Cottages in Hvammstangi

Cottages in Hvammstangi

Visit northern Iceland and book your stay in a comfortable cottage in Hvammstangi. Find the perfect cottage and immerse yourself in Iceland's nature

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Why stay in a cottage in Hvammstangi?

Hvammstangi is a picturesque town on the west coast of Iceland, known for its stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage. For travelers seeking an authentic Icelandic experience, renting a cottage in Hvammstangi is the perfect choice.

You'll have a cozy and comfortable home base from which to explore the surrounding area, including nearby national parks, hiking trails, and the fjord of Midfjordur where you can go seal spotting. Some cottages offer amenities such as hot tubs, perfect for relaxing after a day of adventure, or an outdoor grill for those that want to cook under the open sky.

You can also enjoy the local cuisine, including fresh seafood and Icelandic delicacies, or take part in traditional activities such as fishing and horseback riding in the nearby area.

With its peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty, Hvammstangi is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a unique and unforgettable Icelandic experience. Book your cottage today and start exploring!