Dacia Duster 4x4 2018 or similar

Jeep / SUV With 5 Seats, 5 Doors, 4 Large bags
Dacia Duster 4x4  2018 Diesel Dacia Duster 4x4  2018 Manual transmission Dacia Duster 4x4  2018 Highland capabilities
Insurances available: CDW, SCDW, GP, TP, SADW, PIP
Pickup available from Keflavík Airport
Minimum age of driver: 18

Manual transmission. Ideal for rough highland F-roads. CDW Insurance, taxes and unlimited mileage included.

At the start of all rentals we block the self risk 350.000 ISK unless the customer has SCDW or PiP insurance.

Choose extras

Don't know your way around Iceland ? get GPS navigator
From 0-9 kg. Child seats are mandatory in Iceland
Child seat 9-18kg or 15-36kg. Child seats are mandatory in Iceland.
Cushion seat.
extra driver
Wifi router for you to stay connected during your travels

Choose insurance

Included. Self Risk, 350.000 ISK
Self risk 50.000 ISK
GP covers damage to windscreen, headlights, paintwork and other parts of the car, damaged by gravel that gets thrown at the vehicle by passing cars or oncoming traffic. Self risk 0 ISK or no self risk.
TP insures the lessee from liability should the vehicle be stolen. It is noted that in case of gross negligence on behalf of the lessee that leads to theft of the vehicle, the TP is void! Own risk 0 ISK
No regular insurance cover damage from ash or sandstorm. The damage to paint, glass and plastic parts can be very expensive to the lessee, up to 1.500.000 ISK. The lessee can purchase SAAP for 1.500 ISK per day to lower self risk down from full liability to 150.000ISK
Recommended. All insurance ( CDW- SCDW - TP - GP- SADW) in one package 50.000 isk Self Risk

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Included: Unlimited km, CDW insurance
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