The Winter in Iceland

It's the time of year when the northern light shine, lakes are frozen and the day is short creating an amazing atmosphere around the country. Of course there is less people around which makes the wilderness the perfect spot to be inspired by Iceland. Wilderness tour guides like to promote the wilderness itself instead of the most popular highlights. Because we know that what you really seek is not the most popular waterfall or the Blue Lagoon. You seek the wilderness, beauty and experience of being someplace no one has never been before. Isn't that much more beautiful than a single waterfall? And yes, you can do it. You can skip the golden circle and still have much greater experience than those who take the bus to the popular destinations.

Adventurous Winterland

In my mind, Iceland in wintertime is a hidden secret. I live in Snæfellsnes peninsula where the main tourism season is from June to October. Apart from that it's relatively quiet and natural. During winter is the time to meet the locals, have a chat with the fishermen as they come into harbor or photograph the northern lights with no one around you as far as the eye can see. That's the experience I want you to have from visiting us!

How to Travel

Well, it can be quite difficult to travel around in wintertime, since the roads can be blocked with snow. Extreme wind could as well easily blow a small rental car off the icy road if you're not careful enough. But could that be a part of the experience?

Adventurous Winterland

In the photo above you can see me and my friends in the local rescue team in outer Snæfellsnes peninsula. There we are rescuing tourist that got into a whiteout. We picked up aprox. 20 persons that day and we had to leave some of the cars behind.
Wind gust were up to 230 km/h literally blowing the smallest cars of the road.
I'm not wishing you have the same kind of experience, but you get the idea. It's an adventure whatever happens, anyway you look at it.

However, you need to stay safe! You need to know the forecast very well and ask locals how and what you should do. The weather can change very quickly in matter of hours so you need to be prepared for plan A and B. Make sure that if you have a rental car it's a 4x4 and has good tires with ice studs.
Do not attempt to go to F-roads or any of the highland roads and if you encounter some serious snow, don't try to drive through it. Even if it's a 4x4, if the snow reaches halfway up to your knee the chances are that most cars will get stuck.

Monitor and get familiar with websites such as Safetravel  and Vegagerdin before you come to the country. See the weather trends at Icelandic Met Office. Have your phones charged at all times and download the "112 Iceland" app from App Store or Google Play. Bring warm clothes, boots, beanie and gloves since you don't know when or if you have to get out of the car.


What to do?

We have lots of great activities to do in the wintertime. I listed a few of them:

- Join Amazing Tours in a super jeep adventure to the highlands.

- Visit Snæfellsnes area since it's short way from Reykjavík and relatively accessible during winter. Make sure you go on a cave tour at Cave Vatnshellir!

- Follow the 2 adventuremen on Instagram! Private guides willing to take you on the adventure you desire. #adventuremanofficial

- Make sure you go whale watching with Láki Tours. Almost guaranteed to see killer whales in wintertime.

- It's the ice cave season so you could contact Local Guide to visit one of those in South-East Iceland.

Adventurous Winterland


At last...

It's not about the destination. The whole adventure is the journey.

Don't hesitate to send me a message, I'm an adventure guide and I could set up great itinerary for you and your friends or family.
Enjoy your stay in Iceland!

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