2 Day Trip to Jökulsárlon Glacier Lagoon with Ice Cave Tour

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Come along on this fabulous tour of the heart of a glacier and the vibrant display of Northern Lights deep in the Icelandic countryside of the south coast. This tour is for those who would like to enjoy the sights and sounds of Iceland‘s natural wonders in comfort, as well as those who have a thirst for pure, frosty adventure on the glacier – and in it!

Your experienced guides will whirl you away on a tour of Iceland‘s greatest attractions, including Reynisfjara beach, a place of black basalt formations. Other special sights include the craggy lava fields and lonely sand plains left behind by long-ago volcanic eruptions which once tore the landscape apart.

You’ll take in other popular locations in Iceland, such as Skaftafell Nature Preserve, an area which has recovered from this same destruction to become one of the most lush and green areas in Iceland.

One of the highlights of this tour is found at Jökulsárlon glacier lagoon, where you can view the huge icebergs which have broken away from the glacial tongue and are on the verge of being washed out to sea. Enjoy a night in the country at a cozy guesthouse and, weather permitting, you’ll search the night skies for the glow of the Northern Lights.

You’ll also jaunt off to the Vatnajokull glacier area to explore a rare ice cave there. Your guide will share many of the unique points of geology and history of the cave as you marvel at the ancient, deep blue ice. You'll have a chance to note the beautiful colors and textures which minerals and time have created in the lava rock.

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Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Nov. - Mar.
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Activities: Sightseeing
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: South Coast
Pickup information:
  • Starting time : 09:00

Please be at your pickup location in time for your departure. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.
  • Pick-up and drop-off in Reykjavik

  • Expert guides (Language: English) for sightseeing tour and for ice cave tour

  • Breakfast

  • Aurora hunt (if weather and time of day permit)

  • Meals other than breakfast

What to bring:
  • Hiking boots (over ankle) - it is possible to rent shoes from tour provider

  • Waterproof parka

  • Warm hat & winter gloves

  • Wool/fleece sweater & jacket

  • Warm socks

Good to know:

The weather in Iceland is ever-changing and it is important to dress properly when going hiking or ice caving. Do not wear trainers/sneakers or jeans for this tour.

*** To be able to participate in the ice caving you will need hiking shoes that cover your ankle. If you don't have good hiking shoes you can rent them from us when you book the tour online.

*** It can happen that the ice caving tour is cancelled because of weather and/or safety reasons. Then we will find other activities when possible, and refund the cost of the ice caving tour.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - The South Coast

2 Day Trip to Jökulsárlon Glacier Lagoon with Ice Cave Tour

Soon after civilization has faded from view, you will pass a central volcano with a giant magma chamber. Then, you will continue towards the infamous volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, whose massive eruption shut down European air traffic for days in 2010. Seljalandsfoss waterfall at the foot of Eyjafjallajökull is your first stop, a gorgeous water feature in the middle of green pastures. Take a stroll along the rocky path which crosses behind the waterfall and look out on the countryside.

Close by is another beauty, Skógafoss waterfall. It plunges from the cliffs of the former coastline, 18 stories high, and is one of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland. After this, there will be a stop at Reynisfjara beach, pebbled with black sand and home to towering black basalt sea stacks called Reynisdrangar, watching proudly over the south coast. Be careful not to get too close to the water here; the tide is strong and swift, and can easily sweep the unsuspecting visitor out to sea in a matter of minutes.

After some refreshments, you will continue the tour in an easterly direction, passing a large extension of sand plains which display the rugged beauty of Iceland, with black lava, sand and ash spreading, seemingly endless, to the horizon.

If you're interested in geology and volcanic eruptions, your guide will share his incredible knowledge of the landscape with you. You will also pass through one of the largest pseudo-crater areas in the world, so that you may see these immense landforms that seem to be the footprints of giants. They may very well be! It is Iceland, after all.

From here, the glaciers are within sight. Right ahead, you'll see an enormous sand plain that results from the ebb and flow of glaciers scraping over the land as they slowly move.

You will stop at Skaftafell Nature Reserve, in the National Park of Vatnajökull. This place, once a desolate wasteland in the wake of a volcanic eruption that destroyed all life, it has recovered and is now a peaceful place of hiking trails, verdant woods, trickling streams and placid pools. Iceland’s highest peak, Hvannadalshnjúkur, rises to 2110 m (6,922 ft) nearby.

Next, you will reach one of the main destinations of our tour: the famous Jökulsárlón iceberg lagoon. This lagoon is deep and mysterious, stretching some 75 stories below the surface. The low light of early evening casts a beautiful glow over the chunks of ice, lighting them from within like glittering diamonds.

For your evening accommodation, you will stay at a charming country hotel in either Gerdi or Hali, arriving around dinner time. The rooms are equipped with all the essentials, including Wi-Fi, allowing you to enjoy picturesque views of the mountains and the sea. Breakfast is included in the morning!

Before you drift off to dreamland, you'll have an opportunity to hunt for the amazing Northern Lights as long as the weather is clear and the forecast shows aurora activity. Take in these otherwordly dancing lights, common to Scandinavia but unknown to much of the world. Perhaps tonight you’ll dream of Northern Lights.

Day 2 - Exploring the ice cave

2 Day Trip to Jökulsárlon Glacier Lagoon with Ice Cave Tour

Today's journey will be dominated by the excitement of ice cave exploration. A local glacier guide will take care of the driving over rough terrain in a modified super jeep. Good hiking shoes are essential, as it will take a few minutes' hike to reach the cave. You'll need to wear waterproof hiking shoes that cover your ankles to prevent your feet getting wet if there is a little meltwater.

It is important when spending time in an ice cave to proceed with caution and heed the advice of your guide. Glaciers are truly spectacular, but it is not possible to visit without a specialized guide and the necessary equipment.

You'll have at least 45 minutes to explore. At this point, you'll be glad that you have dressed warmly, for the chill can seep into the very bones of visitors here. Be sure that your winter hat is not so bulky that it won't fit under your caving helmet. Safety first!

Though the ice cap of Vatnajökull glacier appears plain and white to passersby hiking on the outside, the inside is transformed into a striking, glassy-blue cathedral, thanks to the tremendous weight of the ancient ice pushing air bubbles down to the bottom of the ice layers for a thousand years. You have an opportunity to see something not every visitor to Iceland is able to experience!

Come spring time, the caves melt and buckle, and in autumn local glacier specialists set out in search of new hidden chambers to explore. This impermanence makes Iceland's crystal caves all the more magical: You are truly experiencing a one-of-a-kind tour. The cave in which you stand may be unavailable to tour in the future, or the ice crystals and growths may change its appearance dramatically.

After one last stop at Jökulsárlón we move back towards Reykjavik and stop at a country restaurant where you can enjoy dinner buffet (not included) or eat your own food. From there we drive away from all light pollution and hope to catch the northern lights.

After this surreal experience, you will be delivered back to Reykjavik.

Arrival back in Reykjavik between 0am and 1am.


This tour was absolutely amazing, I highly recommend it!!! Gorgeous landscapes, ice caves, glaciers, Crystal beach, black sand... so beautiful. Good accommodation, delicious food recommendations, this trip was my favorite tour in Iceland. I went on a tour with Bill, and he was a wonderful guide. The best thing about this tour was the smaller group, and flexible schedule. When driving back we saw the Northern Lights, and Bill stopped twice for us, despite how late it was at night. My fiance and I went on another tour with a larger company for the Golden Circle, and while it did run like a well-oiled machine, it lacked the personal attention of a smaller tour. Definitely book this tour!!! For those who are considering renting a car, in the winter... we saw so many cars (with tourists) that had run off the road. Unless you are used to driving in bad winter conditions, I would not recommend driving.

We had an amazing trip ---the guide was knowledgable, experienced and friendly. We were very safe with him even on very icy roads. This tour is really worth, I would recommend Guide to Iceland to anyone and will definitely be using them again!

2 day tour was the most unforgettable experience in my life. Beautiful scenery is needless to explain. It never ceased to amaze me with breathtaking moments. As a solo traveller, I was hesitant to book with 2 days trip at first, but I'm really glad that I did with guide to Iceland. I only regret that I didn't book the other tours with this company before. Well organized program, excellent communication throughout the booking process, comfortable accommodation, great food, small group oriented, flexible itinerary, and most importantly, the guide. Pascale is a great asset to this company. Her fascinating stories and her love for the country let me appreciate the mother nature and Iceland even more. She is very considerate, generous and caring person I have ever met. She also made extra stops in several locations for photo opportunities and tried so hard to chase the northern lights. Thanks to her, I saw twice during this trip. This tour was the hightlight of my trip in Iceland and is a must for everyone who wants to explore Iceland where you wouldn't be able to if you are traveling alone or with large groups. I will book with this company again in a heartbeat when I come back :)

The view and the guide are very good. It's worth seeing the ice cave!!!

The whole 2-day tour was fantastic with the most beautiful sites in Iceland and excellent stop-offs for food and drink. The accommodation was very good and the food there was phenomenonly good! The guide was first-class and gave us an in depth understanding of Icelandic life and culture. Stein "Thor" was brilliant and flexible to our timescales with little add-on stops like petting Icelandic horses! Cannot recommend this tour enough - it's a real taste of Iceland in all its beauty and power!! Thanks.

Extremely good tour in Iceland, including all kinds of beautiful and famous sightseeings in it! Our guide explained everything in details and guided us to chase northern lights for both nights, which was unforgettable for us during the whole life:) Highly recommend!

We really enjoyed this two days tour! Our tour guide was the BEST tour guide I've ever had. He tried his best to introduce not only the beautiful country to us, but also the Icelandic history, geography, culture and even the local legends! The weather was not so great, so we failed to see the northern lights on both days, but the guide tried his best and let us stay there longer to wait for the northern lights, even if was a kind of waste of his own time. He was very nice, patient and experienced. We are quite impressed by the beauty of Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon! And the Ice Cave, we all like that crystal blue but we think that cave we visited was not big, cannot compared with the photos other tourists took, and it’s smaller than the one on your website. We were expecting an adventure actually, but it’s a kind a short walk in the cave only. Anyway, it’s worth joining! Thanks Guide to Iceland!

Hi, I am from Hong Kong. It is my first time to Iceland, It is an excellent and full of exploration experience trip. Love the guides with detailed explanation. They leaded us safely to as many amazing spots as they could with their experience and knowledge, as the weather changed so frequently in Iceland. I were so impressed with all the beautiful landscapes that I have visited. I will definitely go to Iceland again soon and sure Guide to Iceland is my guide again!

Ice cave is really amazing and it is a unforgettable experience.

Definitely an amazing trip. The Icelanders who were helpful tour guides were a bit shy and quiet. We would have love to learn a bit more about the land and hear more stories!

Everything was perfect.Many Thanks to our guide Bill.

DON'T USE EXTREME ICELAND! We joined the Ice Cave tour on 7/Nov/2016, It was terrible that almost everyone had wrote in to complaint. All we get was a driver with a van really, there is NO TALK, NO INTRODUCTION, NOTHING was said about the location visited and/or Iceland. Very little communication and very relax about time so we ended up not visiting some location because there is no structure about time. Upon arriving at hotel, no one knows what was happending the next morning, we had to find out from other tour guide in the restaurant, and the next morning at 9am, the ice cave people came to pick us up but we could not find our guide. It's very badly planned and I feel being robbed. I suspect Guide to Iceland will not post negative review. so I will be posting my reviews on TripAdvisor and all other travel review website if possible.

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