Vacation Packages in Iceland

Vacation Packages in Iceland

Vacation packages alleviate all stress associated with planning the perfect holiday. Your route, transfers, accommodation and tours will all be planned for you in advance, but you are free to add any extra tours and activities to your itinerary.

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Vacation Packages in Iceland

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Vacationing in Iceland

Iceland offers endless natural and cultural attractions guaranteed to leave you inspired. The country's allure lies in its countless waterfalls, glaciers and dramatic coastlines; its looming mountains, moss-ridden lava fields and mysterious rock formations. Iceland challenges you to resist its magnetic pull.

You could be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed as to where to begin exploring many such curiosities, so let us be your guide and the sky be the limit—be it inhabited by the midnight sun of summer, or the northern lights of winter.

Immerse yourself fully in the wonders of Iceland, whatever the time of year, with one of our tailored vacation packages or self drive tours.

Perhaps you would like to explore the Ring Road of Iceland, an impressive 1332 km (828 mi) long stretch of road which encircles the island? We offer a multitude of options suited to the time of year and the number of days you can grant this exciting journey around the country.

It could take a lifetime to discover all that Iceland has to offer, so why not pace yourself and focus on a more specific area? You could spend days exploring the abundant and varied features around the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in the West, often heralded as ‘Iceland in Miniature’ for its diversity of sights to see.

Iceland is host to an abundance of wildlife. Notably, the Atlantic puffin, which flocks in large numbers to nest in the craggy coastline during the summer months.

All year round, the abundance of fish and krill which inhabit the seas surrounding the country attract several whale, dolphin and porpoise species. Many of our packages present the opportunity to see these beautiful animals in the wild, perfect for animal lovers and families alike.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best winter vacation package in Iceland?

The best winter vacation package in Iceland is rated 4.7 by 385 travelers. This 5-day package includes a Golden Circle tour and entrance to the Blue Lagoon. Prices for this personalized winter trip start from approximately 1,005 USD. 

Is Iceland worth visiting in winter?

Yes, Iceland is absolutely worth visiting in the winter. The northern lights are only visible in Iceland during the winter. You also can visit mysterious ice caves, go dog sledding on a glacier, and have an exciting snowmobiling venture. During the winter, there's also no better time for a soak in the Blue Lagoon after a long day.

How do I get around Iceland in winter?

Self-drive tours are still popular in the winter in Iceland. But if you are not comfortable navigating on winter roads, there are many other options, including bus tours, helicopter tours, private tours, or flying domestically to different destinations in Iceland.

Can I book winter packages for Christmas or New Year's Eve in Iceland?

Yes, you can book winter packages during both Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Iceland. Please note that these are extremely popular travel seasons, so do book as early as possible to secure the best prices and spots.

During which months can I see the northern lights in Iceland?

You can see the northern lights in Iceland between mid-August and the end of April. However, the best time of year for seeing the northern lights is when the sky is darkest between November and February, creating the perfect conditions for the aurora borealis.