Healthy choice for modern people

Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy! I'll admit- I'm a chocaholic and a big fan of junk food and sweets but every now and then I realize that it aint the best way to feed my body, especially during game season!

Today, my team KR, had a 10 am practice and afterwards we went to an organic restaurant called Lifandi markaður. We were so lucky to win a free meal there on a radio show and man did we hit the jackpot! Lifandi markaður means basically that every product there is organic and fresh and this is definetly one of the best food your body needs after a good workout. Their health food store is also located where the restaurant is! 


A little intro from their website:

Lifandi markaður is a health food store featuring a wide variety of natural and organic products. Enjoy a wonderful selection from local growers along with organic food, nutritional supplements, certified natural cosmetics and ecological products - from Iceland and all over the world.  We offer the highest quality, least processed, most flavorful organic and natural foods available.  We also carry a range of natural and organic supplements, cosmetics, and personal care products.

There are three Lifandi markaður in the capital area, two in Reykjavík and one in Kópavogur, and I definitely recommend it for all the organic lovers out there and also for everyone who enjoys healthy food that is good for you and your body!!

Healthy choice for modern people


My plate: pumpkin gratin, pesto, barley and veggies...slurp!


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