Day 22 of 3 week Iceland Trip: Epilogue

Day 22 of 3 week Iceland Trip: Epilogue


All good things come to an end. Our 3-week stay in Iceland was over. We enjoyed it immensely. Here I'll detail the costs of travelling to Iceland with a 4WD car and driving around Iceland for 3 weeks, and give you some tips on Iceland.

Day 22 of 3 week Iceland Trip: Epilogue

In the morning of our last day we bordered MS Norröna back to Holland.

It had been a holiday with many new impressions; it was good to be on board for the next 2 days. We had time to rest for the final ride home to Holland.

On board we met a Land Rover group we had met before in Nyidalur and we had a lot to talk about.

Iceland is a fantastic place for a nature holiday; it is rough and sophisticated.

It is a modern country and everything you might need is available. In the bigger places there are well stocked supermarkets. In small towns the supermarkets are more basic.

Watch out when buying beer, the real pilsner with 5% alcohol can not be bought in supermarkets, only alcohol shops.

The people are very friendly and helpful. Everyone speaks English very well.

It is not a cheap destination, but mainly the ferry trip made the trip expensive, we did not find Iceland extremely expensive.

Restaurants have Scandinavian prices. Excursions however are very expensive. I had 2 diving days for € 300 each, 4 dives. I brought my own gear witch gave me a 10% reduction and the comfort of having gear I am used to.

We did not take part in any other excursions because of the budget.

Will I visit Iceland again? Yes definitely.

Will I advise others to go? No I want to keep it for myself. It rains regularly and it can be cold. Go to Spain or Italy.

If you go, take good care of nature, they have a lot! Enjoy it and leave it undisturbed. There are not enough Icelanders to guard every flower, so help them and tell people that do damage things to stop.

In total we drove 6852 km of which there were 4441 km on Iceland.

Costs of Self Drive Travel in Iceland for 3 Weeks


  • Twice no Diesel available
  • Highland often didn't have any GSM network coverage
  • Tire damage
  • Siminn data card top up
  • Charging batteries for cameras

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Thank you for reading and watching.

Ditta & Bas


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