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Matkaopas: The Grillmarket

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Food & Drinks
Keskimääräinen arvosana
Arvostelujen lukumäärä
Lækjargata 2a, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
18:00 - 22:30
Etäisyys keskustasta
280 m

The Grillmarket is a classy but cozy restaurant.The Grillmarket, or "Grillmarkaðurinn," has been a mainstay in Iceland's restaurant scene for a long time, thanks to its delicious food, good atmosphere, and central location. Founded and run by celebrated Icelandic chef Hrefna Sætran, it is a favorite with both locals and visitors. Due to its popularity, booking a table at the Grillmarket in advance is recommended.

The grill is, of course, the focus of the restaurant.Housed in a historic building in downtown Reykjavik, the Grillmarket aims to be an Icelandic restaurant through and through, both in terms of design and food. All the main ingredients in the menu are Icelandic and sourced through a fruitful partnership with local farmers. The fresh ingredients alongside the high-end kitchen make for a superb dining experience that the Grillmarket is known for.

The interior of the Grillmarket is like a comfortable winter cabin.As you step inside the Grillmarket, you are greeted with a stylish yet cozy atmosphere, somewhat reminiscent of staying in a comfortable cabin - the perfect choice for a romantic date or a night out with a group of friends. The first-class service ensures a relaxed experience as you decide which part of the menu to partake in.

The ingredients at the grillmarket are fresh and locally sourced.As the name of the restaurant suggests, the grill is the focal point of the menu, with Icelandic specialties such as grilled puffin, whale steak, and lamb chops being some of the more popular dishes. The steaks are also fantastic as the meat gets the best available treatment, being left to hang for a minimum of 35 days. 

The restaurant also offers a sharing menu where the chefs have put together a selection of the very best the Grillmarket has to offer. Instead of serving the dishes individually, the menu is meant for the whole table to share, and they come one after the other through the meal, with a vegetable option available if requested. 

The Grillmarket is a favorite with both locals and tourists.There's nothing better than a good dessert after a delicious feast, and the Grillmarket does certainly not disappoint in that regard. You might go for the Grillmarket chocolate, where a mascarpone mousse is served with warm caramel and coffee ice cream, or maybe you're partial to the dessert platter, where a selection of sweet goodies are served alongside exotic fruits, ice cream, and sorbet. 

Why not grab a cocktail after a delicious meal?Alongside the fantastic food, the Grillmarket has an impressive selection of drinks, including artisan cocktails for a cosmopolitan vibe. Overall, the restaurant is a solid choice if you're looking for a great dinner experience in Reykjavik, where you can get in touch with the very best that Icelandic cuisine has to offer, so don't hesitate to book a table now.

If you are enthusiastic about seafood, make sure to check out the Grillmarket's sister restaurant, the Fish Market, where you will find the best bounty from Iceland's ocean.

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