Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Automatic NEW 2019 - 2020 or similar
Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Automatic NEW 2019 - 2020 or similar
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Vehicle Information
Category:Jeep / SUV
Large bags:2
Transmission:Automatic transmission
Pickup available from:Reykjavík, Car Rental office, Keflavík Airport, Keflavík Airport, Reykjavík, Car Rental office
Discount:7 days15%, 14 days+20%
Included:Unlimited km
Minimum age of driver:20
Deposit:No (credit card mandatory)
Highland Capabilities:Highland capabilities

The all new Suzuki Jimny is here!

Comes with a bigger, more powerful engine then before.
It's also slightly higher and wider, which makes it much more comfortable.
Full of accessories as well f.x. Usb, Bluetooth, Aux, heated seats, lane assist etc.

Automatic transmission & a 4 wheel drive transfer case to choose between 2WD - 4WD hi - 4WD lo

Great option for 1-2 persons + luggage to travel around Iceland. Winter studded tires are included in the winter time.

GPS:Don't get lost. Rent a GPS system to navigate easily in Iceland.
Baby seat:Keep your baby safe. Child and baby seats are mandatory by law in Iceland. 0-9 kg
Child seat:Keep your baby safe. Child and baby seats are mandatory by Icelandic laws. 9-18 kg
Extra driver:Don't drive when you're tired. Add an extra driver for long road trips.
Booster:Hire a Booster seat for the youngsters. 18 kg +
Sleeping bag:Rent a sleeping bag with your car.
Cooling box:Rent a cooling box with your rental car.
Camping chair:Lets be honest, you don't want to be sitting in the car the whole day while your exploring the country. Get a camping chair with your rental.
Inverter:A power inverter to charge your cameras and computers. 220V so make sure you have an adapter if you use 110v
Map:Get a detailed map of the country with all the roads etc. Scale : 1:500
Roof box:Get a roof box with your car to store some extra luggage, up to 75 kg. suitable for the following vehicles: Logan, Octavia, Jimny, XV, Duster, Forester, X-trail & Mitsubishi Pajero Sizes available: 330L & 600L, depending on vehicle models you book.
Bicycle:Get a bike rack on top of your vehicle. 1200 ISK pr.rack Please message us before renting one to make sure they fit with your vehicle.
Wifi:Get 4G Wifi box with your car, unlimited data.
Young driver fee:For the young drivers who have not reached 20 years of age yet. The driver needs to have held his driver license for at least 12 months to be eligible to drive the car.
Collision damage waiver:CDW is included, self risk is 350.000 ISK
Gravel protection:The Gravel protection covers you fully against the most common incidents in Iceland, being the front window breaking or gravel hitting the front end of the car. 0 ISK self-risk.
Sand & ash damage waiver:The Sand & Ash protection covers you if you get hit by a sand storm, which is quite common on the south coast and in the highlands. The sand storm can sandblast the paint job off the car resulting in a repainting of the parts of the car that get hit and with Iceland's expensive labour, that's not a cost you'd like to encounter. The self-risk on the insurance is 80.000 ISK.
Super collision damage waiver:Lowers the self-risk on the CDW from 350.000 ISK down to 80.000 ISK on normal vehicles & 140.000 ISK on 4x4 and 9 passenger vehicles So if you get into an accident and the repair cost is f.x. 600.000 ISK (4000€), you pay the first 140.000/80.000 ISK (900€ / 500€) and the insurance covers rest.
Theft protection:Protect you from someone stealing your car. 0 ISK self-risk.
Gold insurance:Includes SCDW 140.000/80.000 ISK self-risk, SAAP 80.000 ISK self-risk. Gravel protection 0 ISK self-risk and Theft protection 0 ISK self-risk
Platinum Insurance:Includes all of our insurances with 0 ISK excess on all insurances.

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