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Hi! My name is Birna co-founder and owner of Pink Iceland, LGBT travel, wedding & event company in Iceland. I'm born and raised in Reykjavik and have a bachelors degree in Nursing from the University of Iceland. I split my time between the hospital and the Pink Iceland office where I spend my days planning exciting adventures for our guests and their dream weddings! I love what Iceland has to offer and I get very excited on behalf of my guests when planning their time in Iceland! I personally love to travel, both in Iceland and abroad, my heart beats for practical jokes and I love swimming. I'm afraid of heights and form the dj-duo Dj Glimmer with my girlfriend. ​
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Art in the streets of Reykjavík

Don’t have the patience to go from gallery to gallery but still wish to experience some art during your stay in Reykjavík? My advice is simply to walk around and enjoy the magnificent works decorating houses around Reykjavík. Pink Iceland offers a walking tour around the city centre of Reykjavík, the Pink City Walk – the essential Reykjavík City Tour sprinkled with LGBT history.    

The Ice Bucket List: 10 Great Reasons To Visit Iceland

Iceland seems to have made it to everybody’s, and their mothers’, bucket list. And for good reason. Conveniently located between Europe and the US more and more people now stop by, rather than just fly over. The country has also become extremely popular with Hollywood film makers who've come to here to film blockbusters like Tom Cruise's 'Oblivion', 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty', 'Promotheus' and Noah, starring Russel Crowe.  -  So -  what’s the attraction? 1. THE EASE It only takes three hours to fly to Iceland from many major airports in Europe and less than six hours from the East C

The Amazing Westfjords

My favourite travel experience in Iceland took place in the week leading up to summer solstice a couple of years back. Me and a few friends visited the Westfjords of Iceland as none of us had ever been. We’d heard stories of breathtaking beauty and seen pictures that seemed out of this world so we decided to see this magical place with our own eyes. It’s safe to say we were not let down. After a five hour drive from the capital we made our first pit-stop and pitched our tent by the sea in the bottom of a picturesque fjord where we watched the sun not quite go down before rising again. 

The Northern Lights: Spotted!

"DROP EVERYTHING!" Excuse me I said. "Yes drop everything, check out the Northern Lights forecast for this evening and put on your heaviest winter coat, we're going hunting"   Still today I'm glad I got that very excited phone call from my friend that demanded that we would cancel our plans for the evening and go hunting for the Northern Lights. The forecast hadn't been so good in... forever, we should know as we both work in tourism and follow the forecast meticulously. We rang up other interested friends, brilliant photographer Megan Whittaker being one of them, and started driving. We di

Is Being A Destination Wedding Planner The Best Job In The World?

Working for Pink Iceland has proven to be one of the best jobs I've ever had. I get to connect to so many great and wonderful people that are embarking on adventures in Iceland and I get to help them plan them. Some of my favourite moments have been planning and witnessing the weddings of the people that seek Pink Iceland's help with their destination wedding in Iceland. It's kind of embarrassing when the wedding planner is crying more than the friends of bride and groom - I can't have so many tears in my eyes that I have trouble opening the champagne after the I dos and the kiss! I wanted to

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