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Icelandic kayaktours (Kayakferðir) has been in operation since 1995 and offers a new way to explore the nature. We travel on kayaks along the unique lagoons of one of Iceland’s most beautiful coastline and through a broad water area west of Stokkseyri. The area consists of small and big ponds connected by narrow canals, and is the ideal surroundings for enormous numbers of birds and plants.

This is where the Flóaáveita ends, a remarkable irrigation structure, made in the years 1918 to 1927 and spreads over more than 12 thousands hectares of land. In cooperation with the Bird Protection Society of Iceland and the Icelandic Institute of Natural History, we have made sure that this way of nature study does not upset at all the existence of animals and plants in the area. For example we frequently see curious seals following the kayaks when we paddle along the lagoons, incredibly close and completely fearless. Apart from being an unusual way to explore nature, paddling a kayak is a very peaceful and amusing entertainment.

Kayaking in Iceland is an experience that will not be forgotten. We are very concerned about the safety of our customers. We are the only kayak rental in the country that uses only so called “sit-on-top” kayaks, which are the safest kayaks available and have become very popular over the past years in USA and other countries. They are also used by rescue teams in some countries.

Our kayak fleet can take up to 50 persons in one tour. We offer various possibilities in tours for groups, families and individuals. (See tours.)



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