visitors looking to see such attractions as Skaftafell Nature Reserve and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, as well as trying such thrilling activities as ice caving and Northern Lights hunting.

On the first day of your tour, you will explore the famous waterfalls of the south coast, Seljandsfoss and Skógafoss, as well as the dark, basalt columns Reynisdrangar and the black sand beaches that characterise the South Coast. You will spend your first night at accommodation in the region, from where you will hunt down the elusive Northern Lights when night has fallen. 

On the second day of your adventure, you will be visiting Skaftafell National Park and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, as well as facing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore an authentic and natural ice cave. This second day also provides a wealth of dramatic scenery, as well as another opportunity to see the aurora dancing above.

So don't delay any longer! Hurry now and you too can join this exciting two-day tour exploring the many beautiful attractions of Iceland's South Coast. Check availability by choosing a date. 

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Nov. - Mar.
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Activities: Caving, Sightseeing, Northern lights hunting, Ice Caving
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 10 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Jökulsárlón, Vatnajökull, Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Skaftafell, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Vík í Mýrdal, Eldhraun, South Coast
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:00

  • Pick-up & drop-off to/from downtown Reykjavík

  • Accommodation with private bathroom and breakfast

  • Guided tour in a minibus

  • Entrance to an Ice Cave in Vatnajökull

  • Certified glacier guide

  • Northern Lights hunt

  • Food & drinks, except breakfast on day 2

What to bring:
  • Warm outdoor clothing

  • Waterproof jacket & pants

  • Head-wear & gloves

  • Good hiking shoes are highly recommended

  • Camera

Good to know:

Due to weather, accessibility and conditions, it can happen that the ice caving part of the tour will be cancelled due to extreme weather and/or safety reasons. If that happens, your guide will try to find other activities to participate in when possible and refund the price difference.

Please be aware that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and can never be guaranteed to appear on any given night.

The right is reserved to change the order of the activities and sightseeing of the itinerary.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - The Grand South Coast and Northern Lights.

The green and elusive Northern Lights dancing over Jökulsárlón Lagoon.

Your first day will see you exploring the South Coast, where a whole host of natural attractions await you such as gorgeous waterfalls, lush valleys, surreal black beaches, extraordinary glaciers and charming coastal villages.

You will be picked up in Reykjavík City and driven along Route 1, passing the strato-volcano Eyjafjallajökull, infamous for the massive 2010 eruption that halted all air traffic across mainland Europe.

Soon, you will arrive at the breathtakingly beautiful Seljalandsfoss waterfall, but this feature allows visitors to walk behind the cascading water into a hidden cave, gaining an entirely new perspective of the shore. Moving on you will arrive at Skógafoss waterfall, another dramatic feature with views over two majestic glaciers, Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull.

Further along Route 1, you'll find the picturesque coastal village Vík. Vík is right by Reynisfjara, a black sand beach with some fantastic sights, such as gorgeous basalt column formations and the famous Reynisdrangar sea stacks.

Throughout the entire drive, you can expect to see otherworldly landscapes consisting of vast lava fields covered by delicate moss, surrounding an endless mountain range. After a day along the South Coast, you will head even deeper into the countryside, locating your accommodation, perfect for a relaxed evening.

If the sky is clear and the weather permits, you'll spend your evening hunting for the colourful Northern Lights. Being in the countryside, away from any light pollution, is the perfect location for spotting this natural phenomenon. 

Day 2 - Ice Caving and Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

The inside of an Icelandic ice cave will truly defy the imagination with its staggering shades of blue.

You will begin your second day travelling to Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, where massive chunks of ice leisurely float on the water's surface, creating an amazing visual spectacle. Only a stone's throw from the lagoon, visitors can stumble across the glittering Diamond Beach, the point where Jökulsárlón's icebergs float out toward the Atlantic Ocean having washed up on the black velvet sands.

When your time at Jökulsárlón is over, you'll make your way back to the South Coast road, passing a beautiful and dramatic landscape, formed by numerous glacier outlets originating from Europe's largest ice cap Vatnajökull, which will be your next stop.

There, you will meet your friendly and experienced glacier guide who will proceed to brief you on the glacier and its origins, as well a provide you with all of the necessary safety gear for the trip. Then, after a quick lesson on the ice, it's time to take your first steps into the depths of the glacier itself.

Your guide will lead you across the ice cap to one of the country's most gorgeous attractions, a glimmering ice cave. These shining caverns only exist during wintertime, when the glacial rivers retract and the water freezes, creating intricate ice sculptures and tunnels. New caves form in different locations each year, providing unparalleled photographic opportunities. 

Once you have had the time to appreciate the glistening cave, you will again proceed back towards Iceland's capital. Before, you will be making a stop at the stunning and sublime Skaftafell Nature Reserve. Here, you will take a short hike through the lush hillsides of Skaftafell, enjoying the panoramic viewpoints and dramatic scenery.

Finally, it's back to the city of Reykjavík. On your return journey, your guide will try to stop at darker areas in the hope of once more locating the Northern Lights in the night sky above. 



This tour was absolutely amazing, I highly recommend it!!! Gorgeous landscapes, ice caves, glaciers, Crystal beach, black sand... so beautiful. Good accommodation, delicious food recommendations, this trip was my favorite tour in Iceland. I went on a tour with Bill, and he was a wonderful guide. The best thing about this tour was the smaller group, and flexible schedule. When driving back we saw the Northern Lights, and Bill stopped twice for us, despite how late it was at night. My fiance and I went on another tour with a larger company for the Golden Circle, and while it did run like a well-oiled machine, it lacked the personal attention of a smaller tour. Definitely book this tour!!! For those who are considering renting a car, in the winter... we saw so many cars (with tourists) that had run off the road. Unless you are used to driving in bad winter conditions, I would not recommend driving.

Had this tour from 03.-04.04.17. Even though the weather was not that great on the first day, the tour overall is highly recommended! Our tour guide (I'm sorry but I cannot remember the name clearly) is nice and knowledgable. He brought us to a waterfall where is more beautiful than any other. This is a tour you cannot miss when you're travelling to Iceland.

We had an amazing trip ---the guide was knowledgable, experienced and friendly. We were very safe with him even on very icy roads. This tour is really worth, I would recommend Guide to Iceland to anyone and will definitely be using them again!

Wow, what an amazing experience! We thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this tour. Our guide Arny, was helpful, accommodating, funny, and truly passionate about sharing Iceland with us. He went above and beyond to show us more unique spots in addition to the highlights outlined in the tour description. In addition, he provided a private tour for an older couple who were unable to participate in the full glacier hike, ensuring that they too were going to have a glacier experience that commensurates with their abilities. This tour was spectacular and definitely worth the price. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.

2 day tour was the most unforgettable experience in my life. Beautiful scenery is needless to explain. It never ceased to amaze me with breathtaking moments. As a solo traveller, I was hesitant to book with 2 days trip at first, but I'm really glad that I did with guide to Iceland. I only regret that I didn't book the other tours with this company before. Well organized program, excellent communication throughout the booking process, comfortable accommodation, great food, small group oriented, flexible itinerary, and most importantly, the guide. Pascale is a great asset to this company. Her fascinating stories and her love for the country let me appreciate the mother nature and Iceland even more. She is very considerate, generous and caring person I have ever met. She also made extra stops in several locations for photo opportunities and tried so hard to chase the northern lights. Thanks to her, I saw twice during this trip. This tour was the hightlight of my trip in Iceland and is a must for everyone who wants to explore Iceland where you wouldn't be able to if you are traveling alone or with large groups. I will book with this company again in a heartbeat when I come back :)

Great arrangement, excellent guide Jonas, incredible chance to see Northern light back to back nights. Highly recommanded tour for Iceland and you dont need to drive by yourself or have schedule arrangement, Jonas helps you to do them all.

The view and the guide are very good. It's worth seeing the ice cave!!!

First, pick up was on time. The minibus was spacious and the drive was stable even we encountered strong wing on the road trip. The hotel room was very cozy and the breakfast choice was multiple. The scenery was picturesque though it rains heavily when we were at jorkusarlon and the diamond black sand beach. Walking on glacier to the ice cave was thrilling and adventurous. However, we were taken to the small ice cave rather than the big one for which I was not expected. I would recommend this trip to people seeking Icelandic adventure!

The whole 2-day tour was fantastic with the most beautiful sites in Iceland and excellent stop-offs for food and drink. The accommodation was very good and the food there was phenomenonly good! The guide was first-class and gave us an in depth understanding of Icelandic life and culture. Stein "Thor" was brilliant and flexible to our timescales with little add-on stops like petting Icelandic horses! Cannot recommend this tour enough - it's a real taste of Iceland in all its beauty and power!! Thanks.

This trip was one of the best trips i've had in my entire life! Our tour guide Hilmar was AMAZING! Super nice and informative and gave us enough time for photos, exploring and gave us awesome tips. You get to see the beauty of Iceland in two days and experience the food, views. Highly recommend this and definitely worth the cost! It's expensive yes, but that's what you're signing up for when you go to Iceland, everything is expensive but this tour is 100% worth all that I paid for the memories, experiences and everything I got out of it :)

Extremely good tour in Iceland, including all kinds of beautiful and famous sightseeings in it! Our guide explained everything in details and guided us to chase northern lights for both nights, which was unforgettable for us during the whole life:) Highly recommend!

I'd say it was an amazing journey. Our guide Arny is a humorous, helpful and creative man, he always told us that it was OUR trip, we can make any choices that we want!! We visited so many incredible places in the south part of Iceland that I'd always been eager to pay a visit. And I cannot even believe that the six-person crew was also incredibly amazing!!! Totally worth it!!

We really enjoyed this two days tour! Our tour guide was the BEST tour guide I've ever had. He tried his best to introduce not only the beautiful country to us, but also the Icelandic history, geography, culture and even the local legends! The weather was not so great, so we failed to see the northern lights on both days, but the guide tried his best and let us stay there longer to wait for the northern lights, even if was a kind of waste of his own time. He was very nice, patient and experienced. We are quite impressed by the beauty of Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon! And the Ice Cave, we all like that crystal blue but we think that cave we visited was not big, cannot compared with the photos other tourists took, and it’s smaller than the one on your website. We were expecting an adventure actually, but it’s a kind a short walk in the cave only. Anyway, it’s worth joining! Thanks Guide to Iceland!

This was an incredible tour. We were unable to go into the ice caves due to warm weather, so we did the glacier walk instead. This was still an amazing experience and definitely a highlight of the trip! You will see so much incredible scenery along the way including waterfalls, black sand beaches, and the incredible glacier lagoon. This tour includes some of the best of Iceland, would definitely recommend!

Hi, I am from Hong Kong. It is my first time to Iceland, It is an excellent and full of exploration experience trip. Love the guides with detailed explanation. They leaded us safely to as many amazing spots as they could with their experience and knowledge, as the weather changed so frequently in Iceland. I were so impressed with all the beautiful landscapes that I have visited. I will definitely go to Iceland again soon and sure Guide to Iceland is my guide again!

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the South Coast Tour. Despite not seeing the ice tunnels due to glacial meltwater, it was still a memorable and life affirming experience. Our guide, Freeman was warm, personable and enthusiastic. He even altered the return schedule to Reykjavik to maximize our chances of viewing the Northern Lights, and by luck and good planning on his part, we did! We were treated to an amazing display of dancing lights as a fine way to end a great tour, where we saw a glacial lagoon with seals on ice flows, several beautiful waterfalls (one by night), The Black Beach, and a glacier hike as a substitute for the ice tunnel. I highly recommend this tour to anyone.

Ice cave is really amazing and it is a unforgettable experience.

Our tour guide was really nice and thoughtful, he always try his best to show his beautiful country to us. The South Coast is amazing, and ice cave was absolutely stunning! We enjoy our tour a lot! AMAZING trip in Iceland, highly recommended!

Definitely an amazing trip. The Icelanders who were helpful tour guides were a bit shy and quiet. We would have love to learn a bit more about the land and hear more stories!

We had a great visit to the South Coast. Walking behind a huge waterfall, hiking on a glacier with crampons, and visiting the black sand beach were among the highlights - and the scenery was breathtaking throughout. We were not able to visit the ice cave, for reasons that were not clear to me, but the glacier hike that was substituted in its place was a blast.

Everything was perfect.Many Thanks to our guide Bill.


DON'T USE EXTREME ICELAND! We joined the Ice Cave tour on 7/Nov/2016, It was terrible that almost everyone had wrote in to complaint. All we get was a driver with a van really, there is NO TALK, NO INTRODUCTION, NOTHING was said about the location visited and/or Iceland. Very little communication and very relax about time so we ended up not visiting some location because there is no structure about time. Upon arriving at hotel, no one knows what was happending the next morning, we had to find out from other tour guide in the restaurant, and the next morning at 9am, the ice cave people came to pick us up but we could not find our guide. It's very badly planned and I feel being robbed. I suspect Guide to Iceland will not post negative review. so I will be posting my reviews on TripAdvisor and all other travel review website if possible.

thats unbelievable experience! the tour guide was very interested and nice. the hotel was really cozy ! we saw a lot of amazing landscape belong to Iceland!

Our tour has been rescheduled due to the big storm coming from the south coast the next day. However, Artic Adventures has tried their best to show us as much as they can (I think in principal everything but just in shorter time). The tour guide and the company is very caring and compensate for the rescheduled itinerary by showing us some off-the-beaten-track locations and offer us to go to the secret lagoon (which is fantastic offer :)). Thanks to our main tour guide, Simon, and the substituted guide for the late drive on the first day, Francois, we had great time and arrived our hotel safely despite the strong storm. The local restaurant on our last day was wonderful. The only thing is that we didn't see the crystal ice cave as shown in the picture, only very small and normal ice cave. A bit disappointed but probably it was closed due to the storm. In general, I am happy with the service and will recommend this tour to my friends.

Really wonderful! Even through the weather of first day was not good, the second day was wonderful and we enjoyed the aurora light. Our guide Jonas gave us everything we need and really responsible! I'll do it again when I have time. Recommend!

This trip was AMAZING. Our tour guide and driver was great. You can cross items off your bucket list. Walking under waterfalls, on the black beach and incredible scenery. The glacier hike and ice cave was unbelievable. The colours of the ice in the cave are seen no where else in nature, a once in a lifetime excursion. Saw northern lights both nights in was in awe both times, hard to believe things like this exist in nature. The trip was worth every penny, if I return I would do parts of it again. 11 out of 10. Thanks Linas!

Wonderful trip! Amazing Guider! You can have all experience in south coat in one time. Highly recommend!

great trip! great guide! absolutely recommend!

absolutely amazing experience! Guides were amazing and incredibly informative. Must do while in Iceland!

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2 Day South Coast Adventure | Ice cave, Skaftafell & Jokulsarlon

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