5-Day Biking Tour on the Laugavegur Trail | Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork

5-Day Biking Tour on the Laugavegur Trail | Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork
The highlands of Iceland have some challenging yet thrilling trails.
Landmannalaugar in south Iceland is a highland region famed for its hiking and biking trails.
The landscapes of the Icelandic highlands are ever-changing.
Glaciers and volcanoes have shaped the landscapes of the Laugavegur trail in Iceland.
Much of the Icelandic highlands are barren due to the volcanism and climate.
Thormork is one of the few places in Iceland renowned for its greenery.

Ride a bike through the incredible highlands of Iceland over five days with this fantastic tour. Intermediate and advanced level bikers with a passion for beautiful landscapes should not overlook this opportunity.

This amazing journey will reveal to you this country’s most remote and dramatic region from an exhilarating and unique perspective. To top it off, you will have several chances to take a dip into the naturally heated geothermal waters that can be found across the country.

Beginning in Reykjavík, you will set off into the ‘valley of steam’, Reykjadalur, before being transferred to the beautiful highland region of Landmannalaugar. You’ll spend two days exploring here, before taking the famed Laugavegur trail to the forested oasis of Þórsmörk.

Throughout the trip, you’ll be staying in well provisioned highland huts, and will be accompanied throughout by friendly, expert guides.

A bit of hiking is required throughout the trail, but your bikes will be taken ahead of you in such cases. You’ll be travelling 20 to 40 kilometres a day, so this excursion is only for those up for adventure.

Don’t miss this opportunity to travel through one of the world’s most amazing reasons in one of the most exciting ways. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Activities: Biking
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Minimum age: 15 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Attractions: Highlands, Landmannalaugar, Fimmvörðuháls
Pickup information:
    Pickup is free and available for post code 101, 105 and 107 in Reykjavik.
    • Transfer of participants from Reykjavik and back

    • Transfer of bikes from Þórsmörk to Baldvinsskáli

    • All meals, snacks and drinks (except for alcoholic beverages)

    • Support car and luggage transfer

    • A cycling guide (for up to 8 persons)

    • Accommodation (huts and/or tents)

    • Bike (can be rented)

    What to bring:
    • Rain and wind proof outer layer

    • Warm base layer

    • More than one pair of socks for riding (not cotton)

    • Warm jacket

    • Hat & gloves

    • Full suspension mountain bike recommended (also available for rent)

    • Shoes to ride & hike (preferably the same pair)

    • Good hiking boots (for the last day)

    Good to know:

    Icelandic weather can be fickle, and the itinerary may have to be amended for the safety of all involved.

    Daily itinerary

    Day 1 - Reykjadalur to Landmannalaugar

    Landmannalaugar is in the southern Icelandic highlands, and the most popular part of the region.

    You will begin your five-day adventure in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík, where you will meet your guides and be provided with a bike if you are renting one. You’ll start off with a warm-up trail, that will take you from Ölkelduháls, a geothermal field, to the valley of Reykjadalur.

    Reykjadalur is renowned for its hot springs and steam vents. This hot water is channelled into the swimming pool in the charming town of Hveragerði, where you will be welcome to take a dip.

    You will then be transported along Iceland’s South Coast to the beautiful Landmannalaugar region. This area is known for more hot springs, colourful rhyolite mountains, and its many trails, which you are free to explore, by foot or bike.

    You will spend the night in a hut in Landmannalaugar.

    Day 2 - Landmannalaugar

    Even in the heights of summer in Iceland, under the midnight sun, the peaks of the mountains in highland locations such as Landmannalaugar are covered in snow and ice.

    On your second day, your guide will take you down some of the best trails that Landmannalaugar has to offer, revealing to you its distinctive, otherworldly landscapes. Make sure to bring your camera, as you will want to enshrine the amazing views and features here for years to come.

    After a full day of exhilarating exploration, you’ll rest your weary muscles in some of Landmannalaugar’s most relaxing natural hot pools. After that, you’ll be prepared dinner and allowed to retire to your highland hut.

    Day 3 - Laugavegur Trail | Day One

    The Laugavegur Trail is one of the best places in Iceland to take a cycling tour in the summer.

    On your third day, you’ll begin the Laugavegur trail. This amazing route is considered both one of the best in the world for both hiking and biking, due to its ever-changing and spectacular scenery.

    Blessed with views of mountains, volcanoes, lava landscapes and glaciers, your journey will no doubt feel like it is being taken in another world.

    You’ll arrive at the lake of Álftavötn, which is renowned for its natural beauty and its excess of birdlife. Your hut is nestled on its shores, where you’ll enjoy a meal before going for a well-deserved rest.

    Day 4 - Laugavegur Trail | Day Two

    Glacial tongues stretch into the glorious valley of Thorsmork in south Iceland.

    You will finish the second half of the Laugavegur trail on day four. This will take you from the shores of Álftavötn through otherworldly landscapes to the dramatic valley of Emstrur.

    Throughout today, the mighty glaciers of Eyjafjallajökull, which erupted famously in 2010, and Mýrdalsjökull, which conceals an even greater volcano called Katla, will be clearly visible if the weather allows.

    Emstrur is on the cusp of the forested valley of Þórsmörk, a place so beautiful it was named after one of the most famed Old Norse Gods, Þór. The trail between the two is perhaps the most diverse part of this journey, with the terrain going from black-sand deserts and barren hills to luscious greenery.

    You’ll spend the night in the town of Þórsmörk.

    Day 5 - Fimmvorduhals and Thorsmork

    At the end of the Laugavegur trail through the Icelandic highlands is the much beloved South Coast waterfall, Skogafoss, pictured in summer.

    On your fifth day, you will add one more once-in-a-lifetime experience to your day, and bike down another famous trail in Iceland, the Fimmvörðuháls Pass.

    You will start by hiking to the top of the pass; your bikes will be taken ahead of you. From here, it is a downhill trail through the remnants of the 2010 eruption.

    You’ll see the craters from which lava spewed, lava fields still slowly cooling from the intensive height of the earth, and more unreal glacier views. While the hike up is as demanding as it is awe-inspiring, the trip back down a single trail is simply exhilarating.

    You will finish your unbelievable journey at the mighty waterfall of Skógafoss on the South Coast, a majestic feature over 60 metres tall. After admiring it, you’ll be escorted back to Reykjavík to reminisce over such an adventure.

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