All-Inclusive 5-Day North Iceland Heliskiing and Fly Fishing Vacation Package

A heliskier enjoys corn skiing on the Trollaskagi peninsula in North Iceland.
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Tour starts
Akureyri, Iceland
Starting time
5 days
Ending place
Reykjavík, Iceland
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Enjoy heliskiing each morning and fly fishing in the afternoons with this exhilarating five-day vacation package. Skiing and fishing enthusiasts looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure experiencing both activities in one day should book this incredible multi-day tour now.

Throughout June each year, a unique opportunity emerges. The magical seasonal overlap during this month means you can enjoy the winter activity of heliskiing while feeling the warmth of the summer sun as you speed down the mountain. Best of all, the day’s adventures can continue into the night if you choose, with the midnight sun lighting the way.

Your vacation package starts with a transfer from Akureyri airport to Soti Lodge, your accommodation for the next four nights. This luxury lodge is the perfect base for travelers on heliskiing tours. You will enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep after an active day, and the on-site wellness facilities ensure a first-class vacation experience.

The lodge features seven stylish and cozy rooms and accommodates up to 15 people on the property. A thoughtfully designed building offers the ideal balance for social evenings with fellow guests and complete relaxation. 

Head outside each evening and ease yourself into the temptingly warm waters of the Lodge’s geothermal pool. Daily stretch and float sessions in the pool offer guests the ultimate rejuvenation, an unbeatable way to ease muscle tightness after a day of active adventure.

Afterward, enjoy the homey feel of the lodge as you put your feet up and reflect on your day in the shared lounge.

Your five-day vacation package includes all meals, from dinner when you arrive on day one to lunch on day five before you depart. Rest assured, your hosts will serve you delicious and nourishing meals, lovingly prepared with your active pursuits in mind.

After you’ve fuelled up with a hearty breakfast each morning, it’s time to get into the day’s exciting activities. The itinerary remains flexible depending on the weather. 

When conditions are favorable, you’ll spend the mornings carving up the mountains as you whiz down the backcountry slopes, averaging seven to eight runs per day. The heliskiing runs offer infinite first tracks and average 16 000 feet per day (approximately 4 500 meters), an absolute dream for snow lovers. Then enjoy the afternoon fishing for Icelandic brown trout on the gorgeous Laxardalur river.

You’ll pack four days of heliskiing and fly fishing action into this vacation package. There’s time for an afternoon session on day one, a morning session on day five, and three glorious days in between.

This unmissable multi-day tour could be the perfect adventure to share with friends. The trip requires four participants, each in good physical health and with intermediate-level backcountry ski experience. 

A knowledgeable guide will teach you what you need to know about fly fishing, so no fishing experience is necessary.

Tick the ultimate thrilling vacation off your bucket list by booking this epic five-day heliskiing and fly fishing combination tour. Check availability now by choosing a date.

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16 000 feet (approximately 4 500 meters) of skiing (seven to eight runs per day)
Blizzard skis with marker bindings and ski poles
Fishing rod (you can rent additional fishing equipment)
Experienced mountain and fishing guides
Safety briefing covering avalanche danger, and how to use and search with an avalanche beacon
Avalanche safety equipment (backpack with air system, avalanche beacon, shovel, and pole)
All meals for the duration of the program (from dinner at arrival to lunch on your last day)
Four nights of accommodation in a comfortable and stylish dedicated heliskiing lodge


Hot Spring Bathing

Daily itinerary

Day 1
North Iceland has beautiful snowy landscapes.

Day 1 - Akureyri Airport Arrival, Transfer to Lodge, and Afternoon Fly Fishing

The first day of your vacation begins with a pick-up from Akureyri airport at 3 p.m. Travelers will make their way to Akureyri, or the tour operator can arrange transport from Reykjavik to the start point at Akureyri airport.

Your friendly driver will greet you at the airport and help you with your bags. Then it’s time to drive to Soti Lodge in the Laxardalur valley, 66 miles (107 kilometers) from Akureyri airport.

The Laxadalur valley is on the Trollaskagi peninsula, an area of immense natural beauty. Trollaskagi is between two pristine fjords and is known for its high population of Icelandic horses and magnificent mountains. Along the beautiful drive to the lodge, you’ll feel a sense of anticipation about the exploration to come in the following days.

As you drive along the Eyjafjordur fjord coastline, marvel at the calm waters to your right and the towering mountains on your left. You’ll pass quaint fishing villages like Dalvik, a favorite whale-watching spot. Further up, the drive takes you inland, then across to the lodge at the peninsula's north end.

Soti Lodge boasts an idyllic location. The property has a secluded and remote feel, with picturesque countryside surroundings and the Greenland sea nearby.

After arriving at the lodge, your group will make the most of the afternoon with the first fly-fishing session for the trip. Try your hand at catching brown trout from the abundant population in the Laxa river before you head to the lodge for dinner.

Guests can expect a top-quality three-course meal and drinks at the lodge’s restaurant. Enjoy the irresistible taste of fresh Icelandic cuisine and superb service and hospitality from your friendly hosts.

Your group will meet to discuss tomorrow's activities, excitement brewing for what lies ahead. Then it’s time to retire for a restful night, so you’re ready for the next action-packed day.

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Day 2
North Iceland has magnificent flat-topped mountains.

Day 2 - A Perfect Day of Fly Fishing and Heliskiing

Days two to four of this vacation package focus on the core activities for the trip, fly fishing and heliskiing. Each morning and each afternoon, you’ll do one activity.

The morning session is from 19:00. until 15:00, while the afternoon session runs from 16:00. until 22:00. Day two begins when you wake up ready for an action-packed day and fuel up with a nourishing buffet breakfast.

Choose the foods you like best from the lodge’s selection. Breakfast will include foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled eggs, warm bread, cheese, cold meat cuts, and delicious pastries.

The exact itinerary remains flexible, reflecting the day’s weather conditions. You might do both activities in one day. Or, if the weather means the mountains are a no-go for the day, fly fishing will be the focus.

No matter the weather, your hosts are dedicated to designing an adventurous day you won’t forget.

Skiing is just one of several options in the area, so if the mountains are out, you could find yourself taking in the breathtaking fjord scenery as you kayak across its calm waters.

Other possibilities include getting to know Iceland’s friendly horses with a horse riding excursion, exploring the peninsula’s volcanic terrain, or taking a whale-watching tour.

The Trollaskagi peninsula is a skier’s paradise where you can carve your way down long runs from the summit to the shore. Feel the perfect mix of adrenaline and a meditative-like state in your body as you zoom down the slopes.

Take a moment to breathe in the fresh sea air before the helicopter takes you back up the mountain for another run. The end of the day comes with immense satisfaction, knowing you’ll get to do this again tomorrow.

Back at the lodge, enjoy another superb three-course meal and make the most of the pool, hot tubs, and sauna before heading to bed.

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Day 3
Geothermal bathing is a wonderful experience in Iceland.

Day 3 - Heliskiing and Fly Fishing Adventures

Get ready to explore more of this awe-inspiring region on day three of your vacation package. Start with breakfast, soaking up the mountain vistas from the bright dining room.

Then take your morning coffee outside onto the terrace. It’s the perfect spot to breathe in the crisp air, energizing yourself for the day ahead.

When your group is ready, it’s time to launch into heliskiing or fly fishing. Your highly experienced guide is an expert in understanding the area and weather conditions, so they’ll put together the best itinerary to ensure you get the most out of your day.

Soti lodge is in the heart of the Fljotin region, sometimes called “the cradle of Icelandic skiing.” It’s renowned for its excellent snow conditions, and a lack of roads meant that skiing was traditionally a standard means of transport for the area’s people.

Bardshyrna mountain, in the lodge’s backyard, hosted Iceland’s first ski tournament in 1905, again highlighting that this is one of the country’s must-visit ski destinations. If the weather allows, you’ll find yourself carving up the slopes along a carefully-designed route, enjoying the best of the region’s offerings.

When it’s time to slow down and enjoy the serenity of fly fishing, you and your group will love immersing yourselves in the gorgeous natural setting.

The Laxa riverbanks boast unmatchable wild beauty, its steep sides overgrown with various flora. This idyllic spot is rich in bird life and has a high population of brown trout, which you might be lucky to catch today!

Round off today’s wonderful activities by enjoying all the Lodge offers. Start with a rejuvenating yoga session to ease your weary muscles. Follow it up with a stretch and float session in the pool, or sweat it out in the sauna.

After filling up with delicious Icelandic cuisine, share stories of the day with your fellow travelers while relaxing on a comfortable sofa. Head to bed when ready; today’s final step is to reenergize yourself, so you’re prepared for the last full day of activities.

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Day 4
A helicopter takes skiers to their mountaintop destination.

Day 4 - Action-Packed Fun With Heliskiing and Fly Fishing

Today you’ll wake up excited for a final full day of fly fishing and heliskiing or the best combination of activities to suit the weather and your group’s needs. Tuck into your breakfast, so you have plenty of energy for whatever the day brings.

By now, you’ll understand why the snow conditions are so favorable for heliskiing on the Trollaskagi peninsula during June. At this time of year, you’ll be skiing on morning or afternoon corn snow, a product of melt-freeze cycles.

The early summer sun softens pebbled-sized ice, creating a soft carvable surface to excite any backcountry ski enthusiast. Morning time and late in the day produce the best conditions for corn skiing.

Your experienced guide uses their expert knowledge to predict the best timing and location for the day’s heliskiing. The slopes can shine bright with the afternoon sun, and cooler temperatures refreeze the round crystals as the evening comes closer, creating the ultimate conditions for unbeatable corn runs.

Excitingly, you may even be able to experience skiing in a t-shirt at this time of year, when temperatures are around 50-59 F (10-15 C). This vacation package offers a first-class experience on several levels.

Not only is the Fljotin region a top heliskiing destination, but the river trout are known to be exceptionally large, and the lodge’s service level and wellness offerings round off an exceptional holiday experience. Reviews from travelers often mention the outstanding three-course dinners at the lodge, one of the highlights of their top-rated vacation experience.

Tonight you’ll enjoy a final dinner and another chance to use the lodge’s recreational facilities. Lie on your back in the pool and gaze at the endless sky under the midnight sun. It’s the ultimate feeling of contentment after spending your day doing the things you love most. Your day finishes knowing that the fun isn’t over yet, as a final activity awaits tomorrow morning.

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Day 5
Snowboarding is a great activity in Iceland.

Day 5 - Morning Fishing or Heliskiing and Transfer to Reykjavik

You’ll wake up on day five of your vacation excited for one last chance to explore all the Trollaskagi peninsula offers. After breakfast, your group will head out for a final memorable morning of heliskiing or fly fishing.

By averaging seven to eight runs of pure heliskiing joy over each magical vacation day, you have an excellent idea of what to expect this morning. However, with endless route possibilities in this off-the-beaten-track destination, there’s still so much untouched terrain to discover.

Your heliskiing guide will always choose the ideal route to match the day’s conditions and your group. Throughout your vacation, you’ve covered diverse trails that few skiers experience. Perhaps you’ve done the Siglo 360, covering three peaks, or the V valley trip, traversing five valleys in one day.

Other route favorites include the Three Fjords trip, From Summit to Sea excursion, and The Troll Rhonda Loop. Each has its unique appeal, and the group may explore a new route this morning.

A summit and ski run could end with a barbeque and beer on the beach, whereas The Troll Rhonda takes skiers around a breathtaking circuit that you could complete in numerous ways. The guide will work with your group to ensure a memorable last morning.

Fly fishing is the alternative activity, a superb option to finish your vacation with a feeling of contentment. The picture-perfect setting of the lava-encrusted valley and rushing water combined with the thrill of catching one of the river’s many lively trout is unbeatable.

At around 15:00, your morning session ends, and it’s time to depart the Laxardalur valley. You might wish your vacation could continue forever, but it’s time for your hosts to transport you back to Reykjavik. Although it’s the end of this adventure, you’ll have memories to last a lifetime from what has possibly been the best trip you’ll ever experience.

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What to bring

Ski boots
Ski helmet and goggles
Wind and waterproof jacket and pants
Woollen underwear and warm clothing
Gloves (both thick and thin)
Water bottle
Small first ait kit
Toiletries and personal supplies for five days
Fly fishing equipment, including waders, flies, a vest, and jacket (you can rent this from a third party if needed)

Good to know

Your vacation package starts in Akureyri and finishes in Reykjavik. Please contact the tour operator if you want transport from Reykjavik to Akureyri to begin the tour.

This trip is suitable for intermediate backcountry skiers in good physical condition. The guide will make sure each run fits the whole group.

No prior fishing experience is needed, and an experienced guide will support participants.

This multi-day tour runs with a minimum of four participants.

Please ensure your personal insurance covers you for heliskiing.

If the tour operator needs to cancel due to weather conditions, you can receive a full refund or move your tour to another date. Alternatively, the tour operator can adapt the itinerary to suit the weather conditions.

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