There are many ways to explore Iceland, but one of the very best ways (in our humble opinion) to see the beautiful, varied landscape is to rent a car right away upon arrival at Keflavik Airport. Before you make your choice, you should take the time to have a look at all the varied attractions of Iceland, and decide what sort of holiday you are looking for.

Icelandic exploration by camping car

For those who are looking for adventure, and want to see as much of the different landscapes as possible, we offer the option of hiring a camping car, equipped with a roof top tent. Our 4x4s allow you to safely traverse much of the country's gravel roads to the highlands of the interior, while also being equipped with roof top tent, which mean that you will have the freedom to roam pretty much wherever you want without having to worry about reaching a hotel or B&B, or finding somewhere good to eat. Imagine driving around an isolated fjord, spending the night in sight of a glistening glacier, by a picturesque lakeside, or beside a black and alien-seeming lava field, and being able to watch a sunrise and sunset free from worry, and close as can be to the nature, which is and will always be Iceland's main attraction.

Whatever you decide to do while in Iceland, we hope you consider our service as an option, for adventure, freedom and economy. One satisfied customer exclaimed that nothing beats a roof top tent camping car. But this is of course just one of the many options available to you for the visit to Iceland, should you need any further information then do get in touch.

Renting a Car in Iceland

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