Super ATV Tour | Highlands Custom Route

Super ATV Tour | Highlands Custom Route
There will be a plethora of photographic opportunities awaiting you within the Highlands of Iceland.
ATV tours are available for all shapes, sizes, ages and level of ability. Just make sure to bring along with you a hard copy of your full international driver's license.
You will stop off en-route through the highlands to cook up some delicious tasting grub!
You will be taking numerous river crossings during your ATV tour in the Highlands of Iceland.
Are you prepared for the sights, wonders and challenges that so describe the Highlands of Iceland.
The Highlands of Iceland are famous for their dramatic scenery, colourful hillsides and wide range of natural attractions.

Join this exciting super-sized ATV tour for a rip-roaring afternoon in the Icelandic highlands, exploring every corner of the trail to your heart’s content. Very few visitors get to see Iceland like this, making it the perfect choice for all those travellers looking to take the extra mile for their holiday experience!

This tour is for anyone who wishes to celebrate the natural environment of Iceland with a degree of flexibility. You have only to decide what type of terrain or features you are most excited to see, and your tour guide will help you plan how to get there. In the open, wild expanse that is the Icelandic highlands, the possibilities are truly endless.

Popular choices include Landmannalaugar and the Hekla volcanic area, an 8-14 hour tour. You will spend all day meandering along rivers and lava fields in Landmannalaugar, one of the most popular areas for hiking and camping in Iceland.

Located at the edge of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve, this area has a desolate look which is nonetheless hauntingly beautiful. It sits next to a lava field, created by a volcanic eruption in 1477, and is known for its many geothermal pools and hot spots.

Hekla is one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland’s history and was called “The Gateway to Hell” in the Middle Ages. You can also explore it with an 8-10 hour tour combining the Hekla volcanic area with Þjórsárdalur.

Þjósárdalur is huge valley found between Mount Burfell, the Þjórsá river to the east and Mount Skriðufell in the west. A perfect example of the harshness of pre-modern Iceland, this valley has struggled against eruptions and epidemics which decimated the population again and again. The result is a stark landscape where the land reigns supreme, marked by very few signs of human habitation.

Finally, one could take the route Hungurfit í Álftarvatn to Hvanngil & Mælifellssandur, an 8-10 hour expedition. Hungurfit í Álftarvatn is found near Hvanngil at another end of the Landmannalaugar valley. Here, you can also find Mælifellssandur plains, a huge area of black sand, punctuated by jagged mountains and cliffs which pierce the blue sky.

No matter which route you choose, you’ll see charming waterfalls, whispering streams of pure glacial meltwater, and birds nesting among the rocks in huge numbers.

If you have time, you can take part in the hiking yourself – just make sure you bring shoes with good soles! And if you find yourself out late in the colder months, you may see the Northern Lights reaching fingers of brilliant blue and green down from the heavens, as if to say hello.

Don't miss this opportunity to create an ATV tour just for yourself! Contact the tour operator to learn about other route options or ask questions. Check booking availability by choosing a date. 

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 10,5 hours
  • Activities: Hiking, ATV, Sightseeing, Northern lights hunting, Hot Spring Bathing, Bird watching
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Landmannalaugar, Þórsmörk, Hekla, Álftavatn, Laugavegur hiking trail, Fjallabak
Pickup information:
    You meet us at the departure location.
    Lambalækur, 861 - Hvolsvelli
    • Meals

    • Beverages (coffee/hot chocolate/tea)

    • Outerwear for your comfort (insulated cover-all, helmet, balaclava-style face mask, gloves)

    • Boots (available upon request)

    What to bring:
    • Clothing and outerwear suitable to rainy or chilly weather

    • Sturdy shoes for walking/hiking

    • Camera

    • Driver's license

    Good to know:

    Our ATVs are registered as on-road vehicles and offer you many variations of tours and activities – if you have a valid driver's license. They are automatic and easy to drive, so no experience is needed. All trips can be tailored to your skill level – from complete beginners all the way up to very experienced drivers.

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    Super ATV Tour | Highlands Custom Route
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