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Danielle Desir is a Travel Finance Strategist that uses her financial background and knack for financial planning to empower those who want to travel afford a life of travel while excelling in their personal finances. She shares creative planning strategies, saving tips, cheap flight deals and more on her blog, The Thought Card.
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To Rent a Car In Iceland or Go On Day Tours: How To Pick The Right Sightseeing Option

First and foremost, there’s no right or wrong way to explore Iceland. It all comes down to personal preference and travel style. When traveling solo in Iceland I prefer bus tours because they are easy to book and more affordable than renting a car. Booking a day tour in Iceland is so easy that for many tours, you can book the day before departure, no questions asked. There are also all sorts of tours to choose from including glacier tours, whale watching & puffin tours, Golden Circle tours and even helicopter tours. Join a large group tour or a small group tour for a more personal experienc

6 Practical Tips For Saving Money In Iceland

Over the last few years, flights to Iceland have dropped plenty making planning a trip to the “Land of Fire and Ice” more affordable than ever before. Not only does Icelandair conveniently offer Iceland stopovers at no additional cost while crossing the Atlantic Ocean but Wow Air Airlines also offers low-cost flights to Iceland from many cities within the U.S. and Europe. Still, Iceland is an expensive travel destination. With that being said, for travelers looking to save wherever possible, here are six simple ways to save money in Iceland. Related: How Much Does A Trip To Iceland Cost?

Historic Spots in Reykjavík That You Probably Don't Know About

Reykjavík is studded with monuments and art pieces that either commemorate founders and leaders, or important events in Iceland. Despite this, unless you're sightseeing with a historian or a knowledgeable local, it’s easy to miss the less popular (but totally worth it) historical sights. So to broaden your knowledge of Iceland's history and culture, discover the historic spots in town that you probably have never heard of. See also: History of Iceland Arnarholl Hill & Statue of Ingolfur Arnarson Image via Flickr by Peter  Arnarhóll is a grassy green hill in Reykjavík. At the top of the

Coffee Shops To Satisfy Your Coffee Fix in Reykjavík

It's no secret that skyr, hot dogs (pylsur) and Myrkvi (porter) are Icelandic staples. But did you know that coffee is also at the top of the list? The average Icelander consumes five cups of coffee a month. This makes Icelanders the third largest coffee consumers per capita in the world! Now if you're wondering where you can find stellar coffee in Reykjavík, you’ll be happy to know that there's a coffee shop on almost every street. So if you’re looking for high-quality brews and charming cafés in Reykjavík, here are a few places worth checking out. Café Haiti Image via Flickr by Bex Wa

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