Ford Escape + Roof Top Tent Automatic 2006

Mini camper With 4 Seats, 4 Doors, 4 Large bags
Ford  Escape + Roof Top Tent Automatic 2006 Gasoline Ford  Escape + Roof Top Tent Automatic 2006 Automatic transmission Ford  Escape + Roof Top Tent Automatic 2006 Highland capabilities
Insurances available: GP, SCDW, CDW, TP, SADW, TI, SCDW,G
Pickup available from Keflavík Airport, Keflavík car rental office
Minimum age of driver: 20

The 4X4 Ford Escape sleeps 2 people in total comfort. A convertible roof top tent can be found on the roof of the vehicle. The Escape seats 4 people and is perfect for travelling both the low and the highlands in Iceland.

Camping equipment can be rented with the vehicle (see below)

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When traveling in a foreign place, one can get lost easily and lose precious travel time. With the GPS Navigation you can look up addresses, hotels and attractions using the advanced touch screen. It is especially helpful when navigating in Reykjavik and other cities, where things can get a little confusing!
When the weather allows, sitting outside and enjoying your meal can be a wonderful experience. If you are a photographer, the table can come in handy for laying out your camera equipment.
Child seats are mandatory in Iceland
To keep your food and beverages cold
For those who want to charge their phone / computer / video / camera etc. If you are taking a lot of pictures (as you should!) it is perfect to make sure that your camera battery is always charged. Keeping your cell phone charged at all times is also an important safety issue. Changes 12 V into 230 V. Power is 150W so please do not use hair dryers or other electronics that use more power
Keeps you warm at night
The Campingcard is a clever card that can save you and your traveling partners or family a lot of money. By purchasing the Campingcard the group has access to 40 campsites around Iceland. Each card is valid for 28 nights that can be spread around the campsites as you prefer. The Campingcard costs 20.000ISK and can be bought here on the web, or at your arrival. The Camping Card is valid for two adults and up to four children to the age of 16.
These gas cartridges fit the stove that is included in the kitchen box
Small USB charger to charge up your phone
It can be wearing driving all day, so taking turns behind the wheel can be a good idea.
Listen to your favorite music from your mobile on the road.
Free wifi in our car
Listen to your favorite music from your mobile on the road.
The kitchen box includes gas stove, pots, glasses, dishes, cutlery, dish washing sponge, dishcloth, water tank and hot water thermos.
After a long day of traveling is good to be able to sit down to enjoy the views of Icelandic nature.

Choose insurance

CampingCars offers optional Gravel Protection damage waiver to ease your mind! Iceland is known for its unpaved road sectors and that is where the car is likely to be hit by gravel, thrown up by the tires of oncoming traffic or traffic ahead of you. The Gravel Protection damage waiver covers damages to the front windscreen, headlights and body of the car.
CampingCars offers optional Super Collision Damage Waiver which lowers the self-risk to 85.000 ISK in case of a collision.
CampingCars offers optional Collision Damage Waiver with all our vehicles which carries a self-risk of 350.000 ISK in case of a collision.
CampingCars offers optional Theft Protection waiver which covers the cost of the stolen car in case of a theft.
CampingCars offers optional Sand And Ash Protection damage waiver, again to ease your mind! Volcano eruptions in recent years have left behind loose ash and fine grained sand. Iceland is known for randomly experiencing high velocity winds that will develop into sand/ash storms on a dry day, especially in the southern and eastern parts of the country where even a short drive in such conditions can cause considerable damage. Unfortunately the Icelandic insurance companies do not cover damages of this kind. The Sand And Ash Protection damage waiver covers damages to the exterior paint, windows, lights, plastics, chromes and wheels of the rental car, caused by sand/ash being blown at it.
Camping Cars car rental tire insurance includes full reimbursement of repair or replacement with no deductible/ no self risk for: Tires, Valve Stems and Balancing. This insurance does NOT cover the rims and off road driving.
Gold insurance package: To ensure that you can take a carefree vacation we offer all our insurance in one complete package with 30% discount. Included is SCDW, CDW, GP, SAAP, TP and TI

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