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Frequently Asked Questions

About Summer Self Drive Tours in Iceland

Summer self drive tours allow you to traverse all of Iceland, following an itinerary compiled by local experts at Guide to Iceland. Your vehicle and accommodation will be reserved before your arrival, and any excursions you wish to add to your itinerary will be easily arranged during the booking process.

1. Do I need a 4x4 to drive the ring road or to drive to North Iceland in the summer?

In summer, a 4x4 is not necessary, but if you drive on mountain roads (F-Roads), you need a 4x4 capable car.

2. Can I extend my stay in Reykjavik by one night at the end of my trip?

Yes, once you have booked your trip, an agent will help you customise your journey.

3. If I wish to extend my stay, when do I have to return the car to the airport?

For a small fee, your booking agent can extend your car rental agreement, or arrange a drop-off in the city instead of the airport.

4. Will I see the northern lights?

The northern lights are a winter occurrence. The earliest they can be seen is mid-August, and the latest is at the end of April. Some summer self drive tours, however, are operational throughout September when northern lights activity is abounding.

5. I noticed that the car insurance is standard. Can I get a full coverage instead?

The car insurance includes CDW, SCDW and GP—this is the best coverage and the most limited liability payment option available. Unfortunately, very few car rentals offer full coverage. Please contact your booking agent for further advice.

6. Can I change the activities on my tour after I’ve made the initial payment?

Yes, you can add or alter the activities after booking by contacting your assigned booking agent. Because of high demand, however, you would do well to book your extras as soon as possible.

7. Is it possible to book a 4, 5, or 6-day tour instead?

The duration of our summer self drive tours ranges from 3 to 14 days, while the duration of winter self drive tours ranges from 2 to 12 days. Your assigned travel agent will fit your self drive tour to your flights and time frame as well as possible.

8. We are a group of 6 to 10 people. How many people can one vehicle accommodate?

A seven seater vehicle can be arranged, but you can also book two or more cars. If you wish to add more cars to your booking, simply contact your travel agent.

9. How long is the ring road and how are the road conditions?

The ring road is around 1,300 km (800 mi) long, but the total distance you drive will depend on the specifics of your journey. The entire ring road is paved and easy to navigate.

10. Is it possible to change my accommodations from hotels to Airbnb?

No, we do not offer Airbnb accommodation.

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Summer Driving in Iceland

The roads in Iceland are unique and full of contrasts; you can move through rich lowlands one moment and before you know it, be in winding mountains above the clouds.

The country’s vast and varied landscapes can often be driven through without encountering another soul, and most routes are well maintained and fun to drive.

The summer is a perfect time for this. Since the sun hardly sets, you can look forward to a considerable amount of flexibility from the extra hours of daylight, taking things at your own pace and not having to worry about the evening darkness preventing you from seeing Iceland’s wonders.

Booking your accommodation between tourist attractions also ensures that you have the option of visiting favourite sites outside of peak hours and beating the crowds.

Another perk of summer driving is that many remote parts of the country become accessible. The stunning beauty of the Westfjords and the majestic Highlands is a rare sight to behold, and the vibrant colours and contours of the Icelandic countryside make driving between destinations a sightseeing activity in itself. Mountains and waterfalls materialise on the horizon and disappear in the rearview mirror.

When composing Summer Self Drive Tours, we make the best of local knowledge so that, as you drive around Iceland, you can genuinely get a feeling for all the natural wonders and rich history the country has to offer. We know which cars are suitable for every journey and tailor each trip in a way that ensures that any extra excursions you would like to book can be quickly scheduled.

Take in all of the sights in the warm summer glow and drive yourself around Iceland without organisational worries and solely look forward to the open road.


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