VW Caddy Camper 2016

Mini camper With 2 Seats, 5 Doors, 2 Large bags
VW Caddy Camper 2016 Diesel VW Caddy Camper 2016 Manual transmission VW Caddy Camper 2016 No highland capabilities
Insurances available: MIP, PIP
Pickup available from: Keflavík Airport, Reykjavík Airport, Reykjavík, Car Rental office
Minimum age of driver: 20

This car is a great option for travelers who want to explore Iceland's nature and become part of it at the same time. It has a fold out bed comfortable for two and includes camping equipment, so you only need to pack sleeping bags and a camera to capture your adventure.


Since last summer season, camping laws in Iceland have been changed and it is now prohibited to park and stay overnight outside camping areas. We ask everyone to respect these rules and the Icelandic nature by staying in camp sites, never leaving behind a trace in nature and always using camping or public toilets on your journey.


Below you can see camp sites open all year:



The car comes equipped with:


  • Food cooler 
  • Free warm blankets - for winter rentals
  • Gas stove for cooking and 2kg of gas
  • Kitchen pack (Plates, glasses, cutlery, cooking pots, thermal bottle, teapot)
  • Camping table and two chairs
  • Attachable tent
  • Pillows (Bed linen available at extra charge.)


Self risk CDW: ISK 375.000

Self risk MIP: ISK 90.000

Self risk PIP: Zero excess


Choose extras

GPS navigator is really necessary when you are driving on your own in Iceland, it saves you whole lot of time and you won't get lost as often as you would with out it.
Extra driver
Cushion 15-36 kg
Baby Seat 0-18 kg
Bed linen for our Mini Camper rentals

Choose insurance

By adding the Medium Insurance package you will further reduce your excess from the standard CDW insurance that is already included. With MIP you also get additional gravel protection that covers all damages to the windshield/windscreen. Self risk CDW for passenger cars: ISK 195.000 Self risk MIP for passenger cars: ISK 49.500 Self risk CDW for mini campers, jeeps and bigger cars: ISK 375.000 Self risk MIP for mini campers, jeeps and bigger cars: ISK 90.000
By adding the Premium Insurance Package you will reduce your excess to zero. The Premium Insurance Package includes everything in the Medium Insurance Package with an excess of zero, as well as adding a sand and ash damage waiver (SADW).

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