Volkswagen Caddy Camper 2015 or similar
Volkswagen Caddy Camper 2015 or similar
Supplied by: FairCar
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Vehicle Information
Category:Mini camper
Large bags:2
Transmission:Manual transmission
Pickup available from:Keflavík Airport, Keflavík, Reykjavík, Keflavík car rental office, Keflavík Airport, Keflavík, Reykjavík, Reykjavik car rental office, Keflavík car rental office, Reykjavik car rental office
Discount:20 days7%, 30 days+8%
Included:Unlimited km
Minimum age of driver:20
Deposit:Yes (credit card mandatory), From 360.000 ISK - 500.000 ISK
Highland Capabilities:No highland capabilities

This fully equipped camper is the perfect vehicle for your adventure in Iceland. Save money and experience Iceland like a local. 

The mini camper can sleep 2 and seat 2 people plus luggage. It comes fully equipped with a comfortable double bed, stove, fridge and sink with running water; basically, everything you need for cooking, eating and sleeping is included, so there is no need to book a hotel, guesthouse or hostel throughout your holiday in Iceland!


VW caddy has a very low fuel consumption (6,3 L/100 - 42MPG) so you can not find a smarter car to travel all around our adventure island.

The campervan is perfect for couples, families or friends. Enjoy the benefits of camping in comfort, for less!

Our campervans are average 4 years old and all very well maintained. Please note that this car can only be picked up in Keflavik or at Keflavik Airport

GPS:A GPS system is available as an option to help you navigate throughout Iceland.
Extra driver:Only the lessee is allowed to drive the vehicle. It is possible to register another driver for a small fee.
Booster:Booster seat is available for kids.
Child seat:Car seat for children, 15 to 36 kg.
Baby seat:Car seat for baby, newborn up to 18 kg.
Roof box:Roof box is available for car groups: CW**, CF**, IF**, SF**, LV**
4G internet box:Mobile WiFi router with internet access up to 5 devices. Stay connected to the Internet on your journey around Iceland. Unlimited data.
Inverter:Charge your phone, camera, computer or other electronics in the car. This DC/AC power inverter change 12V to 220v.
Sleeping bag:3-4 Season sleeping bag. Included is sleeping bag, liner and a compression stuff sac.
Bed linen:Each kit includes a fresh clean duvet and cover, a pillow and cover, and a bed sheet.
Camping chair:High quality folding camping chair. Add as many as you need.
Camping table & two camping chairs :Camping table that comes with two camping chairs.
Young driver fee:A young driver fee is charged for renter and each and every additional driver younger than 26 years old. The renter and all named drivers of a rental car must be between 20 to 84 years old and present a full and valid driving license. The license must be held for a minimum of one year and without major endorsements or penalty points. An International Driver’s License (IDL) is required if driver’s license is issued by countries outside EU, Nordic, US or Canada, and if the renter/driver's national driving license is not in Roman alphabet. International driver license must be accompanied by the original domestic license of the driver.
USB charger:We sell 12v USB car plug. This is item to keep.
Camping table:High quality folding camping table.
Cooling box:The Cooling box is 20 liters and is available for all our vehicles.
Collision damage waiver:Collision damage Waiver (CDW) CDW is mandatory unless renter provides written proof from an insurance company, specially stating in English that coverage of collision insurance is effective in Iceland and valid for the duration of the rental agreement. Usage of personal third-party insurance is always on renter’s own responsibility. If CDW is not accepted, renter will be held fully responsible for the full value of the vehicle and extras in case of third-party insurance is not valid. CDW reduces the renter’s financial responsibility to a part, in case of damage to the vehicle, unless the damage is the result of theft, burglary or instances listed in articles 6.5.1 – 6.5.15 in this policy. The financial responsibility is limited to the deductible amount. The maximum deductible amount for CDW is 360.000 ISK for standard vehicles and 500.000 ISK for passenger vans, campervans and motorhomes (Class codes: *VMR, *VAR, *HMR, *HAR, *RMR and *RAR).
Sand & ash damage waiver:Sand and ash protection (SAAP) SAAP cover’s damage to the vehicle resulting from external objects such as; ash particles, sand or small rocks being blown into the vehicle in high winds. The policy covers damage to paint, glass, lights, plastic parts, tires and rims. The maximum deductible amount for SAAP is 360.000 ISK for all vehicle groups.
Gravel protection:Gravel protection (GP) Gravel protection covers the vehicle against damages to the windscreen and paint on the bumpers, hood and doors caused by a passing vehicle. Windscreen damages caused by gravel have the liability of 25.000 ISK.
Super collision damage waiver:Super Collision damage Waiver (SCDW) SCDW reduces the renter’s financial responsibility to a part of the vehicle, in case of damage to the vehicle, to the deductible amount. The maximum deductible amount for SCDW is 100.000 ISK for standard vehicles and 360.000 ISK for passenger vans, campervans and motorhomes (Class codes: *VMR, *VAR, *HMR, *HAR, *RMR and *RAR).
Theft protection:Theft protection (TP) TP reduces the renter’s costs resulting from theft or burglary of the vehicle. The insurance does not cover the personal property of the renter or passenger(s) in the rental vehicle resulting from theft or burglary. When TP is not taken, liability can amount up to the full value of the vehicle resulting from theft. The renter/driver is responsible for reporting theft and burglary to the rental company and the police. The maximum deductible amount for TP is 360.000 ISK for all vehicle groups.
Gold insurance:The Gold Insurance Package includes SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) which lowers the self risk to 100.000 ISK, GP (Gravel Protection), TP (Theft Protection), TI (Tire Insurance), and SAAP (Sand and Ash Protection). Debit cards are accepted only if all insurances are purchased (SCDW, GP, TI, TP and SAP), and only debit cards that support authorization only transaction.
Tire insurance:Tire insurance (TI) TI fully covers the cost of tire repair or replacement in case of damage to the tires. Please note that this does not cover transport of the vehicle to a tire shop or serviced roadside assistance in case of tire damage.
Silver Insurance Package :The Silver Insurance Package includes SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) and GP (Gravel Protection). The maximum deductible amount for SCDW is 100.000 ISK for standard vehicles and 360.000 ISK for passenger vans, campervans and motorhomes (Class codes: *VMR, *VAR, *HMR, *HAR, *RMR and *RAR).

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