Nash Grier and Jerome Jarre are two names that I recently discovered since I have a teenage sister who apparently loves them! 

Their vines are hilarious and they have more than a million followers so they must be funny...or  just really cute!


World War Vine in Iceland



They had a meetup on Sunday, January 5th, in one of Icelands mini malls, Smáralind, and everything went crazy. The teenage girls came together like a flock of hungry seagulls in the hope of seeing their favourite "Vine guys". It was a total nightmare, a photographer claimed, the girls were everywhere! Some people got hurt and some cars were damaged!


This just means that Iceland is the place to be!!! I've seen some pics on Instagram and Facebook where girls got to meet Nash and Jerome and they seem to have the time of their life here! They have been around town, making funny vines in Iceland and making a huge impact on Instagram and Twitter among the girls here. 

My sister told me to check them out and they are pretty funny and pretty cute too! Its a win win situation lol! They also took the time to learn some Icelandic words and are tweeting in Icelandic! Kudos for that Vine guys ;)

Check their vines out by clicking on their names, the recent vines are from Iceland!

Jerome Jarre and Nash Grier on Vine :)

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