Turer på Islands høyland

Turer på Islands høyland

Islands høyland utgjør landets fjellrike og ubebodde indre, inkludert det populære turområdet Landmannalaugar. Islands høylandsturer er en blanding av superjeepturer, gåturer og sightseeingturer der du kan oppleve uberørte regioner.


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George R Porter

George R Porter

02/08/2018, 00:27
Review of 8 dagers sommerturpakke | De beste attraksjonene på Island

Summer 2018: -We would absolutely recommend! Guide to Iceland made it very easy to plan this trip and once I was there everything was set up and ready to go. The hotels were clean and centrally located to everything. The bus pick up was easy, every driver knew my name and called me and got me to where I needed to be on time. Each planned excursion was exciting and well planned out by the tour guides. -The top highlights of my solo trip include: 1. Snowmobiling on a glacier with Mountaineers of Iceland - "a must do" 2. Hiking on a glacier 3. Going inside a volcano (note: there is about a forty-five walk through a lava field just to get to the volcano from the parking lot, which is great when it is nice outside). 4. Hiking the rim of another volcano to see the colorful oozing looking rocks 5. The waterfalls 6. The boiling geysers 7. The tiny, quiet city of Reykjavík 8. ATV tour (I booked that at my hotel, it was a lot of fun.) 9. My fun tour guides 10. All the people from around the world I met traveling through Iceland 11. The locals who make it fun and like talking to tourists (I just sat in the park and spoke with a few on a nice day). 12. The cool black volcanic beaches 13. The glacier lagoon (Golden Circle Tour) 14. Blue lagoon (wow). It is not cheap, but for good reason. You get what you pay for and it like nothing you have ever seen before on this planet (note: I got a crazy sunburn from the lagoon, so be careful in summer). 15. Hiking in the national parks and seeing the divide between Europe and North America. 16. Seeing where Game of Thrones and J.B. film the show/video. 17. Great pick up and drop off right from my hotel, or just down the street. 18. If you do have leftover time in the city, take a walk to a geothermal city pool. It is a good way to spend a few hours, and it is not expensive. 19. Eight days was the perfect amount of time to see the highlights of Iceland. --Suggestion/observations: 1. Save money on food by going to the "Bonus" grocery store. Also, take a short walk out of the highly touristy areas, the farther you walk, the lower the prices. The complimentary hotel breakfasts are great, so eat up each morning. 2. Reykjavík won't take more than one day to explore so plan an excursion for each day. Most excursions end around 6 pm so you will have plenty of time to see the city. 3. Reykjavík is flat and very walkable. You won't need to hire a cab (or drive a rental) to get around. There are no highways to walk across in the country and being a pedestrian is the way to safely go. 4. Great water resistant shoes are highly recommended for every excursion. You don't need winter jackets or snow pants in the summer. Just a warm sweater and a warm rain jacket will suffice. 5. Alcohol is expensive, so don't plan to spend too much time at the bar. 6. It is fun to go with a group of friends, but you can also safely do this trip solo without any problem. You meet nice people, of many different ages, from around the world each day and the tour guides love talking with everyone.

Vanlige spørsmål

Hva er de mest populære attraksjonene på Islands høyland?

De mest populære attraksjonene er det geotermiske området Landmannalaugar, dalen Þórsmörk og Kerlingarfjöll turistanlegg. 

Hva kan jeg gjøre på Islands høyland?

Islands høyland passer perfekt for turgåing, fjellklatring og sightseeing.

Når passer det best å besøke Islands høyland?

Vanligvis er Islands høyland tilgjengelig fra juni til august, men det kan variere med en uke avhengig av forholdene.

Hva er de mest populære turstiene på Islands høyland?

De mest populære dagsturene er i Landmannalaugar, men Fimmvörðuháls-passet fra Þórsmörk til Skógar er også et utmerket valg. Stien Laugavegur fra Þórsmörk til Landmannalaugar er den mest populære flerdagsturen.

Hvilken type bil må jeg kjøre hvis jeg skal besøke Islands høyland?

Du trenger en bil med firehjulstrekk, men enkelte ruter er bare tilgjengelige med superjeep. Det eneste unntaket er fjellveien Kjölur, men denne ruten er bare egnet for biler med firehjulstrekk og jeeper.