Friends from New York to Iceland

There is no place on earth like Jokularslon (e. glacier lagoon) - in my personal opinion. Recently I took my great friend and amazing human being, Jason Valenta, to Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. 

Jason, who comes from the concrete jungle that is New York city, is a world traveler himself but has been a frequent visitor in Iceland. It came as a surprise when he told me that he had never really been outside of Reykjavik, our capital. For me that´s like eating a hot dog without mustard. So we decided to take a little trip to the east, the destination was Jokulsarlon. After a few routine stops along the way we reached our stop in the midday sun. I love the expression on people´s faces when they see the lagoon for the first time, and Jason´s face didn´t disappoint. 

If you want your mind blown - send me a line and I´ll be happy to witness your facial expression when you see the lagoon :)


Friends from New York to Iceland


        Looking forward to hearing what YOUR favourite place in Iceland is! Don´t hesitate to write me a message if you have any inquiries and I will get right back to you :)

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