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Good rental, the car was great on ice and snow and they didn't give us a hard time about returning it. Would use lagoon again!

I hired an i20 for 9 days in Iceland. We drove right around the southwest part of the island. I never had any trouble with the car. It was fitted with studded tyres for the snow and had seat and steering wheel heating which was awesome. Very helpful staff, and easy pick up and return. Would use them again!

The pick-up service is very handy and the car was good.A pleasant trip, Fara was reliable.

Lagoon were great, very informative and helpful. We drove one of their smaller cars all across the south and it was fine. If you're doing a lot of driving, especially in the winter, I'd suggest a 4x4 or a 4 wheel drive car for the icy conditions. The airport transfer to the rental building was easy and hassle free and they were very attentive to any time restraints. All insurance policies were explained and made clear before we left. Overall, a great car rental. Would recommend to anyone roadtripping around Iceland.

Highly recommend Lagoon, everything went soo smooth!

Highly recommend Lagoon car rental, we had a Jimmy Suzuki in November and it was perfect for us. Well worth the money. I am a travel consultant in England and again I couldn't rate this company more highly.

We have rented the best Romanian car on the market: a Dacia Duster and we have had the best holliday ever. The car was perfect for the icy roads of Iceland. The rental company was very professional and the prices were ok, so i recommend them.

Everything went perfect :)

Rented a smaller vehicle but was upgraded luckily to a larger wagon vehicle. This made all the difference in our road trip as it ensured us comfort all throughout. Staff was very hospitable and we're already waiting for us as soon as we exited the airport. Highly recommended!

Rented a KIA Optima Diesel, plenty of zip but sip slowly on gas. Lots of room for 2 full size luggages and 3 carry on. Noticed a broken tail light lens on the second day but upon search on Lagoon''s database there was note of scratch at the same area therefore we were not charged for damage. I would highly recommend getting an insurance though more so if your credit card company does not cover rental car damages. Staffs at the KEF location were very pleasant and courteous. Was picked up and dropped off at KEF upon arrival and departure. Highly recommended.

Very good car, friendly and helpful staff.

Everything was good.

Everything was great, the shuttle to office was waiting for us at airport, car pickup and return was quick and painless and the car, hatchback, was in great condition

Very pleasant experience. The car was good. Pickup was quite smooth. Did not have any surprises. I would recommend gravel protection insurance. Even if you are not going to drive off road or in the mountains there are a lot of gravel on the roads.

The car was in a good condition, well equipped and it was a pleasure to drive it. The staff was great, they responded to everything we asked for. Overall it was a nice experience and they did a good job.

Airport pick up and drop off are conducted in Iceland/relaxed timing, so have extra time for your plan and departure time. I booked for a specific car, but it wasn't available on site. I would recommend the Lagoon company to list as ie: Subaru Outback or similar and such. Over all experience was very good and we couldn't have done this 2 week trip without them.

Very good experience, the car was fairly new and an upgrade from what I have booked ( a surprise bomus!) the service at check in and out was efficient and friendly ( very friendly and cordial bunch at the office of Laggon Car) We have purchased extra insurance coverage which it was a reasonable move given the road conditions if oine travels around the ring road, the was not a major sales pitch on that and was our decision which was refreshing too.

All in all a very positive experience. The pick-up service is very handy and the car was good. Thanks a lot!

Very good experience

The car itself (2017 Mitsubishi Pajero) was perfect and was actually brand new (had 40 miles on it) for us! It was as advertised -- a nice, upgraded, roomy, 7 passenger car. Service, however, left something to be desired. We stood at the airport for about 45 minutes without really knowing what to do. There were people from every other car rental company walking around with signs, but it wasn't until I finally called Lagoon that we were able to get in touch with someone. Then we had to send the two drivers in the shuttle to the facility (because there were a number of other groups in our same position) to pick up the car, drive back to the airport to pick up the rest of our party, then head to Reykjavik. The staff also seemed like we were troubling them by getting picked up for the shuttle to the facility. Even at the facility we stood there for a few minutes while they talked amongst themselves before anyone even acknowledged that we were there. Would I rent from them again? Absolutely because the car was great and it never felt sketchy. Could they improve significantly on their process and communication with customers? Definitely.

We liked the car that we got, but the rental employees did not really take the time to explain the car to us and the little things, such as whenever you turn the wheel it makes a weird noise or the horn works in a different way. Also we had a horrible time with our GPS, to which the company never explained but simply put that it was straightforward. It is not straightforward for people who do not know the Icelandic language....... it was an okay experience

It took only 30 minutes to return the car. I went to 4 o'clock in the morning. It was very hard at the airport because of it. I am dissatisfied with paying a considerable expense to tire punk. The condition of the car at the time of renting was also inadequate.

Really good service but I think the piking up service in the airport could be better. We receved the vehicle we booked and it was clean and in good condition. Highly recommend Lagoon Car Rental. They have the best price !

Excellent Service. Efficient pick up from airport and collection of car. Vehuicle was perfect for our trip and in very good condition. Also very efficient return. Recommended

Wonderful interactions and easy rental process! When I returned the car we were driven back to where we were staying. Would definitely rent again with them!

We were picked up at the airport early in the morning with a group of other Lagoon Car Rental customers. Actual rental process was pretty straightforward and I was able to purchase additional insurance on site just fine (sand and gravel). The car was "or similar" to what we had rented: a Kia Sportage instead of Hyundai Tucson (really, really similar) and was well taken care of and clean. Inspecting the car, minor gravel damage was not taken into consideration and some of the more visible scuffs were already pre-filled on a pre-existing damage form. I was given the opportunity to check the damage on the car myself, and take pictures of any pre-existing conditions I wanted to have noted. The car had a full tank (really) and ran well during all our trip around Iceland. When returning, everything went fine except we were asked for the SD card with the GPS software, which we paid for but never got (and never missed because we used Google Maps and Waze just fine). So make sure to ask for the SD card with the GPS data if you need it, it's good for offline. We were taken to the airport on time for our flight. All in all, a very positive experience given how "scary" car rentals sound in Iceland.

I recommend this rental agency with eyes closed! More than reasonable prices, young, dynamic and helpful team No problem with the car Thank you

Lagoon Car Rental is the BEST! My buddy and I got just what we needed and they were on time with pick up from and drop off to the airport. Staff is super friendly, helpful, and professional. They give plenty of advice and recommendations. You even get a little fuel discount tag! Car I was great, exactly what we booked and had no issues. 10/10 would use again.

We booked a Renault Kadjar 4x4. Arriving at Keflavik airport, our pickup was a minute away with the transfer to the pickup location. (Staff was brilliant, friendly and helpfull). picked up the car at midnight and was given a led flashlight to inspect the car. All previous damages to the body where already marked on the rent papers. I had a look underneath and noticed some damage to the undercarriage, this was marked also and of we went. Car was on spiked winter tyres, definitely worth it. Inside was properly cleaned and it preformed superb. We drove 3200K in a week once had a small electrical fault that upon locking and unlocking the car reset itself. Received a message per sms about 4 hours prior to drop-off and arranged drop-off in Reykjavik. The staff member at the reykjavik office was even so kind to drop us back off at our hotel in the middle of the city. I'm a well traveled person that has rented cars at many locations I have no hasitation to mention that I can highly recomend renting at Lagoon Cars. Thank you for your kindness and good service. Hyk Berg

We booked a small car and were pleasantly surprised with a 4x4 SUV (which is very useful in Iceland). The staff are very accommodating and would definitely recommend

Our car was a really nice 2017 Renault. The car was great! It just took a little too long after we landed to get the car. But as soon as ai called, they were right there. We had the wifi also and it was superb. Returning the car was very easy! 4.5 rating

Pretty low price and they actually upgraded our car to a bigger one for free, we did not have any issues with it and everyone was very helpful and provided all the details we requested. Thanks much, great experience!

Problem free car rental with excellent service and superb vehicle. Wifi worked all over Iceland. Thanks everyone at Lagoon car rental!

Renting from Lagoon Car Rental was a good decision. Communication was clear and prompt from the start and Olafur picked me up and dropped off as well. We got a Kia Sporster 4x4 Diesel version which was in great condition and fun to drive. I did ring road and Snaefellnes Peninsula on it, and didn't face a single issue. I would highly recommend it.

the whole experience with this car rental was great. We originally had opted for a reg 4 door car but just a couple days before i decided to switch to a 4x4 and was the best decision ever. Due to constantly changing weather!

Good service and reasonable price at no hidden cost. Smooth pick up and return of the vehicle, we got the exact car that we rented and car was in good condition for 8 days

Everything went perfectly! We received the vehicle we booked. Although there was some miscommunication and when I booked the car, I was not told that the rental has no office in the airport.... It took us about 20 minutes to locate the lady for Lagoon Rental at the Airport (of which we emailed about and was told we would receive an upgrade for the inconvenience and never did) but after that was good. Friendly service, they did not seem very organized but overall good.

Everything went smoothly. It took us about 15-20 min to locate a guy with ''lagoon rental'' sign upon arrival but except that everything was great. We rented Dacia Duster 4x4 but instead we've got Renault Kadjar 4x4 which is same category car. Car was in perfect condition. During 7 days we did 2500km and we had no problem with the car. When we returned car it was totally dirty from outside but they just said that it is normal and that they all come back dirty. They have just look at car quickly, checked fuel level and that's it. Really good service, friendly stuff, great cars. I wish that all rental companies work like this.

The car itself was perfect with unlimited km, the staff was very friendly, and the pick up service was nice. However, we did not realize the office was not at the airport and there was nobody waiting for us when we arrived. Luckily my boyfriends phone had service, so we took the high charge hit and called the car company. They were there within 20 minutes after. They were very easy to work with, much cheaper than competitors, and quality cars!

Really good car and good service. Have a car dropping service to the airport even at 5 am in the morning. The Kia sorento 4x4 is brand new and really functional. But i think the picking up service in the airport could be better as we had waited in the airport for 1 hr and couldn't find the guy picking us up.

Great car and service, very friendly staff! Everything went smooth, from the pickup at the airport to the drop off at the end. Highly recommended!

Good car and nice staff! My main problem with this rental is the lack of communication: when I booked the car, I was not told that the rental has no office in the airport. Instead, they pick you up and drive to the office, which is fine it's only a 5-10 minute ride. But since I was not told where to go and where to wait, I had to run all over the airport until I decided to use my Skype credits and call them. After that, it still took a while until someone from the rental showed up and drove me to their office. Note that some cars have 2 gas tanks (gasoline and compressed natural gas) and one of the can be empty without a problem. I was taken by surprise by a warning about an empty tank and had to ask the stuff about that.

'/helpful staff! Nice service! Highly recommended.

The 4x4 Suzuki Jimmy that we hired from the very friendly and helpful staff at Lagoon Car Rental was perfect for our needs and worked flawlessly throughout our week long stay in beautiful Iceland. Using the link from Guide to Iceland resulted in cheaper prices than we managed to find anywhere else. Thank you

We were supposed to be picked up at the Airport and there was some confusion about that but after an hour when we finally were and taken to the Rental Office, things went smoothly. We rented a 4x4 and the car ran very smoothly and for the rest is was a very pleasant experience.

Good experience. We were surprised by the empty gas tank and the suggestions for 3 different types of insurance, but the car was in great condition and the use of the GPS was very helpful.

After spending a few days exploring Reykjavik on foot, we rented a Kia Sorento for ten days of touring through Iceland (November 7- 16, 2016). The SUV was delivered right to the apartment we were renting in the city, and the whole process of receiving the SUV was incredibly smooth and quick. The vehicle itself was very clean and in great condition. Overall we were very impressed with the vehicle as well as the service from Guide to Iceland / Lagoon Car Rental. Our only suggestions for improvement are to ensure that all vehicles are equipped with a snow brush / ice scraper (ours didn't have one).

We hired a Mitsubishi Outlander 4x4 for the duration of 10 days from the 28th of October to the 7th of November. We were doing the entire ring road for 10 days , hence the 4wd. Though we were quite skeptical about after reading few of the reviews in here; to out delight the entire process was smooth starting from our pickup from the airport to hiring the car out. The person from the car rental was at the airport with in 5 minutes of our arrival, which was at 12 in the midnight from where we were driven to their office nearby, . The paperwork at their office took around 15 mins and we were on our way. The car was in good condition,though there was a warning message displayed trough out about the four wheel drive system due for servicing. We didn't encounter any hiccups on our trip related to the car, so could not comment about their services in those circumstances. While returning the car we where running quite tight on out flight schedule. After reading few of the reviews here I was expecting them to inspect t the car and net pick everything. But they turned out to me such a professional. The person just had a quick look of the car, check the fuel limit and that was it!. We were driven back to the airport in the next 10. Brilliant service all-around. I would recommend them any day.

We rented Subaru 4x4. me and my friends had good experience at Lagoon car rental. Everything is great, whether the car, services. Would definitely go for this company when I visit Iceland again.

We rent a Toyota RAV4. It's in a good condition. It is clean. And on the way, we met a trouble that a stone got into our wheel. We called the company . A girl gave me a help with Chinese! It is very important!

excellent experience! settle a time and the staff will pick you up with their shuttle bus at the airport. we rent an toyota rav4 but was given a kia sportage, very nice car! we returned the car at 4:30am due to the early flight, and the office is open 24h.

The most challenging part of the renting process was how to meet the agent at the airport. They should have said that after you reserve a car. After a phone call, we met with the agent and from then on, all went smooth. Getting the great SUV which was comfortable and reliable during all period, returning process etc. No problems what so ever. Guys were very laid back and friendly but efficient as well. Highly recommend Lagoon rental.

Great experience. Locating Lagoon Car Rental is the most challenging aspect of the process, so be sure to get the business card with the map on the back before you leave! Or even request a map to Lagoon Car Rental before you arrive if you are not being met at the airport. Car performed great all around Ring Road, we had a 2 wheel drive Dacia Station Wagon and it was great for the 4 of us and our luggage for a Icelandic summer road trip. We were able to do all of Ring Road and a few secondary roads, but even in summer you would need 4x4 to do all other roads with confidence. Lagoon Car Rental was very busy when we arrived so give yourself a comfortable window of time (a couple hours) for the process. Staff was very friendly.

Everyone at the company was really friendly and very easy going! It was difficult to figure out where to go once getting off the plane in order to pick up the rental as they had s hand-made sign that was hard to read. Our car was ready and waiting for us when we got to the rental shop but some of the people we arrived with were not as lucky. The staff were very apologetic about it, but a lot of people just were not returning their cars on time! We rented the Jimney 4x4 which was perfect for doing the off-roading that we did. They had the best price and excellent customer service.

We had a very pleasant experience with them. Especially, one of their staffs is able to speak perfect Mandarin, which made our pick-up much easier. We had a diesel Hyundai Tucson. Great condition, no problem at all. We completed the circle around Iceland with it, and it was just perfect. One thing though, their location is 5-min drive from the airport, so make sure to contact them first to arrange the pick up.

I had a very cool experience with lagoon car rental . We had a almost new diesel Benz GLE. When i got it, it was only 120KM. We completed the circle around Iceland with it, and it was just perfect. By the way, their location is 5 min drive from the airport.

Staff was very friendly, kind and helpful. The car (Hyundai i20 2016) was nice and new, with the only issue being a warning light falsely displaying an error on the dashboard. Aside from this, great value and experience. Thanks.

Mine was total new white one and very comfortable. Had a great time with it. thanks for your services like pick-up and drop-off, fast and exact business. I will use Lagoon Car Rental over again on the next trip on summer, definitely !

When we arrived at the airport at 11pm, there was nobody, we had to call and wait for someone to come pick us up. The agency is 5 min shuttle from airport and filling the paper was pretty fast. Car was great, we had no problem during the entire trip and the return was fast and fine.

good experience. recommend to go with gravel protection, it is essential. we had an accident on the way to snaefellsnes, and called them for help. they came all the way from Reykjavik to bring us the replacement car.

Very friendly staff and very helpful too. The car (Toyota Rav4) was great and good value for money, we have truly enjoyed the use in snowy conditions. It was unfortunate that someone else dented the door, which cost me about EUR 1,000, but the staff remained very helpful in finding a solution for insurance cover. I can recommend Guide to Iceland, but advise to check your credit card insurance policy for such coverage (because mine does not appear to cover this)

We rent a 2015 4W car for our bi-weekly circle tore, the car is new, functional and very comfortable. With this car we found that driving on ice is not as dangerous as we thought before we came to Iceland. Their staff is very professional, always show up in time at pick-up time, and even drive us to the accomodation place at Chrismas dinner time, we really appreciate it. We will defenitly choose Lagoon Car Rental again when we come again in the summer time.

one of the best experience I ever had.

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The car we rented (Toyota RAV4) was in good condition, new, nice and clean.

Had a great time with the car. It was new, clean and very comfortable. Arnar picked me up at KEF airport and took me to the place where I got the car. He was very kind with me. Also the guy who picked the car in the hostel at the end of the location was really nice as well. I definitely recommend them.

Great service, I was happy for staffs. I really appreciates you guys. And car conditions was nice.Clean & new.i'm going to visit Iceland again. i want to meet you that time.THANK YOU!!

Very nice company. Everything went well with the vehicle during 13 days. The staff were very kind and helpful. My parents and I had a great time in Iceland this summer. Strongly recommend to others!

They were very cordial and friendly in attendance. The car was great, new and clean. Perfect! But I had some difficulty in finding the attendance during my arrival at the airport. And at the moment I went to return the car, the address I had in the contract was not found by the GPS, neither the company name, neither there was a favorite address saved to guide me back. I got very nervous because I drove in circles for more than an hour (4:00-5:00 in the morning) trying to find the agency to return the car very close to my flight departure. No signs at the roads, no address in the GPS, nobody that could help me (was very early). Finally I found another car agency and a man helped us with printing a map from Google, locating the address in the contract. Although all this stress I recomend and I would rent a car with Lagoon Car Rental again , because I understand that everyone can make a mistake. I recommend that they could implement a process to check that every GPS must have saved Lagoon Car Rental address in the favorites addresses so customers to not get lost at the car return.

Great. They dropped the car off at my accommodation, it was just what we wanted and we travelled around Iceland in comfort. The only slight hitch was finding the returns office at the airport but even then the staff were very helpful in talking me through the route.

We had a great time driving around Island! It too us to many places our ancesters lived. If my now 89 year old dad is feeling well, we take a New trip next summer. Then we gonna hire a car by you again. And we will absolutly recomend you to others! K.M. Gustavsen

very nice compamy and also great vehicle. Nothing negative memory on the 11days round trip.

We rented a car for a week in august, the plane arrived at 2:00 a.m., so so late, but the staff was waiting for us in the airport and they brought us back there at midnight after the week. Very kind guys, fast administration, best prices I found in Iceland. The car was a 2015 Clio, no problems, clean. We rented also an internet key because in the car there is place for USB. We could also charge our smartphones and the photomachine. Lagoon car gave us also a card for N1 so we had gasoil for better prices. I recommend the gravel road insurance, it's not expensive and you will definitely feel easier. Iceland is a dream come true, just enjoy it!

It was very good. At first they provided us with wrong car (automatic not manual) and i took an half of hour to change it, but then they gave us map of reykjavik and a lot of good advices. We left a (very very small) scratch on a car but they didnt make a problem for it! I honestly recommend them! ;D

We rented the car at the end of May 2015 for almost two weeks. We were greeted at the airport and despite the delayed arrival the staff was very courteous. The paperwork and vehicle handover process was quick and efficient. After 2 days in Reykjavik, we suddenly discovered a defect in the SUV. We went over to the airport office and after a brief inspection was offered a replacement which happened to be a brand new vehicle! That turned out to be the perfect ride for our 10-day circle tour of Iceland since there were 5 of us and needless to say, the boot was fully utilized. Thank you so much for the excellent service which made our family trip a wonderful and memorable experience!

It was an excellent journey. I and my parents enjoyed a wonderful time there. Very friendly staff, gave us a warm hug when we arrived with cold wind and rain. They gave us a lot of suggestions and explain to us patiently. And the car is almost new and very good performance! On the way back, they gave us a ride to the airport. I love Iceland and I will be back for sure! The Lagoon car rental would still my first choice to rent a car! We recommand to others!

After being on a plane for 11 hours (when the flight was only supposed to be just over 2 hours) we were tired, hungry and annoyed to say the least. But when we got off the flight we were greeted by a woman who couldn't have been more nicer; she made the whole bad flight experience disappear. The people that dealt with us were nothing but great. The woman who greeted us off the plane had also recommended a few places to see and we fitted it into the holiday and it was amazing. The man who did the paperwork with me explained everything very well. When we got to the car he showed me 2 minor scratches on the car. He even took out a torch so I could see them. He then showed me the paperwork to show it was already marked in. The car was fantastic, clean, smelled great and had everything we needed. We got plenty boot space and seat warmers which was a god send after being outside for a long time. The only fault I could say was the GPS. If you didn't know how to spell the place in perfect Icelandic it didn't come up so used my phone for most of the trip. Could have alot more better pre-planned destinations in it. Anytime we had any questions and phoned the office (24hours) they where happy to help. Has to be the best customer service I have ever came across. Now the price was amazing, they where the cheapest and most reliable I could find and I spent days looking. The cost of the car, all insurance's and the GPS was the best I could find by far. I have already recommended Guide to Iceland and Lagoon to some friends that might go to Iceland. When I come back to Iceland I wont even look any where else for a car I'll go straight to this website. Thanks very much, you made our holiday so much easier and most likely better!

Friendly staff, fantastic service, wonderful car. Our vehicle was perfect for our trip. Being in Iceland in April, the studded tires, were perfect with the weather that included icy conditions, snow, rain, sun and more. We loved Lagoon Car Rental and their flexibility and helpfulness. Would highly recommend them! It was great finding them through Guide to Iceland. So much good information!

We arrived at the airport and right away we met the people from guide to iceland who delivered the car and explained to us about our trip in iceland. The people are very polite and the car was in a brand new condition. I have been to iceland twice and always use Guide to iceland and i never get dissapointed with them.

The car was clean and staffs were very friendly.

Perfect! The staff were so flexible and friendly, car was clean and exactly what I needed for the few days I drove. Just wonderful!

Everything was perfect! Great service

It was excellent! I had some trouble getting the car but the staff did her best to make it work and I really appreciated it. Thank you so much! I will certainly use it again if I visit Iceland again! Loved it! :)

Our trip was great. The car was brand new and easy to drive. The staff at lagoon car rental were very flexible and nice.

We had a 6:00am reservation to pick up our car from the airport, the guy arrived around 6:30am to pick us, and a couple who had been waiting for over an hour for them to arrive. When we got to the car rental office in Keflavik, after waiting for the couple to be set up with their car, we were set up with a car that was an upgrade from what we had booked online, which was a great car and we loved it for our trip. Before leaving, I asked the woman what I should do in the event of a flat tire, as I knew I would be driving on gravel roads, and I had gotten regular and gravel insurance on the car. She told me to just take it to the nearest shop and carry on. Of course we did get a flat tire and took it to the nearest tire shop open (It was a Saturday so the nearest shop was over 2 hours away), when we arrived at the shop we were told that the tire was worn down due to being improperly inflated and the tire on the diagonally opposite side of the car was also about to pop so we needed to replace that as well. So we bought two new tires for the car and carried on, when we arrived back to lagoon, we were told that they would not cover any cost for the tires as it was our fault because we had hit something. (Diagonally opposite tires and no damage on the car or wheels whatsoever), and they told us that repair shops in Iceland will automatically call the car rental shop if it was not your fault. The whole thing made no sense and was very frustrating, and we left the country paying for two new tires on a car we don't own.

The car was nicely cleaned on the inside, people on the phone are nice - however these are probably the only bright sides on otherwise rather negative experience. Trying to charge us 5% of catalog price of a new car for minor dent on a car in already bad condition. Also as stated by many other - long waiting times for airport express. They should at least let you know, that you should wait @ the airport and when they will pick you up. Had to call them twice to get any information.

Process of renting the car was smooth, we paid for the biggest insurance package. When we returned it, there was a 2cm white scratch on the door, they made us pay over 600€ for it! So personally, I will make sure I don't recommend this car rental company to my friends who go there.

I was not very happy with my experience at all. We had reserved a Dacia Duster 4x4 Manual Transmission Diesel. When we arrived we were told that ll they had was a Suzuki car, automatic, regular gas - this was almost the exact opposite of what we wanted. I explained that I had a confirmed, paid for reservation - but was told that that didn't guarantee me the car I wanted. I tried to explain that it's EXACTLY what that means. we had no choice but to take the car that did NOT have a working horn, and had a flashing warning light about a ow pressure rear tire that went off every three seconds in the middle of the dashboard and could not be turned off. The tire was fine and had the correct air pressure but the computer on the car would not recognize it. After our first night in a hotel the battery died and we had to get a serviceman from a nearby garage to charge it and thankfully they did not ask for any money. The car was good for most of the Icelandic roads, but we circumnavigated the entire island and there were a few dirt roads that it did not perform as well as the 4x4 SUV I wanted. When we returned the car I was told that I would not be refunded the difference between the two cars until I had them call a manager and the refunded me 50 Euros. Overall - this was a horrible experience and I would NOT recommend this company. Very unprofessional - they should not be taking money and sending out a confirmation if they don't actually have the vehicle available. The little suzuki was fine for the most part - it just wasn't what I had asked and paid for.

Lagoon Car Rental is a family owned car rental operating in Iceland. Our mission is to help people experience all the best Iceland has to offer by providing customers with quality rental cars and personal service during their time in Iceland. All the cars we have to offer are less than a year old and are well equipped for the travel in Iceland. Our friendly staff is always welcome to help.

Lagoon Car Rental

 •  21.11.16

Mein drittes erstes Mal - Island, Du Droge!

Der erste Tag auf Island ist für mich jedes Mal wieder einer der beeindruckensten der gesamten Reise. Die Aufregung legt sich meistens am Abflughafen, genau dann, wenn ich in das Flugzeug einsteige. Wenn ich dann auf meinem Platz sitze realisiere ich erst, dass es WIRKLICH nach Island zurück geht. Warum "zurück"?  Nunja, wer einmal da war, kommt mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit wieder - es ist wie eine Droge! Ich schaue aus dem Fenster, wie die Wolken vorbeiz

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