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A nice jeep except the brake and right window doesn't work well. Any way, it's a very good trip in Iceland.

Brilliant service and price - We originally hired a Suzuki Jimmy but was kindly offered a free upgrade to the excellent Toyota Rav4 due to the icy weather conditions around Christmas. The price was far cheaper than other company's I had looked at for a 4x4 and included a free satnav, also the service included a free transfer to and from the airport which was provided with plenty of time for our flight home. Overall the customer service was excellent and I have not one single complaint about the car or the policy itself. I would highly recommend 5*.

Thanks for a great service. We hired a Dacia Duster with GPS & the company picked us up from the airport. Due to a delay we missed them in arrivals but after a quick phone call they came out from their office quickly. The car was new & was very spacious & great to drive in the snow/ice conditions we felt confident. It might have been easier if it had been automatic but we did both quickly get to grips with the left hand drive manual. Just one small point we did get charged extra on pickup despite booking insurance not quite sure why but we just wanted to get to our hotel. Overall though would recommend & would use again even though they aren't based at the airport itself. We felt they offered good value for the car type. Thank you.

I had an issue with the booking. It registered a day earlier and was charged a $75 fee to change it. Then when we arrived at the airport they were late to pick us up. This was due to a delay, but after calling twice and requesting a ride, it still took nearly an hour and half to be picked up. That being said, the 4x4 we rented was new, worked perfectly and was a great way to see more of the island than we would have by bus. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Great! We rented a 4x4 and were glad to choose that one. It really helped seeing we went off the beaten path of Iceland. Staff was great and helpful as well as friendly and timely. I highly recommend these guys and would use them again.

Fantastic. We rented a 4x4 but got upgraded for free, and were able to add a second driver for free as well! They were super accommodating, polite, and funny - we got tips on where to explore which was awesome. Everyone is super chill and easy to work with. The car was overall great and when I come back to Iceland I'll definitely use Icerental 4x4 again. We were stuck in a windstorm/snowstorm outside of Vik and visibility was maybe as far as 2 feet ahead of the car and that Jeep saved us so I would say 5/5 awesome.

Everything was ok - smooth communication, quick transfer from the airport, gentle and kind service.. definitely recommendable :)

I'm not sure whose fault this was, but Icerental claimed my booking was for a day earlier, so day of no one showed to pick me up at the airport. I tried to contact the info desk in the airport, first guy was helpful but ask that I wait at least an hour. So I wait an hour, go back to the info desk and the guy I spoke with was gone, replaced by 2 women - neither of which wanted to help me out whatsoever. Wouldn't even let me make a phone call to the rental company to see if there was an issue. Thankfully I was able to use the wifi in the airport + some Google Voice credits to call a local Iceland number. Once I sorted all of that out, the experience was good. The employees at Icerental were nice and adjusted the dates without question (I also showed them I booked the correct dates...)

We had a wonderful time in Iceland driving all over the southern coast in our Jeep from Icerental 4x4. The staff was friendly and helpful. My only complaint would be that we had to wait at the airport for nearly an hour after our arrival for a representative to meet us with the shuttle van to take us to the off site rental office. But other than that I would totally recommend them to other prospective renters.

Great experience with Icerental 4x4, they had someone there to pick us up at the airport right when we got into the arrivals hall. Everyone was super friendly and helpful, the car was brand new and had heated seats and a USB port to listen to music through the radio + drove well. Doesn't get much better than that!

Nice company with nice ppl. Higly recommend :))

We rented a Suzuki Vitara 2016 (auto)..Overall good experience with Icerental 4X4.... although a bit miscommunication during the pick up (mixed up with another car rental with very similar in name) but not really matters..Friendly staffs that shared tips along the way of pick up from airport to their office. Car in good condition and no problem at all for our 9 days drive in Iceland.. We would like to suggest them to update the info of luggage capacity of this car-- we could only fit 3 medium luggage instead of 4-5 as shown in the web page. So we had to put one of it inside the car... but again, this did not spoil our mood in this beautiful land..

We rent a Subaru Forester to be able to sleep in it. As the car was a bit old they prposed is a RAV4 but was not so great for sleeping. So we took the Subaru anyway and they offered us the gravel impact insurance which was great. We had no problem with the car and the service was good as well

Car was very old. Afraid of problems on the road . But no problem.. Service was not bad.

Marino got my group hooked up for our trip. I had originally booked a Subaru Forester, but was upgraded upon arrival. These guys met us at the airport on time, and we had our car really quick. Marino also took to the time to explain differences between driving in Iceland versus in the US; for instance, that there is no right turn on red in Iceland. Good heads up on their part. The car was comfy and safe on the icy roads. We only almost died once, but the studded tires kept us on the road. The rental prices were very good, and I would certainly rent from Iceland4x4 again.

We took the 2017 Dacia Duster with a Roof Tent and it was great for the week. Car was clean and in perfect shape. Pickup at the airport was smooth and everyone was friendly. The roof tent held up will in rain and wind. My only complaints were that the two sleeping bags provided didn't come with any linens or anything so we had to go to Ikea to buy those and the kitchen box was a hodgepodge... no knives, coffee equipment, lighter for the stove (and only one of the two cans of gas provided for the stove was suitable) or anything to clean dishes with

My experience was quite good. Pick up at the airport was perfect with simple check-in process. Also transport back to the airport was quick and reliable. The staff was friendly and helpfull with perfect English giving us some tips which F-roads should be avoided and how to get to the most attractive places in Highlands. The car itself was in good condition taking into account its age and it took us around the whole island without any problems. The only negative thing was cracked widscreen which seemed to be growing during our travel on non-paved roads and suspension which would deserve some maintenance. Driving on paved roads was absolutely without any problems but non-paved/F-roads generated some strange noise and clacking. However, I would use Icerental 4x4 again.

Great experience: Our first time to Iceland, my friend and I had a full on itinerary to drive around Iceland in 10 days.... after much research we hired a car from Icerental 4x4 - it was a good decision... the service was excellent, the guys helpful and the car a dream to drive. On day 7 we had a little mechanical problem that was caused by a small stone caught between the brake disc and pad.... you'll know how this can happen when you've driven on some of the roads in Iceland! When we rang the Icerental 4x4 helpdesk they immediately offered to drive up to the northern part of the country where we were and exchange vehicles... the car was still ok to drive but made a horrible noise.... my friend and I really appreciated this offer and the replacement car was delivered that same day with minimal disruption to our travel plans.... definitely would use Icerental 4x4 again and recommend to others travelling to Iceland. Jackie

This was my first time renting a vehicle and, to be honest, I hope every experience matches this one. I made some silly mistakes with my booking dates and the team at guide to Iceland, as well as Iceland rental4x4, we're so kind and helpful in smoothing everything out. Highly recommend!

It was little farther from the airport (8 minutes) but with their free shuttle service it worked out nicely. I would use them again!

It was pretty good. My boyfriend and I car camped in a little 2007 Forester for about a week and lo and behold, we survived! The car rental service made it easy to get from the airport to their location, as well as back to the airport at the end of the trip. They also seemed like they were people we could have called were we to have gotten in trouble.

The staff was very helpful and provided a lot of good driving tips (do not turn right when the light is red).

The staff was helpful and spoke perfect English. The 4x4 we rented got us through the snow and roads just fine. Great way to see Iceland.

SUV was in excellent condition and handled the icelandic roads with ease even through the 2017 winter storm, staff was very helpful as well!

Car was in good status, everything went smoothly. We were satisfied with Icerental4x4.

Great car rental experience for a long weekend in Iceland. We were picked up at the airport and driven to the rental location about 10 minutes away (on the route to Reykjavik). Our car was waiting for us and the check-in process was simple -- they even added a second driver for free. The car was in good shape; a little wear and tear, but nothing that took away from our trip. Drop-off was just as easy. Would highly recommend!

Staff were very helpful and friendly. Car was in good condition when we picked it up and the process was fast and easy. Shuttle to and from the airport was quick and with plenty of room in the minibus. I would definitely use Icerental 4x4 again.

Car was clean and handled well, was super stoked! (Rented the Jeep Cherokee). Also worth noting that the main staff member that we met when we both checked in and out was incredibly helpful, enthusiastic, and friendly - I wish I remembered his name! Thanks friends!

Great! Guys were super friendly and helpful (and that's based on the already friendly nature of Icelanders in general). Will use them over the major brands anyday because it was cheaper and we couldn't have gotten better service.

Fantastic company - no issues at all and extremely helpful and responsive. Straight forward. Thank you!

We had Honda CRV 2016 during our trip. Overall,the car was in well condition and it did not have any major issue with the car. But it is really dirty both inside and outside. There were leftover biscuits and melted candies in the car and the windscreen was cruddy which blocked our view to the road situation. This made us have to pullover by the road side and cleaned it with bottled water. Beside that , we felt threatened by the car rental provider as he forced us to buy an overall insurance despite the that fact we had actually bought a gravel protection and collision insurance. He coerced us to compromise by offering two options which were to pay £3000 deposits or to buy the overall insurance with 90 euro for 3 days. This made us no choice but to buy the 90 euro insurance. This is really frustrating. The main problem was his attitude, he was really rude. Other than that, it was a pleasant holiday in Iceland.

In general we were overall happy with the car and services. Rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee (2008, automatic) for a week which served us well for its age. Studded tires worked a treat on icy roads. The only thing that spoiled the good experience was when we returned the jeep with a small dent on fender (front wing) that happened during our hire (caused when the car was parked but that doesn't matter). Upon return when I actually pointed it out to the guys the company charged us the full Super Collision excess of EUR 800 which tripled the overall cost of hire (payed EUR 400 for a week's hire + EUR 105 for Super Collision Excess reduction). Not sure but it seemed a bit steep price for a dent on nearly 10 years old car. The only receipt I got was for the estimate repair cost (ISK 120.000) reduced to the max of the excess which my travel Insurance company refused.

First, it took us approximately three hours to get the rental as they were late meeting the plane by about 30 or 40 minutes, then we had to drive about 10 minutes to get the car in a shuttle bus. When we finally get there, the computer with the reservations wasn’t working and everything is done on carbon paper by hand. This process pretty much left no opportunity to do anything other than get to our rental place for the night. The Ford Expedition we rented was horrible. It was dirty and literally falling apart. When we mentioned the driver’s seat controls coming apart, we were simply told that the car we had was the most popular. It had an airport parking receipt from September and we rented in late October. The gas gauge was off, the tire pressure was off and it had close to 240,000 miles on it. We were afraid we were going to break down in the middle of nowhere with all the sounds it would make. Wouldn’t recommend or use this place again!

We rented a Suzuki Vitara (Automatic) 2016. Overall the SUV looks OK and we were notified some existing defaults. We didn't check thorough if the car has any other problem. When we are returing the car, they found minor cracks at front bump arounf driver side fog lamp and the lamp is flapping. They charged me 80,000 ISK for the damage. I had an argument with the staff. I thought I should not be responsible for the issue because it obvousely this damage was not cause by any accident but just a normal worn. I chose a 4x4 because I need to drive on road 864 and F224, but it looked like the fog lamp of this 4x4 did not survive from road F224. I also doulbted if the lamp failure was happen during my possession of this car, because a small dent at the lamp seat looks old and has repaint work. During the converstion for this issue, they let me dirrectly talked to their boss, and the guy at the other side of the phone had very bad atitude. We didn't have time to countinue the argument, so we paid 80k ISK (about 660 euros). I think this 4X4 is no much better than a small pasenger car. If you just need to be on some gravel road, such as 864 to Dettifoss, a small car would be OK. If you need to drive on rough gravel, such as F224 to Landmannalaugar, it would better to choose a real 4X4.

I paid for a Suzuki Grand Vitara 2015 automatic with Roof Tent but got a Suzuki Vitara 2016 automatic, which is much smaller. I was told that the car I got is better than the one I paid. I have checked the price of renting a Suzuki Grand Vitara 2011 automatic is almost same as Vitara 2016 automatic. What about a 2015 Grand Vitara? I prepaid for the car renting is for securing what I booked for. Why they are lying to me and it was absolutely not acceptable. "Grand" means a lot!!!

Terrible experience with this rental company. Rented a Jeep Cherokee and it was in bad shape. Tires were in poor condition. Passenger side window leaked. We had a flat tire on day 2 of an 11 day rental. This was driving on pavement, no gravel roads. And, at the same time, the check engine light came on. Since we were circumnavigating the island we called for service and we told to ignore the check engine light and to simply change the tire. So, we changed the tire and the spare was less than half inflated. We called back for service and were told to simply drive the vehicle on the flat tire to a farm for air. We found a farm with an air hose and then were advised to drive to the next town, 40 minutes away to replace the tire. So, not wanting to drive on an unreliable spare, we drove to the next town and spent $300 for a new tire. The remainder of our trip, the tire pressure light and the check engine light were on. The brakes failed at one point but thankfully no accident occurred. The vehicle was over 10 years old and should not be rented any longer. And since tires are the responsibility of the customer, then why should rental companies ever replace the tires? Just let them go flat on a rental so the customer has to pay. Would not use this company or this web site again. Absolutely terrible experience and totally unnecessary.

We were not very happy with the car we get initially, a very old Hyundai Tucson with a lots of impacts on the car body and glass. Luckily we checked the tire condition, because we could even see the iron son. All tires were in very poor condition. The staff has not seen and this surprised us in a bad way. Finally we got a new smaller car, because the only available on their parking, but with tires in better condition. Icerental 4x4 is a company that we will not recommend

I rent SUZUKI VITARA from Icerental 4x4. The car is without any issue during our trip. Hospital staff. Great car rental experience. Makes my Iceland trip wonderful. Thank you.

We rented a Hyundai Tucson auto. In the end we didn't use the GPS (Google Maps worked fine). No major issues with the car except it came with a crack across the windscreen that kept growing as our journey went along. The car was pretty reliable except when it skidded briefly at one point in Snæfellsjökull. Pick up and drop off was easy at the airport and the Keflavik office.

We got a Suzuki Grand Vitara, manual and it was solid. 1 driver, 1 passenger, so plenty of room for luggage. The GPS was a great help, but not all Icelandic characters were enter-able on the keypad, so that made things a little tricky. Using their near-equivalents worked sometimes, but not all the time. We discovered one headlight was out. We called the service number but didn't get an answer. We tried again the next day, got them, and they told us exactly what to do, so no problem. Airport pickup took a little longer than I thought, but I called and it all worked out. Returning the car to the Keflavik office was a little tricky because the street address on the receipt was for an newer (or older?) numbering system than the one on the side of the building. Again, a call and we figured it out. Over all, I was very pleased with how straightforward it is to just grab a car and go explore Iceland. The staff I dealt with were really cool, and I recommend them.

Icerental 4x4 has the BEST customer service of any car rental company I have ever used. When we arrived to return the car, the airport shuttle was in the middle of picking up passengers and would not arrive for another 10 minutes or so. The gentleman at the counter did not want us to have to wait that long, and so he drove us there himself! Everyone we interacted with was very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend them!

We tour around all the island and the Suzuki Jimny worked as expected for being 2011.

We rented a Jeep Cherokee which was big enough for five adults and luggage and was also able to withstand the rugged terrain. The windows got stuck here and there and the seals could have been a little tighter as in windy conditions there was a lot of excess noise. But the car was reliable and got us thru some unfavorable road conditions. On top of that the staff was responsive, reliable and helpful.

It was a great experience to rent a car through this company. We rend a Hyundai Tucson and worked perfectly. We did encounter some problems (stone) on a F-Road and the staff helps us amzingly well to get back on the road with our car. The staff is friendly and very profesionnal. I will for sure use them again if I come back in Iceland! Recommended!

The staff is friendly and helpful. The vehicle we rented was Suzuki Vitara 2011 and it worked without any problems. I would use them again.

We rented Suzuki Vitara 2016. The car is good and there is no problem during our ten days driving. We found the car is not very powerful, but it is definitely OK for the Ring road in Iceland. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Although we appreciate Island and its wonderful sites, we were dissatisfied with our rented car, a grand vitara 2011. First, one of the wheel had a smooth tire so we had a puncture while we were driving on the road 1. On the other hand, there was no water on the tank to wash the windshield and no plug on this tank... Finally, the car refused to start the morning we left for the airport. All the lights on the dashboard were well lit but we had to push the car to start it. However, seconds later the engine has stopped after a bit of smoke coming from the exhaust. Of course, it' was not only a problem of battery (battery of origin.....) and all these problems could have been prevent if the car had been revised. However, we thank the service staff which called a taxi immediately and to carry out the refunding of the tire.

We rented a Grand Cherokee 2008. No problem with the car. The staff was friendly and helpful. Nice experience with Icerental

The value for money was worth. Hyundai Tucson 2008 during twelve days, including a GPS system. We aren't sure that the car was 100% well maitened (oil, prestone and everything) but nonetheless, we had no problem with it. The only big thing why I don't give a 5/5 is the wait at the airport. We didn't knew that the pickup of the car was not directly at the airport: we had to wait about 40 minutes for an employee of the company to pick us up and go get the car. Staff was great.

We rented a Suzuki jimmy, the window was not working and we try three times, then it's brokened. The staff gave us a address of a garage to fix the car. We spend three houres on it. The GPS is useless, google map was better than it.the car condition is ok,we used it for two weeks.When we returned the car, we can't find the position which wrote on the receipt, so we parked it in the car rental return area and txt/ email the staff to tell them where the car is exactly parked , but no one responded.

We rented HONDA-CRV 2016, the car is new and convenient, and the price is reasonable. But we wanna know why the car is forbidden on the road F249, just on F249…… I sent a e-mail to the company before my departure to Iceland but no reply……

Rented Suzuki Vitari manual for drive around (mostly) Route 1. The perfect car, drove well on gravel, handled hill climbs well, good ground clearence. Never locked in 4x4 but nice to know it was there. Magnus picked us up on time at our B&B, and after drop off, we got a ride to a museum. I got screwed for "brush marks" on a rental in Ireland once, but Magnus assured me they weren't going to try soaking us. I recommend Icerental 4x4 and would rent from them again if we get back to Iceland. We got to places we wouldn't have tried in a smaller car and really experience Iceland.

Rented a 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara, we had to call the office to get pick-up information and wait for 10 minutes at the airport. 1st thing the guy proposed us was getting additional insurance (with additional cost) we refused. While getting the car, i told the person in charge that all impacts were not written on the vehicle condition report and his answer was "huu take pictures" ; is that a professional answer ? We had an issue with the car as the engine was making strange noise (broken cylinder inside the engine as the tech told us). The staff was quick to solve our problem and they changed the car within couple of hours as we were close to Reykjavik with old Subaru. I asked for any paper to sign but there was none... Giving back the car and we got some suspicious questions about the status of the car and 1 impact on the front light glass. After some investigations, a guy at the office told the guy who checked the car the impact was known and was there before but we didn't like the suspicious questions against us. As other people noticed, There was no water on the tank to wash the windshield and GPS was free but quite useless as Google Map was more helpful.

Everything was good but the sat nav gps was bad, it won't get me to all the places I want, even famous places like Geysir, Golden Falls,Skogafoss,Skaftafell and some hotels, had to use my phone.

sent a couple of e-mails to before my departure to Iceland to confirm how to pick up the car. Almost non-responsive, so i had to make an international call to the staff. The staff was late for the airport pick-up and i had to make a phone call again, and he showed up 10 mins later, which is 1 hour after my flight landed. When I had to return the car, the GPS couldn't locate the address they wrote on the receipt, we called them but no one answered. We were so anxious about that. Fortunately their location is recorded on the google map, otherwise, we would have missed our flight. We ordered Suzuki Vitara 2016 which theoretically have room for 4-5 luggages according to their website. But it is actually not that big and contained only 3 bags the most, so we had to put one of the luggage in the back seat, and made the journey quite uncomfortable.

Very kind staff. Nice car. When i was in trouble, i called for staff's phone anytime and he answered kindly although my poor english. I hope that all visitors of iceland have a nice trip with icerental 4*4 :)

Very friendly staff, the ar worked well, although the cooling system was leaking so we had some problems with the heating, but that could happen. Excellent prices/quality. Would hire from them again.

So easy - truck worked great and was perfect for driving around Iceland.

We rented a Suzuki Vitara (Automatic) 2016 with free GPS for four days. Excellent conditions with the car and GPS except no more cleaning liquid for the front window. The staff was very friendly, helpful, and excellent customer service. Met us at the airport and explained what to be careful and how to drive safe in Iceland. Wonderful experiences and nice trip. Highly recommended.

Rented a Suzuki Jimny and all went well during our 10 days road trip. Friendly staff and good car!

We rented a Nissan Patrol, any problem but the inside of a car was dirty. Otherwise the staff was friendly et give us good advices.

Good car, price ok. Good service and friendly staff. No Problems.

All was great ! very friendly guy. No problem

It was good but WE have some problem with the wiper. It will be Nice to swap it and the Key doesn't work

Very nice experiences self driving in iceland... but just wonder why some of the street light is just only at the left side is not at the both side... Because some time I can't really see the road line at the night... I mean in Reykjavik... But overall is nice...

Drop in was fine, the guy was on time, explained things clearly. No problem with the car except no more cleaning liquid for the front window within 2h of driving. The drop off was awful, guy from rental never shows so called them and they told me to give the keys to receipt of the hotel. Not that professional.

They were over 2 hours late in dropping my car off at the airport. There was no windshield wiper fluid, the front wipers were substandard and the rear wiper did not work at all. Real safety issues when driving in wet conditions. Other than that, the car was fine. A bit weird just dropping the car in the airport parking lot and leaving the keys in the glove box.

Great experience with the car. Car was on time and person was very friendly and explained everything very well.

The company are terrific! Met us at the airport, had the car we ordered, ran through the car and even helped direct us where we were going. Would definitely hire from them again. Only downside is the car itself was useless in the snow. It was an all wheel drive. Next time I'd definitely hire an actual 4x4 but this isn't really the companies fault I suppose.

Great car for the price. Owner dropped off the car in front of our address on time. Explained what to be careful and what to expect for road rules in Iceland, especially about parking the car against the wind, so the car door won't be blown away. (True story, the wind at suburb is really that strong.) Now we weren't that lucky, or lucky but not fortunate. Our car got rear ended by another car. We called. Owner explained everything we needed to do in case of car accident. Unfortunately neither cars have a blank accident report. (Double check this on your next car rental in Iceland). We exchanged driver's license, rental car and insurance companies' information, wrote what happened on a piece of paper, took photos and sent to the owner. No questions asked when I returned the car. One week passed, owner didn't come after me either. The way we returned, not the way I was used to, is to park the car somewhere in the city, put 2 hours $2 worth of parking, and inform the hotel front desk where the car is parked. The hotel front desk will inform the rental car company where the car is parked. If they don't pick up in 2 hours, it's not our problem. Owner was helpful when we called about how to handle the accident. Overall very smooth and good experience despite the unexpected car accident.

Reasonable price and quite a nice trip

Absolutly grate car and amazing country!

Great car, small price. good service and friendly staff

Perfect, thank you

Very very nice and kindly Thank you

Upon picking up the car it was very early iceland time and dark. The rep provided us a car and sent us on the way. He made a statement the car is old but it works. I wasnt not looking for something fancy but I was also not looking to risk my life driving a vehicle that did not have working windshield wipers, windows dont let down, set wouldnt adjust. Imagine the fear of driving through icelandic mountains with fog, rain. high winds, snow and the windshield wipers dont work at all. Im very disappointed in the response when i rushed to return the car the next day. I would not use this company again and caution others as well

Although we appreciate Island and its wonderful sites, we were dissatisfied with our rented car, a grand vitara 2011. First, one of the wheel had a smooth tire so we had a puncture while we were driving on the road 1. On the other hand, there was no water on the tank to wash the windshield and no plug on this tank... Finally, the car refused to start the morning we left for the airport. All the lights on the dashboard were well lit but we had to push the car to start it. However, seconds later the engine has stopped after a bit of smoke coming from the exhaust. Of course, it' was not only a problem of battery (battery of origin.....) and all these problems could have been prevent if the car had been revised. However, we thank the service staff which called a taxi immediately and to carry out the refunding of the tire.

The worst car of my entire life.

We are locally owned by 2 partners, and are comitted to offer quality 4x4 vehicle´s at compatible rates, and with service based on personal relationship with each of our customers. We have an office in Hátún 6A, 105 Reykjavík open between 08:00-18:00 ( May 1 - September 30) and 08:00 - 16:00 (October 1 - April 30), we are also pleased to meet up with our customer´s at Keflavik Airport at their arrival night or day. So if you are looking for business relationship with personalized local car rental company, specializing in delivering service above and beyond with 4x4 vehicles we at Icerental4x4 look forward to hear from you.
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