Dacia Duster 4x4 + Roof Tent 2019
Dacia Duster 4x4 + Roof Tent 2019
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Vehicle Information
Category:Mini camper
Large bags:3
Transmission:Manual transmission
Pickup available from:Keflavík Airport, Keflavík Airport, Reykjavík, Reykjavík
Discount:7 days10%, 14 days15%, 21 days+20%
Included:Unlimited km
Minimum age of driver:20
Deposit:Yes (credit card mandatory)
Highland Capabilities:Highland capabilities

Now we offer the Dacia Duster with Columbus rooftop tent that sleeps two persons. This is a great choice if you are planning to travel around  Iceland and don't want to worry about accommodation. 

The Columbus roof tent is specially made for Icelandic conditions and is both wind and waterproof. It takes only about 10-15 seconds to fold and unfold the tent!
Included with the tent are one mattress (130x210 cm), two pillows, and one height adjusted alloy ladder.

We offer our customers to rent sleeping bags, gas stoves, kitchen box, camping chairs and camping tables with the roof tent.

GPS:Global Positioning System for simple and easy navigation. Available in over 20 languages (including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese)
Roof box:330-litre roof box to carry your extra baggage.
Extra driver:Allows insurance cover for one extra driver. All drivers adhere to the same terms and conditions.
Booster:A car seat booster for children weighing over 36 kg
Child seat:A child car seat for children weighing between 18 kg and 36 kg
Baby seat:A baby car seat for babies weighing between 9 kg and 18 kg
Sleeping bag:Assuming that you are wearing a layer of long underwear and have fitted a sleeping pad under the bag, you should remain comfortable if air temperature drops to no lower than 0°C.
Kitchen box:The kitchen box includes gas stove, pots, glasses, dishes, cutlery, dish washing sponge, dishcloth, water tank and hot water thermos
Camping chair:Camping Chair
Collision damage waiver:Third party coverage and personal accident insurance is included in your rental CDW. The lessee is fully responsible for any and all damage to the car with the self risk 360.000 ISK. The renter is always responsible for the following damages, which are not covered by insurance: e.g. negligence, driving while intoxicated, damage to tires, headlights, wind screen and the underside of the car, damage caused by loose rocks which get thrown at the car on gravel roads, damages to the engine of the car
Gold insurance:All insurance are included in this package (Super Collision Damage Waiver, Gravel Protection, Sand and Ash Protection, Theft Protection)
Platinum Insurance:The Platinum insurance includes all insurances in the Gold Insurance Package (CDW, TP, GP, SAP). Also, you get: Platinum Collision Damage Waiver (PCDW): ​The Platinum Collision Damage Waiver (GCDW) is the same insurance as the CDW but the deductible amount is 0 ISK instead of 360.000 ISK. The PCDW also covers damages to chassis of the vehicle, damages done by animals and towing fees. Deductible: 0 ISK Tire Insurance (TI): The tire insurance covers the tires and the wheels. Deductible: 0 ISK River Crossing Protection (RCP): This insurance only applies to 4x4 cars. The river crossing insurance covers all water damages, damages to the engine, transmission, radiator. Deductible: 0 ISK
Gold Insurance Package :Gold Collision Damage Waiver (GCDW): The Gold Collision Damage Waiver (GCDW) is the same insurance as the CDW but the deductible amount is 65.000 ISK instead of 360.000 ISK Theft Protection (TP): Theft protection (TP) covers theft of the rented vehicle. Deductible 0 ISK Gravel Protection (GP) and Sand and Ash Insurance (SAP): Gravel protection (GP) covers damages to the windscreen, headlights, front bumper, mirrors, the hood or any other part of the car when gravel or rocks get thrown on, at or into the vehicle by another car, machine or person. Gravel protection doesn't cover damage to the radiator or the engine. No regular car insurance covers damage from ash or sandstorm. The sand and ash protection covers those damages. Deductible 0 ISK

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