the Students' Lounge

Being a student and an athlete- it is important to stay organized and use your weekends wisely! With a 9 am basketball practice and a whole lot of psychology homework a head of me- Saturday did not sound interesting at all! All work no play? Nay!! 

Introducing my new favorite university classroom: "the Students' Lounge".

Stúdentakjallarinn, as it is called in Icelandic (direct translation: the students' basement), is a new bar located on the ground floor in my university, the University of Iceland. Its a has a nice vibe and there is always something exciting going on. They have a huge widescreen and today for example they were showing the QPR - Man U game. They have a fun and diverse schedule every week and this is the perfect way to hang out between study sessions. No one is gonna go crazy in this University!

the Students' Lounge

So today I had a long day ahead of me working on statistics for one of my psychology classes. Me and my friend Bára decided to take a brake, and of course, eat at Stúdentakjallarinn. The grungy and the laid back vibe there was just what we needed...and the food. Yes, the food pretty much made our day! Procrastinating? Not so much, this was a win-win situation!

Another cool fact about Stúdentakjallarinn is that they welcome every student and both their menu and homepage announcements are in Icelandic and English! So if you find yourself wandering or better yet, attending the Uni. Iceland- check this place out! Their menu is definitly student friendly money-wise and delicious!

Check out their fun website on facebook here!

the Students' Lounge


Student / athletes in the flesh! Me and my friend Bára, who also plays basketball in the capital, survived throughout the day thanks to Stúdentakjallarinn!


Statistics can really make you or break you on a Saturday!

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