We had the most wonderful time in our volcano tour yesterday. After stopping at some beautiful places driving the road less travelled we came down to a valley where there was lot of sheep. Being raised at a sheep farm in the West of Iceland of course I had to say hello. In it's own language of course.

I rolled down the window on the Land Rover Discovery. "Meeeeeeeee" I said. (I know it seems simple but it can have so many meanings depending on the tone of voice you use.) In this particular case it ment: "Hi, how are you doing?"

The sheep instantly raised it's head, looked at me surprised, said "just great!" and came running towards the car. We exchanged few sentences that were overheard by other sheep that soon also came running to the jeep. I stepped out to meet them.

I suspected what they were after. I took an old tin box from my picnic backpack. In it I always have freshly baked "kleina" an Icelandic cousin of the American doughnut. I opened it. The sheep went crazy trying to eat the kleina right from the box.

Now my guests came to my rescue. I gave them several kleina each and the started distributing the goods as equally as possible among the sheep. Being the good shepherd. As with humans, some got more and others less. Live is the same everywhere.


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