Helga Hausner

현지인 연결


Mythology, Culture, Hiking, Photo tours, Recreation, Tour planinng, Private Guiding, westfjords, day tours, sightseeing, workshops, Eco Trips & Travel, geology of Iceland, Sagas and icelandic culture


English, German, Icelandic


Tour Guide, Travel Agent

I am German and have lived in Ísafjörður for years. The greatest thing is to show other people what you like. I am a group leader and tourist guide with heart and soul. My two businesses are: Ísafjörður Guide. Ísafjörður Guide offers short interesting Walks through the historic village Ísafjörður. My walks are: Ísafjörður Walk, Plants, Geology, Elves, trolls and stories, Culinary Explorations and Please Taste. My company emphasises honesty and having well-trained and dedicated Guides. All the culture, nature, and geology walking tours I developed myself. Because I love what I do, I choose to guide many of the walks myself. I also offer special tours. My website: www.isafjordurguide.is