A mountain and a movie star

A mountain and a movie star

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A mountain and a movie star


Hike on mount Hafnarfjall in west Iceland – it´s a mountain and a movie star. This amazing picture is by KJ Photography.

I watch it every day out of my window in Borgarnes when I drive past it on my way to the capital Reykjavík. 

I also climb it on a sunny day in the summer and admire the endless view from the top. Many people climb all seven peaks. The highest one is 844 m but the mountain has several hiking trails.  

I take a short  walk up to it´s hills when I need to clear my head and get some fresh air. My mountain is always there, beautiful and respectable. It has stood here for a several thousand years, and is a part of an extinguished central volcano which is about four million years old. It is mostly made of basalt. 

It sure has seen a couple of things!  It´s newest role was to take part in the movie The secret life of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller. So now my mountain is a movie star like  many other beautiful mountains in Iceland. It´s endless diversity and beauty raises the good in people. I´m like a proud mother or a big sister. This is my mountain, it´s on my doorstep. Welcome to Hafnarfjall.

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