Relaxing 6 Hour Secret Lagoon Day Tour with Aurora Floating & Food Tasting

Relaxing 6 Hour Secret Lagoon Day Tour with Aurora Floating & Food Tasting

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Are you ready to bring a new level of relaxation to your holiday in Iceland? Prepare yourself for an authentic countryside hot spring experience with this trip to the Secret Lagoon.

You’ll be picked up at your Reykjavik hotel or the location of your convenience. Your courteous and professional driver will then take you beyond the city limits, into the stunning Icelandic countryside. It’s a scenic journey filled with incredible vistas that are unique to this part of the world.

You’ll be taken to visit Iceland’s Secret Lagoon for a relaxing floating experience. The lagoon is a human-made pool fed by natural hot springs in a geothermal region of the famous Golden Circle route.

The Secret Lagoon is known throughout the land as the oldest swimming pool in Iceland, though it’s been thoroughly renovated in recent years. Still, the mossy terrain and steaming vents surrounding the area will transport you to another time and place as you let the naturally-heated waters engulf you.

As well as floating in our year-round hot lagoon, you'll also get a 10-minute in-water massage and underwater speakers to listen to soothing music to enhance your experience.

If the sky is clear and we're lucky, you may also see the Northern Lights dancing overhead!

Floating relieves stress and improves physical and mental well-being. As you fall into a deep relaxation state, your muscle tension, blood pressure, and heart rate drop. Floating is known to aid detoxification, help with pain relief, speed up injury recovery as well as stress-related afflictions.

After your floating experience, you'll get to boil eggs in a natural hot spring that will be served with some rye bread from our geothermal bakery, local tomatoes and cucumbers, fermented shark, and a shot of Black Death, a traditional, strong Icelandic drink.

Don't miss out on this cultural but relaxing tour in Iceland!


huevos para cocer en las aguas termales
masage de 10-15 minutos dentro del agua
degustación del pan de centeno de nuestra panadería geotérmica
degustación de tiburón fermentado con "Black Death"
tomates y pepinos de invernaderos locales
tiquete de entrada al Secret Lagoon
kit flotante


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