Mother-Rocking Home Sweet Home


My best friend Hera, who is also blogging here (Hera's blog) and her dog Bella, Me, my brother Thorsteinn and our dog Gormur and my sister Elina.

There is definitely nothing like it. When you’ve been eating my lousy cooked food, to my defense in a poorly equipped kitchen, and coming home to my moms sweet tasting dinners it’s just heavenly. Plus Christmas is not a bad time to be coming home to because who doesn’t love the Christmas food and deserts, lighting candles and snuggling under a warm blanket, especially when the weather is crazy outside, drinking hot chocolate and watching a good film around the people you love...I know corny but who cares, I like it!

For me it was seeing my dog that made it even better coming home. He was so happy to see me that he didn’t let me out of his sight for days. He followed me everywhere I went and wanted to lie in my lap whenever he could and even though he’s not allowed to sit on the couch I couldn’t find it in my heart to stop him from jumping in when no one was looking...Just so you know he’s a Labrador Retriever so he’s not the smallest breed hehe:)

Mother-Rocking Home Sweet Home

My street on New Year's Eve

When you’ve been away from home for a long time you learn to appreciate what you have so much more. And I’ve grown to love my little island, it’s sometimes freezing and dark but it’s also more unpredictable and more beautiful than you could ever imagine.


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