The Geysir Buggy Special

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2,3 hours
English, Icelandic
Jun. - Sep.

If you are on a self-drive along the Golden Circle sightseeing route and want to add some fun to your day, you'd be well advised to take in two hours of adrenaline-filled buggy adventure. Get off the tourist trail and explore natural sights not accessible otherwise.

Simply meet your guides at the base by Skjól camping and gear yourself in all the necessary safety equipment; coveralls, balaclavas, gloves and a helmet.

Before the tour starts, everybody must listen, with ears wide open, to a short safety briefing, and then it is time to strap in!

On this tour, you will drive through the beautiful woodlands of Haukadalsskógur forest before making your way into more barren areas. Once you have cleared the forest, you will take the highland roads with rough terrain, rocky paths and a whole lot of dust!

Depending on the group, and the conditions each day, there are a number of routes you might take. In the distance, if the weather is playing fair, you will have a view over to Langjökull glacier and Mt Bláfell. 

You will drive further along the highland roads, winding up a steep hill near Mt. Hlöðufell. From the top of the hill, you will have a view over to where Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir geothermal area are hiding in the distance.

If the group consists of good drivers, you may drive up to Hagavatn glacier lagoon. Once you reach the lagoon, you are so close to the glacier that you will be happy that you have the warm coveralls on. The icy wind coming down from the glacier will pinch your cheeks and leave you feeling fresh and alive.

Book now and secure for yourself the best possible way of shaking up your sightseeing day of the Golden circle, adding a bit of action to your travels! Check availability by choosing a date. 


Guided Buggy tour (2 in each Buggy)
Helmets, gloves, balaclavas and water resistant overalls





What to bring

Water resistant shoes
Warm Clothes

Good to know

There are stop on the way so both have the opportunity to drive. You need a valid driving license to drive the Buggy.

Terms of service


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