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Kerri-Ann Butcher

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I'm a travel blogger with 37 countries under my belt and a love of exploring solo! By day I work as a professional copywriter in the luxury travel industry, and so far the day-job has seen me master the language of a wealth of brands; give an entire smart city a voice; talk travel for a plethora of popular blogs and craft compelling copy for a host of international clients, including GHM Hotels, Palace Hotel Tokyo, Four Seasons and Aman Resorts. By night I like to keep my own blog looking healthy and can usually be found planning my next trip!
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Getting Your Flippers Wet in Iceland

Thingvellir National Park is a protected area of striking natural beauty around 40km east of Iceland's capital Reykjavik. It was the site of Iceland’s very first parliament back in A.D. 930, but more than this, it was also the world’s first democratically elected parliament, so thanks to its rich history the area has become a bit of a natural treasure to the Icelandic people. History aside, it is a place of extreme natural beauty and continues to develop, not only an intricate and delicately balanced ecosystem, but prestige on a global scale as one of the earth’s rare and untouched wonders.

Summertime in Iceland

For many, Iceland is synonymous with the world’s premier 100% natural, emission-free light show – AKA the Northern Lights. Sure, it’s dazzling and - when it plays ball - never fails to disappoint, but there’s more to Iceland than this. From black sand beaches to glacial hikes in the beaming sun, here are just a few of the reasons why visiting Iceland in summer is an experience you can’t clone, giving those icy winters and all that they bring a run for their money! Caution: Cute Animals Ahead It’s not only excitable tourists who love visiting Iceland in summer, oh no - you’ll be joined by the

Beating the Chill in Iceland

“They say if you don’t like the weather, just wait fifteen minutes”. Never have truer words been uttered. I’m not going to lie to you, I spent a lot of my time in Iceland with a face like this:   Having just been soaked by the warmth of the geothermal geysers, this is me at the more pleasant end of the scale that represented the times I fell victim to nature during my stay. In a country where sheet snow can turn to piercing blue skies quicker than you can learn to spell Reykjavik, knowing best how to handle the weather is all part of the acclimatization process. When traveling in Icela

Etching Iceland onto the Solo Backpacker's Map

Those of you who have traveled across Europe - whether that be via the thrill of Interrailing or the spontaneity of backpacking - will know all too well that Iceland isn’t exactly en route to, well, anywhere. Of course being absent from the backpacker’s classic route and instead slap-bang in the middle of North Atlantic Ocean far away from much of the mainland has its advantages; cleaner waters, less-densely populated areas, unspoiled natural beauty and perhaps most alluring of all for us Europeans, it’s about as far away from Europe’s dramas (Brexit negotiations, avocado shortages - the list

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