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We had a great time in Iceland, where we rented a 5 people campervan, during 12 days. However, several things were not cool about it. The first one is that the used water is going straight to the ground, which is so uncool for the environnement. The toothpast and the dishwash liquid stayed just behind the campervan everytime we left a place. We told about our concerns to Campeasy, and they told us that there is no law against it, that's why they keep going that way..... Some details were unpleasant as well : the trip wasnt so good for the back passengers, as they couldnt hear the music, and the view of outside was very bad because of the tinted windows. The curtains were too small to hide the light on the morning. We were told that one can of gaz was free, but it turned out that it was almost empty. The can of water was currently leaking. To conclude, it wasn't the coolest and the more appropriate campervan for a roadtrip in Iceland.

Camping in Iceland made easy with CampEasy camper rental service. Our CampEasy camper vans are specially made for traveling around Iceland and are of the highest quality. They are both comfortable and safe. Our policy is to keep it easy and simple. You‘ll be guided through every detail of the equipment and features of the car so you can operate it with ease.
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