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Leiðarendi Höhlen-Tour | ab Reykjavík

Leiðarendi Höhlen-Tour | ab Reykjavík
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Reykjavik, Capital Region, Iceland
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Visit one of the country's most famous caves, the lava tube Leiðarendi in the Blue Mountains just outside of Reyjavík. This caving adventure is the perfect choice for anyone looking to have an authentic Iceland experience during their stay in the land of ice and fire.

Your excursion begins with a pickup in the capital of Reykjavík, from where you will be driven through the scenic and rugged lava field of Tvíbollahraun before arriving at your destination.

Once there, your local guide will provide you with all the safety equipment necessary to explore the dark world beneath the ground. After strapping on your helmet and turning on your headlights, prepare to get down on all fours and crawl through the narrow mouth of the cave.

Once inside, you will be greeted with an otherworldly display of striking colours and ethereal rock formations. The circular lava tube, which stretches for 900 metres beneath the ground, was formed in a volcanic eruption over 2000 years ago.

Over the ages, different lava-streams have flowed through these natural tunnels, creating visible layers of magma. Your guide will keep you informed about the cave's fascinating geological history and lead you safely past its glistening walls.

The formations you should expect to see within include stalagmites rising from the cave floor; stalactites dripping from the roof, and come the winter season, glistening sculptures of ice.

Everywhere you look, you'll see different shapes and colours, where flakes of lava rock lie scattered throughout the tube because of frost and erosion over the centuries, creating the cave's distinct features and undeniable allure. As you ascend back into the world above, know that you've just experienced first-hand the great powers that continuously form our Earth.

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Gut zu wissen

Bitte ziehe dich warm an, da es im Inneren der Höhle immer kühl ist. Wir empfehlen Handschuhe und gute Wanderschuhe. Wir führen die Tour mit kleinen Gruppen mit maximal 8 Teilnehmern durch. Die Tour ist wetterabhängig und kann wetterbedingt angepasst oder storniert werden müssen.



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