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Movember...? No, Moustache March!

Movember...? No, Moustache March!

Geprüfte Expertin

Around the world a month is dedicated to cancer awareness by men growing moustaches, in most countries this takes place in November and the month is renamed as Movember.

In Iceland on the other hand, this month is March - aptly named Mottumars - or Moustache March.

Yesterday the organisation Mottumars released the above video - of known Icelandic male actors shaking their asses to Hossa Hossa by the Icelandic reggae band AmabAdamA. (Every actor in this video is nation famous!)

It's a great and fun way to get people talking - and to take care of their own ass! Being aware is not enough. Cancer is a horrible and serious disease, that is easier to handle the earlier it is diagnosed. So I encourage people of all ages to go to a doctor and get checked out - both men and women for colon, testicular, breast or vaginal cancer!

And I hope this video brightens up your day :)