I’ve always been very active and I play pretty much every sport there is. Some might say I have ADD but that’s ok- I’ll kick their butt at any sport! My favorite one is basketball and I’m currently playing for a team called KR in Reykjavík.  I’ve also played in Alabama in the US as a senior in high school.

Hooligans- huddle up!

The main sports here in Iceland are soccer and basketball. I’m a big fan of soccer and its always fun going to a soccer game during the summer. The hooligans here aren’t as bad as in the UK but its always exciting to go to a derby game and get your adrenalin pumping!

The basketball season starts in the fall and ends in late spring time. We have a bunch of great players here and its fun watching a sport where there’s always something going on and the final shot can be the game winning basket. Both the mens and womens basketball leagues are pretty strong this year and all sports fans should definitely go check it out!

Check THIS out and look for the blonde in the hot pink shoes ;)

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