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Great service made our road trip so easy.

Great service and comfortable car. My first experience in Iceland was perfectly satisfied with Auto car rental. Hope to see you next time.

Great. Easy breezy.

Easy and hassle-free! I tried two other car rental companies until I read their fine print and then found this company! I will use their service again if I am able! They were prompt picking me up from the airport and then also taking me back. Great little car too, very easy to drive.

Great service. They seem to have enough staff to run things smoothly. Our return was at 5:00 with flight departing at 7:00, so we were a bit nervous, but the guys showed up right on time and handled everything fast and smoothly. (We had previously had to wake a rental person up - with another company - and wait for him to drive fast to the airport.) The car worked great (no breakdowns to assess their road service :)). Very good impression overall!

From the pick up tk the drop off everything went smoothly. Car was clean and nice, staff was friendly and helpful. I would recommend this company to everyone.

Great, clean car and very reliable!! No issues with our rental at all. I would reccomend Auto Car Rental to anyone who chooses to self drive their trip in Iceland!

Pick up experience was good. Drop off experience was good. Rate of vehicle was good. Staff was good. Nothing bad to say. Everything went great. Would recommend to use this company.

Fantastic. Frequent shuttles to and from airport. Phone fell out of pocket and they found it in the rental and sent a guy over with it. Top knotch!!!

We rented a Dacia Duster for 9 days. We were picked up from KEF and brought to pick up the car. I made the reservation online, so the car was ready to go. The staff was very helpful with choosing insurance and not pushy. It was quick and easy to pay and get the keys. The car was well equipped, had winter tires on it (we came in mid november), the price was reasonable, and the staff was very friendly. Will rent from them again when we come back.

Great rental car service! We didn't have a credit card but luckily my business card was ok as a warranty, so we appreciate it a lot! Also got upgraded to a better car for no extra charge. Thanks for everything and we will be coming back in a few years!:)

We rented a ford van that seated 9. Everything was so smooth and easy from start to finish. The staff were very friendly, and the price was great.

Personal was nice and happy. Price for Toyota rav4 4x4 2016 automat Bensin was just great! maybe fuel average 10-13L/100km was to much... but in the other hand - we was manage to drive everywhere :) multimedia have ipod, usb and bluetooth connections.

We hired a Toyota Rav4 for 5 days on our trip to Iceland. Perfect experience from pick up to drop off and the friendly staff could not have been more helpful - and I should know as I needed lots of help after arriving without my driving licence! They staff helped me get in touch with the British Embassy (lent me their phone too) and gave lots of help and advice until I finally managed to get the DVLA to fax my details to a hotel we were staying at (Autocar, understandably, did not have a fax machine since this is the 21st century!) The car had a few miles on the clock but was perfectly fitted out for the worst of the weather than we encountered - studded winter tyres and a 4x4 gave me all the confidence I needed whilst zipping along on the awesome Icelandic roads (roads that run for miles and miles without a single pot hole - until the road runs out). The car was an automatic - the first time that I'd ever driven an automatic but it didn't take long to adapt. A BIG thank you to all at Auto Car!!! Enjoy your chocolate fingers and cinnamon pinwheels we left as a thank you gift for your awesomeness!!

The driver who brought us to the rental place and the staff who work there are all amazing!! The girl who checked us in was funny, and explained everything very well. In Iceland, you need different insurances because of the different road hazards. We told her where all we were going, and she helped us determine what we needed. Drop off was super easy, and they check the car immediately and sign off on it so there are no hidden fees. USE THEM!

Overall, very good experience. Recommend.

They were very helpful by picking us up from the airport and dropping us off when we returned the car. Our car was perfect, and they gave us great information and contact numbers.

The staff was very friendly, we were given the car quite quickly. The coffee in the office are very nice. The entire journey had just one tiny problem, the engine light was blinking after 3 days of driving, I called the office and they said we have absolutely nothing to worry about, and by the time we are back in Reykjavik, the light just gone off. Maybe it was just some sensor glitch, but it still worried me a bit. But anyway, we got back safe and sound, it was a very nice car rental service, I would recommend them :)

This experience was one of the most amazing things I've ever participated in. Words cannot describe how amazing these sights are so you just gotta experience it for yourself. I can't wait to come back and see how the other seasons like again.

Was picked up very quickly by 2 ladies at the airport. Got to look out for them as they were not there when we exit the arrival hall. Drove less than 10 minutes to the car rental place. Was briefed very quickly by the staff, and given the car key. Had to check the car ourselves and make sure to take any photos if there is any bump or dents before driving off. Luckily the BMW X1 was very new and there is no issue other than the dent in the screen. I presume the previous renter or the one before that did not know how to use the screen, and kept thinking that it was a touchscreen. There was a huge big dent in the middle of the screen, Luckily, the system and back camera are still able to show images, only bummer is the huge big dot in the middle. The drive was very smooth, and fuel consumption is quite good. When returning the car, there wasn't any issue, and they sent us to the airport immediately after everything was checked.

Had a good experience with Hasso - 4X4 performed well on Iceland's rough roads. I plan to use this firm again

I had an excellent experience with this car rental company. The service was superb and the vehicle I rented was more than adequate. Will definitely rent from here again when I return to Iceland!

excellent from start to finish. Gravel insurance indeed a good choice. Would never buy a Dacia Duster but a good car for rough roads in Iceland

Very good service in Auto Car rental , reasonable price, the car RAV4 was really great! everything was perfect, Highly Recommend !

Amazing car rental in Iceland! We arrived on a red eye flight into Keflavik and the rental pick up was seamless. When we got out luggage, we walked towards the exit and saw a group of car rental companies lined up. I walked up to the individual from Auto Car rental and he had my name, asked for how many people in my party, and got us into a shuttle. The ride was quick and easy, probably 5 minutes or so from the airport. Once arriving at the car rental, the process again was so easy. They gave us several insurance options, some tips about driving in Iceland, and a little fob for a gas discount. No issues upon return either. Overall, very solid experience and would highly recommend.

Amazing rental experience, picked us up at the airport even though our flight was delayed. Rental was quick and easy, vehicle was what was described and requested. Car was amazing, we drove all over west and and southern Iceland in the rain and some rough roads and had zero issues. They gave us a discount for gas and this helped tremendously! Also, we were able to turn the car in at 9pm and they dropped us off at the airport too. Customer service is superb. Thank you again for this amazing experience!!!

Everything was perfect! Great people in Auto Car rental and the car RAV4 was really great! Thank you very much! I would recommend to everyone.

LOVED the vehicle (Rav4) itself. Was great to drive, and comfortable. The Garmin was a complete waste of money. They might need to be updated because they couldn't find most of the common areas/places. Should have opted for the wifi package instead and just used Google maps. Everything overall was great, from check in to bringing it back. I wish we had more info about the self-serve OB stations though, because we felt stuck in remote areas and we never able to use our credit cards. It would have been helpful to know we needed pre paid cards instead. BUT again, this service was great, would definitely recommend it and use it again myself.

Great service with the shuttle. We were sold a wifi service when we arrived which was a little tricky since we were so sleepy and didn't ask a lot of questions, however, it turned out to be a great help to always have a decent internet connections. The car was great, no complaints there. Overall would recommend for the value.

Excellent coffee, easy service, lady who met us at the airport was very friendly

Everyone at Auto was very accommodating! The Toyota Rav4 we rented for our 7 day trip around the country was clean, drove very well for the Icelandic roads and fit 4 people, plus luggage, very comfortably. I highly recommend Auto Car Rental!

Good service. The staff was very kindly to me. I had rent a 4x4 car that allowed to me to drive safely on all kind of Iceland'so roads.

The rental experience could only be improved with a clearer meeting point at the airport. I asked around for the where I should meet the rental representative and was told to just look for a person with a sign in arrivals. After 30 minutes we finally met up with the correct representative and everything went smoothly from there. Great car, wonderful experience and would recommend them to a friend!

Rented an captiva in August 2017. Although we had some smaller issues with that car the stuff was awesome! They handled things quick and did a perfect job! They were fast on answering any questions before the rent and also during our trip. The airport pickup service worked perfectly and they were really motivated and friendly although it was 2 AM in the morning. Great experience and great trip! I would rent a car by Auto Car rental again. Johannes

Excellent ! Highly Recommend !

Price was good and collection was quick and friendly. As others have said, you won't be walked around the car to check for damage which is unusual and unnerving. Take lots of photos and consider asking for them to agree what damage is already there - if you think I'm worrying, just read some of the horror stories about rentals from around the world. Within 5 minutes of collecting our vehicle the fuel gauge had dropped a bar so it clearly hadn't been returned full - to be fair this is more likely to be the previous renter than Auto. We didn't think to check the headlights before driving off and it turned out a bulb had gone. We replaced this ourselves and Auto refunded the bulb cost no problem. Hard to believe the vehicle had received much of a checkover as it had a parking ticket inside from only a couple of hours before we collected it.. In the glovebox was documentation from a previous collision the vehicle had been in which was clearly not supposed to be there. None of this spoilt the trip, but proof again that you get what you pay for.

The car was OK and price was the best around. Their system of not having information about damages to the car but instead relying on photos was slightly worrying so I would recommend you take photos of the car before you take it out for a spin in case they try to blame you for something :)

Everything went well. Auto Car Rental picked us up at the airport on our arrival. We rented a Toyota Rav 4x4 for 9 Days. The car is really new and nice. We have no problem at all, everything went smoothly till our last day. We dropped the car at the drop off center, it took us less than 10mins to check for the condition of the car. Then they quickly dropped us at the airport. Very good service! I would definitely recommend.

Everything Great except for my booking got interrupt with time frame. I attempted to change my pick up time from 6am to 5am, but apparently my data also changed from 6th to 5th, It is my fault but just this reservation system should not change date, when I just change time.... So I ended up pay one more day extra but other things are all good. The car was great, X1 was awesome, perfect size for two of us. They allowed me to decline basic CDW to use my credit card insurance, but require $3500 USD, since it was only 4 days trip, I just purchased their gold insurance which 0 deductible and peace in my mind. I recommend to rent diesel for long distance, I only went gas station once during my 1500km trip.

Everything went great with Auto Car Rental - super easy pickup and drop off! We had a Dacia Duster 4x4 and did the entire Ring Road. I have no complaints at all!

The vehicle we rented (Toyota Rav 4x4) worked great for my wife and I. Auto Car Rental picked us up at the airport when we needed, which was really nice.

Pickup and drop off went smoothly. All information about the rental and insurance is explained in detail at the counter at pick up. The scratches of the car is not reviewed with us as customers, they just say that they already have pictures of any damages with date stamps, so we felt in need to take a few pictures our selves (of very minor scratches). The Dacia Duster was good value for money for our family of five travelling in southern Iceland. The backseat is a bit narrow for three people, but the trunk is fine for our bags (8 days of clothing and some fishing gear). Drop-off was fast and efficient and we arrived at the airport in good time, although early in the morning.

Pickup: Unfortunately they only have one person who stands with a sign in the arrivals hall so if they happen to be driving others at the time you will have no indication of where to be or what to do. It would be nice if there was a designated waiting area or someone always present that waited for when the shuttle returned (at least when flights are supposed to be landing). Once we found the driver, it was a quick ride over to the rental shop and 15 minutes later, we were in the car ready to go. They were very helpful with any questions we had. Vehicle: Our Duster worked flawlessly and had plenty of room to store everything we needed for the trip. Dropoff: Very quick and easy. Took a little while to actually search on google for the location of the store near Keflavik, but everything went smoothly. Overall: Would definitely recommend. Great price. Great vehicle.

Pick-up and drop-off wrre both ok. The staff are friendly. Unfortunately there was an accident when we drove on the road. There were a herd of sheep suddenly emerge on the road. We braked and stopped just in front of the sheep. The car at our back couldn't stopa dn crashed into our car. Fortunately no one was hurt. I think it should be the sheep ownner's responsibility. However according to the police in such accidents it is always the car at the back's fault. Anyway the rental company deducted the full amount of excess (ISK358,000) and told us when they are reimmbursed by the other car's insurance they will pay back us. So far we haven't heard back from them.

Excellent! The car rental agents were very friendly and provided all the information I requested. They were prompt with any questions or concerns I had. The Toyota RAV4 was in great condition and perfect for my ring road adventure. I would definitely recommend.

We had a very good experience overall. We had to wait about 15 minutes for airport pickup but our flight was 3 hours late so that's understandable. We did pay a lot for insurance and were surprised at all the things that it did NOT cover, so I could see how some of the comments below may be accurate in regards to the insurance being overpriced. As mentioned below, they do have a practice of not going over the car with you, which IMO is questionable. Our RAV4 had a significantly dented door from what must have been a small collision and some big scratches in the back bumper. They had told us at the counter that they already have pictures of the car from before and that the don't look at it with customers, so when I got to the car I was a bit concerned when I saw the damage and became worried that they were going to try to blame us for it afterwards. So I just took some pictures myself so I would be ready if this came up later. Thankfully it didn't, but I think they should do like other car companies and walk around the car with the customer and sign a form documenting damage. The RAV4 was great. Returning the car was super easy (once again, very low key and quick) and they got us to the airport right away. We had an early morning flight so that was important. Overall a very good experience and I would rent from them again, though I may insist on a walk-around of the car plus explore other insurance options.

Rented Skoda Fabia for 9 days. Pickup and return went smoothly. The staff were very nice and the car was great. We had no problems overall, and would definitely call them again for a car rental.

Overall the rental company was pretty good. The insurance seems to be a bit of a scam so be sure to look into the pricing and coverage with a third party as it will be literally 5x cheaper. We payed around $800 USD for insurance ("The Gold Package") which was said to cover everything BUT damage from wind, animals, damage to the underbody and damage to the rims. After speaking with other travelers, they were able to obtain insurance for around $125 USD which covered any injuries to them or damage to the car of up to $25,000 USD, from a third party. Other companies also included insurance with their rentals which could save you $500-$1000 USD, just to insure the car for damages. On the other hand, with the insurance, we were able to fully enjoy all Iceland has to offer. The Dacia Duster ( HIGHLY RECOMMEND ) was an awesome car. It was 4x4, had high road clearance, and best of all 50 MPG. In 2000 Miles, we only had to get gas 8 times which saved us a ton of money along the way. As the staff was super nice and we managed to return the car without any extra cost, I would recommend using this company. Just be sure to understand the insurance costs and coverage before you get off a long flight and end up paying way to much because you didn't do your research ;)

Very good experience overall. Rented a 2016 Toyota RAV4 for 8 days. Vehicle seemed pretty new and was in good condition, just had a few minor scratches. Pickup at the airport terminal arrived within 5 minutes. They drove us a short distance to the office. Filled out the paperwork, took pictures of the vehicle and headed out. Car performed well all through our trip. Return was smooth as well. We filled up the tank before returning, they checked out the vehicle, gave us a receipt and dropped us back to the airport. Would certainly recommend.

Rented a 2016 Toyota RAV-4. Vehicle in excellent shape, everything worked perfectly. (Like a previous reviewer, we did find that slush spray built up in the wheel wells and froze on while we were driving in the northeast.) Gas mileage consistently 30mpg, which we felt was very good. Agency was Hasso. A few km from the airport, but they were prompt picking us up at the airport very early in the morning, and the rental processing staff were very helpful. Return was uncomplicated. A drop-off location in Reykjavik would have been nice, especially since the Flybus has a very sparse schedule in the late afternoon. (Web site was still saying they had one but in fact it had closed; they corrected this error as soon as I pointed it out.)

Everything went smoothly with the rental process. Pick up and return to the airport were quick and efficient. The Dacia Duster performed well in all weather though it would have been helpful for someone to tell us to keep an eye on the ice build-up in the wheel wells. The snow and ice were much worse in the north and I suspect the rental agency in the southwest wasn't familiar with driving conditions and concerns up north. We had to pull over several times to try and chip away ice to allow the wheels to turn.

We were alarmed at first as there was no one at the airport to pick us up even after half an hour of waiting from the appointment timing. We tried to call many times also no one picks up. Luckily the staff came about 45 min later and he apologised for being late. We collected the Dacia Duster with no issue. At first we were still worried as we were checking the Google review when we were waiting at the airport since no one shows up; and the review was not very good. Luckily everything is ok. We also returned the car with no issue at all. Unlike the Google review. The staff during the return of the car was also friendly. The car (Dacia Duster) was great as well, we like the car very much.

Friendly staff and good car (Hyundai Tucson), and quick shuttle. Only thing I could suggest is saying in the confirmation email is to say to look for AutoCarRental at the exit. And if they are not there to just wait 5-10 mins. We were panicking after looking for a rental desk. But, a quick phone call to them solved that.

Transportation from/to airport was great. Staff was friendly. I rented a Mitsubishi Shogun and it was in great shape (like new). The service was awesome.

Friendly staff. Vehicle (Dascia Duster) was roomy, clean and dependable. Transport van between rental car office from (at 4:30a) and to airport was great.

They were waiting for us when we got out of Arrivals. The rental office location is a short van ride from the airport. The car - a Honda CR-V - was in great shape and gave us no trouble. Returning the car and getting back to the airport was also smooth. I will definitely use Auto Car Rental again when we return next Fall!

We rented a Dacia Duster, the snow tires were amazing ! They picked us up at the airport (but didn't say we were supposed to look for the guy from the agency) and droped us back at 4.30 in the morning for our plane back home, we really appreciated it !

I rented a BMW X1 from auto car rental the car was amazing so much that i am looking to buy one in the states. Auto car rental was also a great company very friendly when picking up and dropping off will definitely rent from them again. I drove the entire island in 9 days and 2736 km in some really bad weather and the car gave not one problem. Cant wait to go back

Our rental agency was Auto Car Rental. When we arrived at the airport, we were stuck in the airplane for about an hour due to the strong wind, 50-70 knots. When we finally disembarked, I recognized that the car rental staff is still waiting for us at the airport. I was relieved I could caught up to him since he seems to be going away already with another customer. The pick up and drop off was a breeze. We had experienced stuck in the snow for hours and they helped us by quickly locating us and called a tow truck to help us. Thanks so much for the help! Btw, if any of you guys ever got any issue like stuck in the snow or anything with no injury, it is better to call the rental agency directly because during our situation, we called the 112, then they transferred us to the police department and the police told us to call the rental agency. Such a roundabout way. Anyway, we managed to drive across the country without any other mishap. Such a great Icelandic adventure !

The pickup was on time and the staff at the rental agency were friendly and answered all my questions in detail. Car was exactly the one I had booked. Car was absolutly new and clean. I will definetly rent from them again!

We just came back from renting a car from autocar rental, and customer service was great! Had a slight mixup regarding my pickup date but the rep at the rental place helped us out with another rental car. Vehicle was clean and actually really enjoyed driving it. Although the website I'm not really a fan of. I hadade my booking but then made a change on my reservation regarding the insurance coverage about 2 weeks before our pickup date, and the website changed the pickup date by itself, to the day before our actual arrival. Which I thought was weird and confusing as to why when you want to make changes to your original booking, the website automatically changes something in your booking. So be aware if or when you need to make a change to your booking. Other than the website changing things on my booking they were very helpful and friendly. Thank you autocar rental, will definitely rent from you guys again.

Our rental agency was Hasso; they provided an excellent car, perfectly clean. The shuttle driver and the desk receptionist were both great to speak with. Excellent customer service.

The staff and car were great! The car was brand new and exactly what we rented. The shuttle service was on time and quick to take us once we dropped off the car. The staff was friendly throughout everything. I would definitely rent again from there again! Please just make sure to give the payment hold on the car -I see people have had issues with this and do not want to have the same issue. Thank you again for a great rental!

Car was brand new and great, shuttle service was lovely. As someone had already mentioned, ambiguous insurance polices and very large downpayment (held in case of damage), could have been more clear.

We had returned the car on 11/30,but haven't cancel this payment of ISK 358,000.00. Can you check this status as soon as possible?

The car is very clean and good staffs

It was good value for money to rent a car through Guide to Iceland. Everything went good and they were quick to respond to any questions I had.

The car was brand new and we were enjoy our road trip

the staff was very helpful and we are pleased with the car we rent

Car was new, which is great. But better to rent with big names(i.e Hertz) to avoid all those ambiguous insurance polices.

Service was excellent. Easy to book our rental car before our arrival and the pick up & drop off service from airport to their office is good. Besides, the car was in good (new) condition with full tank. They are friendly and ready to help, I will recommend to my friends and relatives.

Absolutely fantastic experience! We had a problem with our GPS along our journey and we called the service centre and the staff helped us solve the problem with a smart strategy. Easy to book our rental car before our arrival and one of the staffs will be waiting for you upon arrival ad lead us to the car rental service centre. They are friendly and always ready to help when assistance is required.

Quick, easy booking. Great vehicles and fantastic experience

Easy booking and good communications through Guide to Iceland. Easy pick up and drop off with Auto Car's shuttle bus service from the airport to their nearby depot. The car (Mitsubishi Pajero) was in excellent (new) condition. Late Nov drive around the Ring Road, no problems at all. Would certainly recommend.

Had a great experience with the car rental. Drove all over the Westfjords, the south, and a few more places. The car (a VW Polo) was in excellent condition and had no trouble at all during my two weeks with it. I believe ti was a great price for what I got.

Our experience was great. I think , coming from Canada, they could take more time explaining how the car work. Beleive it or not, we did not know how to open the door to fill up....we tought there was a button somewhere???. Beside that everything went perfectly well! Thanks!

Experience with using Auto Car Rental through Guide to Iceland was fantastic - great value and service! Definitely exceeded my expectations. Very smooth car pick and drop off, and the shuttle to and from the airport was quick, responsive and friendly.

Had a good experience with Auto Car rental, pick up and drop-off at the airport went smooth and the car was in very good condition! The VW Polo was the perfect choice - enough space for the luggage but still fuel saving

We had a great experience renting from Auto Car rental through Guide to Iceland. All communication with both companies was clear and helpful. It was especially convenient that they delivered the car to our hotel in Reykjavik. We even got upgraded to a Dodge Durango for no additional charge which ended up being just the right size for 6 adults and all of our bags. The car ran great the whole week long trip and I would definitely recommend renting a car through Guide to Iceland.

Fantastic. Service was great. We hadn't rented a car before so we dit not know what to expect, but Auto Car Rental was very helpfull and answered our questions. The car itself was in good shape.

Everything was great. The one thing I would complain about is we got a parking ticket, so we called the rental company to ask what the best course of action was. They told us to pay it at a local bank to avoid the fees that would occur if they paid the ticket for us. So we planned to go to a bank a couple days later. When we got to the bank, the ticket had already been paid by the rental company. So now that ticket cost me an extra $50 to cover their fees for paying it for us. Pretty expensive, since the ticket was only originally $25 and we were planning on paying it ourselves, like we had discussed with the company over the phone. Other than that, it was a great rental experience.

I dont know how it happened but there were some missunderstandings. Firstly I booked car Dacia Duster 4x4 via company Guide to Iceland and from this company I got every message. To my surprise at the airport I found out, that the company which was renting a car, was Auto Car Rental. It took me about 30 minutes and 5 phone calls to find out this..... Secondly, also, nobody told me about this before .. so we were very surprised when we came to the rental desk and they wanted EUR 3.000 from me. A few days ago I wrote a message to the company Guide to Iceland with a question, if I need any extra money. They answered me this: "We do not charge any deposit at the rental desk but you do have to have enough funds for your excess amount on your card if you bring the car back with damage." No word about EUR 3.000!!!!!!!! If I knew it, I would managed it at home ................... I was really angry!!!!!! On the other hand, after those problems was everything ok. Car was different (NISSAN) but we were satisfied. Check-in and check-out was really fast. :)

It took 30 minutes after our arrival for the shuttle to show up at the airport. On top of that, there wasn't enough seats in the shuttle to bring all the passengers to the main office. I had to ride alone in the shuttle, get the car, and drive back to the airport to get my wife and baby and all our luggages... Had kind of the same issue when I returned the car. The first shuttle that showed up didn't have any seat left for me; had to wait for the next one...showed up 10 minutes later; not that bad but I was a little bit in a hurry.. Besides that, everything else was fine, employees were nice.

Overall the rental company was Ok, but I had some issues. Airport pickup and drop off is ok. 1st – I booked Dacia Duster and we got a smaller car. The car we got had broken right fog light, small damaged front bumper. Scratched rear bumper and sides. I read forums people saying take a lot of photos of the car when you just pickup. We came 6 am and it was dark. at 11 am was raining, I took some pictures of the car. Got basic insurance only. Drove only paved roads, no gravel roads. 2nd -when returned the car, employee checked the right side of the hood and said we damaged it. there was 1.5 cm scratch. He showed us the pictures, stating the pics were taken 2 hours before we took the car. pictures were low quality, taken inside the building with day light. so can not really see anything. there was no scratch on the picture employee stated. I checked his pic and the area was covered with day light shade. so very hard to see anything. My pictures I took after 4 hours of pickup showed a scratch. I argued with him but he said I have to pay 325000 krones and he gets estimate from company to fix the scratch and refunds the rest. I did feel it is not right. but we had to fly home in 2 hrs. so I paid 325,000 krones. I was scammed. now waiting to get email from them to see the estimate. Rental company collects money for the damage, does not fix the car. rents again with the damages. then claims that damage happened during your car possession. I would say wait at rental parking until day light. check the car. take pictures. show any damage to rental and make notes. not to have issues later.

This is a small company and it showed, they tried to sell us insurance we didn't need. Was confusing on which person was our shuttle driver because he was not holding the sign we were told to look for. Then on the return we gassed up on the other side of Reykjavik and by the time we got the car place the gas gage was just off the Full mark and they made me find a gas station and top off the tank. Then while making small talk with the attendant about the country he had all negative comments about Iceland cuz he was from Romania.

We arrived in KEF around 2:00 PM but found no one in the lobby waiting for us as they claimed they will. I called them twice asking for pick up and still waited about 20 minutes then a guy came in with paperboard in hand showing he works for Auto Car Rental. Our car is BMW X1 2016, first we got a car and its left front tire was flat and I ask one of their agent if they can fix this, she told me it was because of the cold temperature. I insist them to fix it and then they found a big hole in this tire! They take the car back and 5 minutes later they drove the car to front, told me to drive away. I thought they have fixed it and left, but this tire got flat again in highway just around 5 minues after I left! Same issue, I found they just put some glove to hide the hole but never fix it! I was so scared and drive it back to their shop immediately. Thanks to BMW this is run flat tire and I made it back to their shop. They changed another car for me but this new car has scratches all around the body, window lock button is not working, crack on windshield, charging port not working and also losing front license plate(which they charged me 50 bucks when I return the car as the front license plate get lost on the road in the first day of my trip). Fortunately I drove very careful and get no new damage to the car, so they didn't charge me anything for it. Also be aware that if you want to use your own credit card to cover the insurance, they will ask you for $3850 deposit to secure the damage, which never shows in Guide to Iceland website during booking! I would not recommend anyone go there again with so much headache.

We had problem with Guide to Iceland and Autocar rental. When we hired the car, the Guide to Iceland site said hiring a Pajero required a min age of 20 (this was incorrect of their part and they have since changed it), however, when we arrived, they told us the minimum hiring age for a 4WD is 23. Luckily we had someone of that age so the trip wasn't completely ruined from the start but we are not pleased with the lack of empathy we received for this situation. We waited for 40minutes at the airport for Autocar rental to pick us up. The car itself was good and drop off was easy and our actual Iceland experience was spectacular however would urge caution as the companies would swap the blame to each other and you may not get a good resolution.

The windshield wipers needed to be changed, this caused the car to smear the salt from the roads onto the windshield making it hard to see. Also the heat didn't work either, so the front defroster didn't work as well. We were cold majority of the trip and had to use cold air to keep visibility during the drive. But when it was snowing heavily, this did not work. We had poor visibility, had to drive in dangerous conditions and pulled over multiple times to temporarily clean the window to see the road. We drove from holi to vik in these severe conditions and we were grateful we made it back without any accidents. I hope you will test the cars before issuing them in the future.

Awful rental car experience in awesome Iceland (AUTO/HASSO/NU CAR RENTALS/ORANGE) I’m writing this message with hopes of warning everyone about the excessive vehicle repair cost charged by this consortium of small-time car rental operators called AUTO/HASSO/NU CAR RENTALS/ORANGE. I and my wife rented a white Toyota Rav4 2016 model for 13 days at KEF International Airport. Near the end of our rental period, while driving out (very slow speed ~2KPH) from a parking space in the evening, the car suffered a dent on the front passenger door when it collided with a wooden barrier. Upon returning the car the next day, I pointed out the damage and acknowledged responsibility with the expectation that the repair cost would be fair and reasonable. Per my rental agreement, I paid the maximum insurance excess / self-risk of ISK 358,000 (US$3,450.00), with the expectation that there will be a refund since only the front passenger door requires some sheet metal work. I have rented a car in many different countries, up to now without any complaints whatsoever. But I felt ripped off by the rental company when they sent me a repair estimate of ISK 530,427 (US$5,100.00). That’s 10% of the price of a brand new Rav4 for such a minor damage. To verify the actual repair cost charged by the garage / repair shop, I have made several attempts to get a copy of the official invoice of the repair cost from the car rental company, but they insisted that it is not available. I have sought the help of The Icelandic Travel Industry Association ( and ECC Iceland to get a copy of the official repair invoice as proof of the actual cost of repair, but after 1 month of waiting, I have not received a response. I have also sought the help of the platform where I booked the rental car, Guide to Iceland ( They tried to help, but to no avail. I have obtained a quote from another CABAS-certified repair shop in Iceland and their quote is much much cheaper. We have met a lot of really WONDERFUL and LOVELY Icelandic people during our 13-day trip around the island, but AUTO/HASSO/NU CAR RENTALS/ORANGE car rental really ruined the magical Iceland experience and there will be more others like me who will be ripped off if this kind of scam is allowed to continue.

STAY AWAY! I cannot stress to you enough how much you will regret renting from these people. First off, when you select you would like to pick up and drop off at KEF, they really mean a 10 minute drive from the airport. Of course when you select your rental they do not tell you this, so you'll be wandering around the airport for a while looking for them. We had to call and ask to be picked up. Secondly, they do not do any inspection of the vehicle with you, they claim to take pictures before you get there. That means you have zero recourse for when they suspiciously find a scratch when you return it. And they will, as they did to multiple parties when we returned our vehicle. Of course they charge you around $3500 USD for that while they await a "damage report". After two weeks they will let you know that you're in luck, that tiny back bumper scratch that every other rental car company would ignore will only cost you $1200 to repair! Don't worry though, they were happy to rent us a GPS for the week to the tune of $120 USD that didn't work, so thats a bonus. PLEASE DO NOT RENT FROM THESE CROOKS!

My experience is very very bad. My car had a very small scratch which can not even be noticed. I kindly reported the problem, but the insurance company spent 800 dollars for the repair!?

The car is fine, but why would they have to take a deposit for 170000isk? And talking to the staff there would make you feel really upset from the beginning to the end! Luckily they didn't charge us for anything after we returned the car in a perfect condition!

Very bad experience. It is a small car rental, car is new but full of formaldehyde smell, make us very uncomfortable. The deposit is very high like 180000isk. And after we return the car, Then after we return the car, Auto Car Rental told us that the left fender of the car was damaged with a dent and a scratch. But we never hit anything or have any traffic accident with others. Even though we have already bought the all the insurance we can, they still charge us 158000isk without any damage proof document to show this damage is not including in insurance but only a repair document. And no insurance information even we request from them and from guide to Iceland. Just want to tell all the tourists, never rent a car in Auto Car rental, or you will regret all your life. By the way, the blue ice cave tour we book in guide to Iceland sucks too!

Unfortunately after my arrival to Iceland I found out that I did not have enough money for the car deposit (approx. 2300 EUR) so I asked the car rental company to give me some time to transfer enough money to my account to make the deposit. After I had done that, I tried to collect the car later but was refused and told that my booking had been cancelled. Guide to Iceland has been very helpful trying to arrange a refund for me as the booking has been cancelled by the car rental company but their request has not been successful. Meanwhile, I managed to rent a car from a different rental company in the airport without any problems.

Auto Car Rental in Iceland is family owned. Auto car rental in Iceland is a family owned car rental. We take great pride in providing excellent and personal service to our customers. Superior and personal customer service. We offer 24/7 pickup service at Keflavik international airport.
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